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tattoo removal before and after

You have landed in the right place.

This is where I have compiled the best names of tattoo parlors that I have found. I’ve put together this list of tattoo shop name ideas to help you find a name that suits your tattoo studio. You will also get some ideas for names of tattoo artists to build your personal brand.

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Because creating a unique name is not easy.

Beautiful quotes

At the bottom of the list, I’ll also walk you through a short guide to help you judge which of the tattoo trade names you’ve identified will be best for you.

laser tattoo removal before and after

laser tattoo removal before and after

Let’s look at the list of Best Tattoo Parlor Names.

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1 Cool Tatto Shop Names

2 unique names of tattooz shops

3 names of vintage tattoo shops

4 funny names

5 Catchy Tattoo Shop Names

6 names of smart tattoo shops

7 creative names of tatu shops

8 names of classic tattoos shops

9 good names for tatoo shops

10 nicknames of tattooists

11 How to select the best names of tattoo shops for your salon

12 Arm Tattoo Shop

13 Name Tattoo Designs Stopper

Tattoo Shop Open

Cool tattoo shop name ideas

Rocksteady Tattoo Parlor

Tattooed tattoo parlor

Tiger tattoos

Hardcore Ink

Tattoo Nation

Turn on ink


Dragonborn ink

Apocalypse tattoos

VIP Tattoo

The Inkspot

90 degree ink

Convicts tattoo parlor

Beyond the ink

Vice tattoo

Insanity Tattoo Edge

Rolling Thunder Tattoo Shop

The Joker Tattoo Parlor

Revelry Tattoo

Tempest Tattoo Shop

Fire ring tattoo

The Howling Wolf Tattoo Shop

Black heart ink

Rampage Ink

The Void Tattoo Shop

Obey Tattoo Studio

Flying snake tattoo shop

Boneshakers Ink

Valhalla ink

Touchdown Tattoo

Alloy ink

Showcase Tattoo Shop

Signature Tattoo

Ink envy

Collision Tattoo

Sabbath Ink Studio

Devil Tattoo Studio

Funky ink

Ink of Anarchy

Tattoo shop for saints and sinners

After the midnight tattoo parlor

Crow tattoo parlor

Synergy Ink

Battle Scars Tattoo

Tattoo and Piercing shops near me

Tattoo Places near me 

Name tattoo ideas

Unique names of tattoo shops

Are you opening a tattoo shop in a place with a lot of competition? A unique name for a new tattoo studio is a great option if you want to get the attention of potential clients.

celebrity tattoo removal before and after

red dragon temporary tattoo 

A unique name serves as its own advertisement. People are more likely to remember a tattoo shop with a unique name, even if they aren’t ready to get a tattoo right now. Your tattoo parlor will be the first for a client to think of when they are looking for a tattoo later. tattoo shops near me

Hot Dragon Tattoo designs for women

If you want to stand out, here is a list of some unique examples for your tattoo shop.

Tattoo designer Shopper

Unique tattoo shop name ideas

Body Wrapped Tattoos

Eclipse ink

Inked tattoos

Fancy tattoo

Engraved in ink

Ink addict

Altered skin

The Tattoo Den

Dragon Maw Tattoo Parlor

Half Moon Tattoo Shop

Later Thoughts Ink

Lineage Tattoo

Destination ink

Ink kingdom

Misfits Tattoo

Eternium Tattoo

Tattoo parlor around the world

Radical Ink

The Talisman Tattoo Shop

Sacrilege Tattoo Shop

1st ink edition

Covert ink

Shadow Ink

Rising Sun Tattoo Studio

A nation under ink

Golden Gates Tattoo Parlor

Metamorphosis ink

Transfer tattoos

Skin Tattoo Tattoo Shop

Bloodlines Tattoo Studio

Paragon Tattoo

Home grown ink

The ink factor

Conspiracy Theory Tattoo Shop

Natural elements ink

Mantra Tattoo

Wicked tattoos

Hidden Gem Tattoos

Chaos tattoo

Portrait of a Tattoo (as Portrait of an Artist)

The Doghouse Tattoo Studio

The Asylum Tattoo Parlor

Disclosure Ink

In the ink of the void

Vintage Tattoo Parlour Names

Vintage has and always will be a modern way of promoting a business. A tattoo shop is no different. Referencing the style of a bygone era evokes a reaction in people and is a great way to connect with customers.

