145+ Vegeta Tattoo Designs (2023)


Vegeta tattoos are more than just a tribute to a beloved anime character. Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiyans from the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z, makes for an epic tattoo choice for fans. His unique hair, widow’s peak hairline, stoic facial expressions, and iconic armor provide awesome visual elements to incorporate into Vegeta tattoo designs.

Vegeta feels everything deeply – anger, pride, sacrifice. Vegeta pieces embody embracing life passions and dedicating fully to your fixations and family. Many people relate themselves to these qualities thereby increasing the overall popularity of Vegeta tattoos.

Vegeta Tattoo Ideas

Vegeta evolves dramatically across the DBZ story, allowing for layered symbolic meanings behind Vegeta-inspired tattoos. Whether getting inked to flaunt your Saiyan pride or commemorate overcoming personal demons, Vegeta’s iconic visage makes for body art that both honors Dragon Ball Z and holds a deeper representation. Here are some ideas that pay homage to his style:

1. Super saiyanTattoo: Vegeta turning Super Saiyan for the first time is an iconic DBZ moment. Immortalize it with a Super Saiyan Vegeta sleeve, full back tattoo, or smaller design with his fiery yellow hair and electric aura.

2. Majin Vegeta Tattoo: One of Vegeta’s most popular looks is Majin Vegeta, when Babidi takes control of him, giving Vegeta the iconic “M” symbol on his forehead. Get the Majin symbol tattooed on your forehead like Vegeta or incorporated into a sleeve or chest tattoo. The M perfectly encapsulates that dark yet powerful era for Vegeta.

3. Goku and Vegeta Tattoo: A tattoo showcasing both Goku and Vegeta symbolizes the duality of rivalry and friendship. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the complex relationship between these two characters, highlighting their competitive spirit and mutual respect.

4. Vegeta and Bulma Tattoo: This tattoo celebrates love and the power of relationships in personal growth. Vegeta eventually falls for and marries Bulma in a classic enemies-to-lovers storyline.  Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship is a cornerstone of Vegeta’s character development, making this tattoo a favorite among couples and fans who value deep emotional connections.

5. Kid Vegeta Tattoo: Go old school with a tattoo featuring Kid Vegeta in his iconic battle armor with long hair from DBZ flashbacks. Pair it with young versions of other Saiyans for a cool mash-up tattoo.

6. Vegeta Symbol Tattoo: The Saiyan royal symbol, representing Vegeta’s heritage and pride, is a popular choice for a more understated tattoo. It’s versatile and can be adapted in size and color to fit various placements.

7. Vegeta Tattoo Sleeve: A full-sleeve tattoo of Vegeta is a bold statement, often incorporating different phases of his life and battles. It’s a canvas telling the story of his journey, ideal for the dedicated fan.

8. Royal Crest Tattoo: Vegeta comes from Saiyan royalty so flaunt it with a tattoo of the royal family crest. Place it on your chest like the emblem on Vegeta’s armor or as a stand-alone design on your shoulder or arm.

9.  The Sacrifice of Vegeta: When Vegeta sacrifices himself in a final act to destroy Buu, it’s one of his most powerful character moments. Commemorate Vegeta’s selfless determination to protect his family with artwork of that scene.

10. Vegeta Armor Tattoo: Vegeta’s iconic Saiyan armor features heavily in DBZ. Get inked with the definitive armor set he wears on Namek in brilliant blue and white or his sleek Super Saiyan armor with red accents.

11. Great Ape Vegeta Tattoo: The Great Ape form represents Vegeta’s raw power and primal nature. This tattoo is often large and detailed, capturing the ferocity and strength of this transformation.

12. Vegeta Galaxy Tattoo: Surround an image of Vegeta with a vibrant galaxy background using purples, blues, and cosmic clouds. It symbolizes his royal heritage spanning the galaxies as the Saiyan Prince.

13. Vegeta in Action Tattoo: Capturing Vegeta amid battle, this tattoo is all about dynamism and power. It’s a tribute to his warrior spirit and is often rich in color and detail.

14. Chibi Vegeta Tattoo: Chibi artwork makes for cute, whimsical tattoo designs. Have a Chibi Version of Vegeta cockily standing atop the word “Prince” or pulling one of his signature frowning expressions.

15. Son of Vegeta Tattoo: Vegeta develops a close bond with his son Trunks, so immortalize it in ink with a father-son Tattoo like Vegeta ruffling Trunks’ hair or the two characters sparring.

