Library Appreciation Tattoos


Libraries are establishments that date back to ancient times and uphold some of the most warm-spirited values of human nature. As one fellow New Yorker once described to me, they’re basically one of the only indoor public spaces in existence that you can walk into and not be expected to pay for lingering in. A seemingly endless utopia of knowledge and wisdom, libraries are a non-negotiable pillar of society that, if taken away, would indicate that we’re nearer to the end of times than ever.

It’s hard to trace the earliest known libraries as most of them have deteriorated, but one of the first ones with tangible remains is The Library of Ashurbanipal, founded in the 7th century B.C. by the Assyrian ruler of the same name, who instructed his subjects to collect texts from all throughout the realm for his royal contemplation. Believe it or not, this built the blueprint for our resplendent sanctuaries today where you can curl up with your favorite spicy vampire romance novel.

As the Internet began taking over our lives, one might think the practicality of libraries has declined. Google is essentially a library at this point—you can look up anything you want with the click of a button, when back then you had to wade through physical archives of information to find the source you were looking for. Though time has tried to render these institutions obsolete, us sentimental humans know there is something truly magical and irreplaceable about libraries and will never let them fade away.

Getting a library-themed tattoo is the perfect way to demonstrate your devotion to these cultural gems. Whether you’re someone who works at a library, an avid reader who still checks out books on the daily, or someone who simply possesses special memories in one of those comfy corners, behold this trove of tattoos that celebrate one of the best places to spend your time in. 


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