Tattoo parlors are the perfect business to name something vintage. Choose words or phrases that refer to the past. Think of other time periods and cultures that were known to have tattoos.

A well chosen vintage name will arouse good feelings in your client when she sees her tattoo studio. Check out this list of examples below for a tattoo shop that will do exactly this!

laser tattoo removal before and after

laser tattoo removal before and after

Vintage Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

Vintage Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

Forever yours tattoos

Old school tattoos

Pinup tattoo parlor

Touching ink

Casablanca Ink

Royalty tattoos

Castaway Tattoo Parlor

The Armory Tattoo Shop

The Catwalk Tattoo Room

Vintage customs tattoo shop

Oiled lightning tattoos (like the movie)

Antique Arts Tattoo Shop

Rose tattoo parlor

Medusa tattoos

Primordial Art Tattoo Parlor

Samurai Ink

Ink Lore

Anchors Away Tattoo Studio

The Yardstick Tattoo Shop

Celtic tattoo studio

Wild west tattoo parlor

Sailor Tattoo Studio

Viking Tattoo

Tattoos recovered

Boho ink

Boat and Sail Tattoo Shop

The Jazzclub Tattoo Studio

King Arthur Tattoo Shop

Pirate Ship Tattoo Parlor

Yankee doodles tattoo

Legacy ink

Ye Olde’s Tattoo Parlor

Black Flag Tattoo Parlor

Good times tattoo

Sword and crown ink

Old Town Tattoos

Long John Silver’s Tattoo Shop

Remnant Tattoo Parlor

Prohibition ink

Omega Tattoo

Ink portrait

Fleet Street Tattoos

Good Ole Days Tattoo Parlor

Funny tattoo Parlour name

Tattoo and Piercing shops near me

American tattoos

traditional American tattoos

henna tattoo near me

Coolest Tattoo Shop & Artist Names for Parlors 2020

Is your tattoo shop relaxed and laid back? A name that laughs is a great way to show that your tattoo shop is accessible and relaxing. Choosing a fun name can help you differentiate yourself from other tattoo studios that are pompous or intimidating.

Another good reason to consider something fun is that a name that laughs can make potential clients feel closer and more connected to their tattoo parlor. Establishing a connection with a customer even before they enter your store door is what drives business.

Take a look at these fun tattoo shop-names below that are sure to give you a smile!

Funny names of tattoo shops

Funny tattoo shop name ideas

Your name here Tattoo parlor

Do you have ink


No Pain No Gain Tattoos

Go with the Flow Tattoo Shop

Ink addicts permanent tattoo

It’s not your mother’s tattoo parlor

Inkredible semi permanent

Tattoo Period Table

Just get it


Ink it up permanent tattoo

Deep skin

No regrets Tattoo Studio

Voodoo Tattoo


Super Freak Tattoo Shop (like song)

Guns out Tattoo (like a tattoo gun)

Ink on it

Blind Tattoo

Timeout tattoos

Target Practice Tattoo Shop

The tattoo cure

Up the Ante Ink

Ink a la Mode

Like a Boss tattoo studio

Tattacular (as spectacular)

Ready, Set, Ink

Wrapped ink

Diana Tattoo

So for which


Just in time tattoos

Lunatats (as lunatics)

Get your ink

Cover up finger tattoo

X marks the place

Ink stain

Single needle tattoo

Tattatouille (as ratatouille)

Monster Tats (like monster trucks)

Tattoo parlor always there

Catchy names of tattoo shops

Tattoo shop name

Tattoo shop name generator

World tattoo supply

T 24 hour tattoo shop 

A catchy name for a tattoo shop can be inviting and help counteract the avant-garde and inaccessible image some tattoo shops have.

Like a unique name, a smart name for your tattoo parlor can also do the advertising for you. Try to choose a word game or phrase that is fun to say and see. A catchy name that sticks to potential customers is a sure way to make people remember you.

Here is a list of some catchy ideas for your tattoo shop that are unforgettable.

