The Charm Hidden beneath the Beard – Chris Millington


Chris John Millington is a pioneer among male tattoo models with his iconic beard, blue eyes and great taste for tattoos.

In the rising barbershop revolution of the past few years, all you need to do get on Instagram and scroll like there’s no tomorrow. Everywhere is full of handsome tattoo models. The well-looking men with cool beards, stylish haircuts and tattoo sleeves are all over the place.

However, one has to know the biggest names in this game because they were among the first gentlemen to break the norms of modeling.

Chris Millington – still on the top of the modeling industry

Well-known for his memorable looks, Chris Millington has walked the path of fame for just a couple of months. Nowadays he’s reached over 500,000 Instagram followers and has signed numerous modeling contracts.

Chris is from Ayrshire in the Scottish south-west country side. There he spent his childhood years. Today he’s 26 years old and living in Glasgow. You probably wonder how Chris got into modeling and what was his life before the fame?

The beard that changed everything

Chris Millington used to work for Vodafone, where he was managing a team of 20 people. He almost had his whole life figured out and planned when he started growing his beard after a bet with a friend. Call it faith, but this very same beard opened the door to his future career.

Chris was advised to try modeling. While he didn’t take it quite seriously he did try his chances with two London-based modeling agencies. At first he was rejected. The very same day when this happened he was approached by another agent who came across him at the café where Chris was chilling. At the end of that day he got his first contract.

The rest is history…

Chris Millington has done shoots for ASOS, Topman, River Island, Diesel, Gap and Urban Outfitters. The list is actually quite long. He continues shooting sessions and making a living thanks to his outstanding looks.

The tattoos of Chris Millington

Chris tattoos are as trendy as his beard and style. They are mainly American traditionals and blackwork pieces. They cover his arms, legs and chest. It’s worth noticing that all of them are done really fine.

However, instead of talking about his tattoos, you better check out this video of his tattoo session with artist Pawel Reduch.

The person behind the beard and the tattoos

Chris Millington is a normal guy, living a normal life. Well, except for the fame and travels. He spends most of his free time with friends. He also writes poetry, while listening to acoustic music.

Chris says he likes cold weather, peaceful landscapes and nature. He’s a realist, who knows there is no free lunch. He’s constantly trying to improve his camera presence in front of the camera. He’s dedicated to maintaining his good looks with intricate fashion choices and a lot of the right hair and beard conditioner.

Chris recently launched his Beard Oil Line – Milly’s. It’s a collaboration between him and his favorite supplier Apothecary 87.

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