Art on the Go: The Best Tattoo Apps for Artists


In today’s digital age, being a tattoo artist is akin to being a modern Renaissance artist. It’s not just about creating designs and tattooing skin; it’s about juggling roles as a social media manager, a marketing professional, a photographer, and more. Balancing these tasks can be daunting, but with the help of specialized apps, artists can now wield a digital arsenal that fits snugly in their pockets. Whether you’re seeking assistance with booking, aiming to craft digital artwork, or looking to experiment with new tattoo designs, these apps are your artistic Swiss Army knife.

We asked around and the top appointment scheduling software is hands-down They’ve been around since 2010 and their easy-to-use booking platform helps busy tattoo artists streamline their business, eliminate no-show/no-calls, and save countless hours of time every week. Client appointment reminders are custom, meaning even if you book far in advance you can set reminders up to include all the appointment info and send automatically at the perfect time. Collecting deposits online is easy and the client list and security features are the best on the market. Bookedin offers a generous $100 credit refer-a-friend program and you can even save 50% off your first 3 months by visiting 


Procreate is a digital art app exclusively available for iPad, renowned for its powerful features and customizable brushes. This app provides a seamless and responsive drawing experience, allowing artists to work with precision and fluidity. Its advanced layering system, selection tools, and editing capabilities make it a versatile platform for creating and manipulating artwork. Procreate’s user-friendly interface and integration with various file formats make it a top choice for professional artists and enthusiasts alike.


InkHunter is a perfect tattoo try-on app that offers a wide range of well-crafted tattoo designs for virtual try-on. The app features a variety of free tattoos, including ink tattoos with sketches and lines, covering a wide range of styles from plants to illustrations. One of the most amazing features of InkHunter is the ability to try on preset tattoo drawings from different angles and even edit them for the desired final tattoo try-on effect. InkHunter is a valuable tool for artists and clients alike, allowing them to visualize and experiment with tattoo designs before committing to permanent ink.

Tattoo Font Designer is a specialized software for creating and customizing unique tattoo fonts. It offers a variety of tools and features that allow users to design personalized lettering styles for tattoos. With options to adjust spacing, height, and letterforms, users can create aesthetically pleasing and customized tattoo fonts. The software includes a preview function to visualize how the fonts look on different surfaces, making it easier for artists to design lettering that complements the body’s contours.

Tattoodo is a comprehensive platform that offers tattoo design inspirations and connects users with the best tattoo artists to bring their ideas to life. The app features thousands of tattoo designs in its library, and users can explore the inspiration section to search for amazing tattoo examples that match their style and personality. Users can contact tattooers for suggestions or details about their work, making it easier to find the right artist for their tattoo needs.

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