Catchy Tattoo Shop Names

Sticky Tattoo Store Name Ideas

Tattoo shop Pain and patience

Eternal Ink

Lighting ink

Iconic ink

Once Upon a Tattoo

Roadrunner Tattoo Studio

Inkphoric (as euphoric)

Tattoos above and beyond

You only live once Tattoo parlor

Ink out of this world

Eye-catching ink

Ink stain

Pins and needles tattoo

Live Fast Ink

Tough Tattoos

Ink Incorporated

High tide tattoo

Take a bow tattoo shop

Tattoo Shop Turn It Up

Idol ink

Chronic ink

Noteworthy tattoo

Paradise Tattoo

Big Top Tattoo Shop

Sin City Tattoo Studio

Notions of needles

The groove of the needle

The Ink Stop

White tiger tattoos

Talk about city tattoos

The Tattoo Tribe

Elegant Tatts

Ink Evolution

Foxtrot Tattoo Shop

Fully tattoo

Ready to assemble Tattoo Shop

Tapout Tattoos

No ordinary ink

Ink image

Affliction Ink

Tango Tattoo Parlor

Tempting tattoos

Classic tattoo

Pinch of ink (iotas are small amounts)

Skin Shakers Tattoo Shop

Smart Tattoo Shop Names

Do you want a smart name for your tattoo shop that leaves no doubt in people’s minds that you are the best at what you do? Choosing something smart can do the job.

A clever name for your tattoo parlor will show you have skill. Customers will know that they can expect a great tattoo if they come to you. Like catchy and unique names, a smart one can also be promoted. A name that looks smart is sure to appeal to people who want the best of the best.

Here are some good examples of smart tattoo shop names that exude confidence and skill.

Smart Tattoo Shop Names

Smart Tattoo Store Name Ideas

Tattoo You

Futuristic ink

Ascension Tattoo

United States of ink

Eternal Ink

Ink Masters

Rebel Ink

Hybrid skin tattoos

All good ink

Blue Blood Tattoo

Skin changers

Ink of pleasure and pain

Tattoo temple

Toned tattoos

Body decorations

First in the line of tattoos

Second skin

Eye of the needle

Enhanced Art Tattoo Studio

Ink fineness

Decaying ink

Body Armor Tattoo

Tattoo Studio Prophecy

Transmutation Tattoo

Jetsetters Tattoo Shop

Enhanced ink

Body architects

Garden of Eden Tattoo Parlor

The ink arsenal

Spear Attack Tattoo

Continental ink

Third eye tattoo

Needle grinding ink

Renowned Tattoo

Ink culture

Masterful Designs Tattoo Studio

Body murals

Convincing body art

Aces High Tattoo Studio

High caliber ink

The Originals Tattoo Parlor

Source ink

Stained Prints Tattoo

Counterculture ink

Body expressions

Creative names of tattoo shops

Creativity and tattoos are synonyms. Why not choose a name for your tattoo shop that shows how original and inventive your work is?

List of names of tattoo shops

A creative name can show people that their tattoos are better than the rest. A creative name is sure to appeal to clients looking for a unique tattoo. Consider using words that refer to colors, materials, and techniques used in art.

Take a look at this list of creative tattoo shop names below that will let people know that your tattoos are something else.

Creative names of tattoo parlors

Creative tattoo shop name ideas

Uniquely You Tattoo

Ingenious Encounters Tattoo Shop

Ink theory

The Spectrum Tattoo Parlor

Dreamweaver tattoos

Poems and prose tattoo parlor

Dreaming of ink

Sea of ​​Color Tattoo Shop

Advanced Technique Tattoo Studio

Inertia tattoos

Heavenly Ink

Jade Tattoo Parlor

Modern art tattoo

Sun and moon tattoo

Colorful Chaos Tattoo Studio

Zen ink

Easel ink and brush

Mystical ink

Freestyle ink

Alchemy Tattoo

Theory of color

Rainbow ink

Graffiti ink

Arrow and Feather Tattoo Studio

Body embroidery

Canvas Tattoo Parlor

Ink art

Blackout tattoo

Tattoo Badge

Star Tattoo Shop

Whimsical tattoos

Wild Blue Yonder tattoo

Spiritwalker Tattoo Studio

Siren Tattoo Shop

Symmetry Tattoo Studio

Enigma Ink

Dream visions tattoo

Art History Tattoo

Azure Tattoo Parlor

Inked and ornate tattoo

Luminaire ink

Eternal Art Tattoo Shop

Divine ink

The power of ink

Enchanted ink

Shadow & Shine Tattoo Studio

Permanent paints

Spirit World Tattoo

Vanguard ink

Pigment Tattoo Parlor

Visions Tattoo Studio

Classic Tattoo Shop Names

You can’t go wrong with a classic name for a tattoo shop. Something classic lets people know that your tattoo studio knows what it’s doing and that it’s been around.

When choosing a classic name, it is important to think about what comes to mind when thinking of a tattoo. The words and phrases that sound at parties, music, cars, pistols, avant-garde phrases and tribal images are some ideas to consider for a classic aesthetic.

For a name you can’t go wrong with, check out this list below of classic tattoo parlor names.

Classic Tattoo Shop Names

Classic Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

Tattoo masters

Tribal tattoos

Hot Rod Ink

High horse tattoos

Whiskey Tattoo

Black Dragon Tattoo Parlor

Motor City Tattoo

Designer ink

West coast ink

Grand Prix Tattoo

Flesh and bone tattoo parlor

Sunset Tattoo Studio

Bad Boy Tattoo Shop

Kool Katz Tattoo Parlor

Death or glory tattoos

Rock Tattoo Studio Ready

Scorpion ink

Ink fuel

Axel Tattoo

Large Dog Tattoo

Ammunition ink

Stars and stripes tattoo

Daredevils Tattoo

Tribal Scroll Tattoo Studio

Luck of the draw Tattoo parlor

Berserkers Tattoo

Royal Flush Tattoo

Ink of Liberty

Free Bird Tattoo Shop

Steel Rose Tattoo Parlor

Walk the Line Tattoo Parlor

Revolver tattoo parlor

Overdrive ink

Spike Tattoo Studio

Uptown Ink

Eagle Tattoo Shop

Turbo tattoos

Stilettos Tattoo

Sonic ink

Ace of Spades Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo of couple

Street art ink

Shotgun Tattoo Studio

Black Widow Tattoo Shop

Good names of tattoo shops

If you still don’t know what type of image to use for your tattoo shop, then going with a good name may be your best option.

Choosing something good and simple is a great idea when you want to attract as many people. A good name should look cozy but representative of a tattoo parlor for potential clients.

If none of the names have caught your eye so far, check out these examples below for good tattoo shop names!

Good Tattoo Studio Names

Good tattoo shop name ideas

Timeless tattoos

Tattoo parlor eternally yours

Infinity ink tattoos

All about ink

Ink city

California ink

Wanderlust Tattoo Studio

Generation Tattoo

Cosmic Tattoo

Empire Tattoo Studio

Carpe Diem Ink (Latin to seize the day)

The Inkshop

Fire and ice tattoo

The Vortex Tattoo Shop

Temp*tation tattoo parlor

Illusions tattoo

Revolution Tattoo

Sacred ink

Cloud 9 Tattoo Shop

Premier Tattoo

Euphoria tattoo

Anger tattoos

Big Shots Tattoo

Atomic tattoos

Enchanted Tattoo Shop

Thor’s Hammer Tattoo

Passion for ink

Tattoo Revolution

The Mosh Pit Tattoo Parlor

Ink binding

Sky’s the Limit Tattoo Studio

Fate Tattoo

Ink wonder

Supreme Tattoo

Utopia Tattoo

Octane Tattoo

Boulevard Tattoo Studio

Planet tattoo

Ink doodles

Exotic inks

Cold ink

Exhibition Tattoo

Tattoo artist nicknames

Coolest Tattoo Shop & Artist Names for Parlors 2020

Are you a freelance tattoo artist interested in promoting yourself instead of a store? A good tattoo nickname is as important as a name for a tattoo shop when you are self-employed.

A name for yourself as a tattoo artist is paramount to your reputation. Having a nickname sets you apart from other tattoo artists and promotes the image that you are ahead of the curve and more experienced than others.

Are you nervous, creative, classic or cool? Think of your nickname as you would if you were opening a store.

Here are some good examples of nicknames for a tattoo artist, but don’t forget to make it yours!

Tattoo artists nicknames

Nickname ideas for tattoo artists

The tattoo troubadour

Tattoo teacher


Fish boy

Captain Ink

The pain doctor

The king (or queen) of ink

The Inksmith

The cat of all tattoos









The owl







Marked by (your name)

Body Art by (your name)

The custom tattoo

The Pen Pro

The skin sculptor

Tattoo Guru

Inkman (or woman)

Tattoo Hustler

Nomad Ink



The Tattoo Tech

The Ink Doctor

The Ink Runner

The new prince of ink

The itinerant tattoo artist

Tattoos on tour for (your name)

Ink emperor (or empress)

The renegade

To bite



The ink scribe

Rabid dog



Wild pig

The ink advisor

Renaissance Man (or woman)

Ink architect

The Muse Tattoo Artist

Sailor (your name)

The Tattoo Taskmaster

Ink God (or Goddess)




Jo Jo

Good Attra*ctive tattoo business names 

Cool tattoo names

A thin line tattoo

A touch of ink

Tattoo all out

Artistic Encounter

Great fancy tattoo

Black Horse

Body wrap ink

Broken art tattoo

Color Theory Tattoo

Divine eye tattoo

Dream Masters Tattoo

Endless ink

Forever Ink


Hitlist Ink

Infinite ink

Ink addicts

Only INK about it

Kings of ink

Lions Den Tattoo

Marked studies

Momentum Tattoo

Without regrets

Red grade

Rise above the tattoo

Royal Flush Tattoos

Sea of ​​ink

Skin design

Rodeo tattoo

Tattoo Place

Timeless tattoo

Twice as pretty

Wasted Youth Tattoo

3rd generation ink

All about ink

Anchor Studio

Artistic Behavior

Big city tattoos

Black heart tattoo

Black Rose Tattooers

Unlimited tattoo company

Tattoo Code of Conduct

Doomed Ink

Death or Glory

Ink of the Empire

Inverted ink

Focused tattoos

Game face tattoos

Guilty cat tattoo

Hidden Gem Tattoo

Incognito tattoo

Insight Studios

Kingdom Tattoo

Free Live Tattoo

Machine Age Tattoo

Modern art tattoo

My pride tattoo

Image machine

Red Carpet Tattoos

Redemption tattoo

Rising Dragon Tattoo

Scorpion Studios

Ink of Sin

Take it off tattoos

Tattoo envy

The Ink Stop

The Canvas Canvas

True art tattoos

Under your skin

Youth Shadow

Coolest Tattoo Shop & Artist Names for Parlors

Your name is such an important part of your brand. Here we try to suggest some Creative Tattoo Names ideas for your inspiration. While your business can be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name may attract more attention.

Are you an artist or do you have artistic tendencies? Accepted by the United States as a form of art, profession, and fashion statement in the 1990s, tattooing remains a fashion statement. The best way to increase profits is to encourage repeat customers to return again and again for full sessions with artists they love. If you’ve ever wanted to have your own tattoo business, read on for creative names for your tattoo shop.

Tattoos are excellent fashion statements when it comes to Americans. They are very excited about the same thing, and starting a tattoo shop can be a very profitable business idea within the United States. So if you are willing to start your own business, be sure to start your own tattoo shop so that you can attract a large number of clients at the end of the day. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when starting a tattoo shop.

The first thing that comes into play is a good brand name. Without a good business name, people will not be able to understand what your business is about, and you will not be able to achieve your goals.

A business name serves as the backbone of your business, and that is what will attract people in times of demand. Therefore, you must keep a number of factors when choosing the name of your company. Below we will discuss some factors that will help you choose a good business name.

Be sure to go through those points and get an idea of ​​what your company name should look like. Be sure to keep that in mind. Read on to find the points below.

Creative and cool names: As this is a tattoo shop, you have to consider the cool factor. You should make sure to choose names that are catchy and original. If you can keep this component, you can gradually find good names. Also, be sure to take a look at the names we’ve mentioned below.

These names will give you an idea of ​​what a trade name should look like. So be sure to check them out below. Review them, make a list of your own and finally choose the name that seems appropriate to you.

Coolest Tattoo Shop & Artist Names for Parlors 20

Meaningful names: tattoos are always designed to represent a particular meaning. That is why you should choose a name that is meaningful and sweet enough. People should be able to link their name to the services it provides.

This will ensure that more people can recognize your business, and you will soon be able to become famous and stand out from the crowd. So be sure to check out the names we’ve mentioned below that will help you choose a good name.

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