16. Vegeta in Kanji: Kanji script tattoos are classic tattoo art. Honor your Japanese heritage with the Kanji symbols for Vegeta’s name nestled among clouds or electricity.

17. Mural Tattoo: If you want a huge, eye-catching Vegeta Tattoo, go for a mural-style thigh or back tattoo featuring a larger-than-life portrait of the Saiyan Prince in battle.

18. Majin Vegeta vs Goku Tattoo: The climactic fight between Majin Vegeta and Goku over Majin’s control of Vegeta’s mind is peak DBZ drama. Tattoo the two mid-fight in this scene.

19. Vegeta Great Ape: Pay homage to Vegeta’s Saiyan heritage with some Great Ape Tattoo art featuring Vegeta transformed into the massive Oozaru ape form. Go wild with the primal details. The Great Ape Vegeta tattoo symbolizes raw power and the untapped potential within, resonating with those who believe in their inner strength.

20. Vegeta’s Stance Ready for Anything Tattoo: Vegeta’s typical battle-ready stance in tattoos symbolizes preparedness and the readiness to face life’s challenges. It’s a reminder to always be on guard and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Vegeta Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Vegeta’s journey from a cold-hearted villain to a noble hero is a powerful narrative of redemption and personal growth. His tattoos often symbolize the human capacity for change and improvement, resonating with those who have experienced significant personal transformations.

Majin Vegeta’s tattoo symbolizes a phase of rebellion, power, and internal struggle, reflecting Vegeta’s brief return to his darker nature. Here are some common meanings that fans relate to:

Ambition: Ambition and Drive Despite not being the legendary Super Saiyan, Vegeta constantly pushes himself in relentless pursuit of strength and greatness, embodying raw ambition. Vegeta tattoos represent embracing your full potential.

Pride: As royalty, Vegeta carries himself with unparalleled pride as the Prince of all Saiyans. His tattoos signify maintaining confidence and self-respect even in your lowest moments.

Sacrifice: After a life of selfish pursuits, Vegeta finally sacrifices himself for his family, revealing his buried heroic spirit. Vegeta ink conveys making sacrifices to save others.

Leadership: Vegeta spends most of DBZ relying on no one but himself while taking an independent leadership role. Vegeta tattoos celebrate forging your path forward as a lone wolf and leader.

Change: Despite starting as a cold-blooded villain, Vegeta evolves into a hero over time. His tattoos signify our capacity to outgrow past selves by adapting to new realities.

Vegeta with Family Tattoo

Vegeta Tattoo 29Vegeta Tattoo 29
Vegeta Tattoo 32Vegeta Tattoo 32
Vegeta Tattoo 36Vegeta Tattoo 36
Vegeta Tattoo 38Vegeta Tattoo 38
Vegeta Tattoo 39Vegeta Tattoo 39
Vegeta Tattoo 40Vegeta Tattoo 40
Vegeta Tattoo 41Vegeta Tattoo 41
Vegeta Tattoo 42Vegeta Tattoo 42

Super Saiyan Vegeta Tattoo

Also Read Hunting Tattoo

Vegeta Tattoo 44Vegeta Tattoo 44
Vegeta Tattoo 45Vegeta Tattoo 45
Vegeta Tattoo 47Vegeta Tattoo 47
Vegeta Tattoo 48Vegeta Tattoo 48
Vegeta Tattoo 49Vegeta Tattoo 49
Vegeta Tattoo 50Vegeta Tattoo 50
Vegeta Tattoo 53Vegeta Tattoo 53
Vegeta Tattoo 56Vegeta Tattoo 56
Vegeta Tattoo 57Vegeta Tattoo 57
Vegeta Tattoo 58Vegeta Tattoo 58
Vegeta Tattoo 59Vegeta Tattoo 59
Vegeta Tattoo 60Vegeta Tattoo 60
Vegeta Tattoo 61Vegeta Tattoo 61
Vegeta Tattoo 63Vegeta Tattoo 63
Vegeta Tattoo 64Vegeta Tattoo 64
Vegeta Tattoo 65Vegeta Tattoo 65
Vegeta Tattoo 66Vegeta Tattoo 66
Vegeta Tattoo 67Vegeta Tattoo 67
Vegeta Tattoo 68Vegeta Tattoo 68
Vegeta Tattoo 69Vegeta Tattoo 69
Vegeta Tattoo 70Vegeta Tattoo 70
Vegeta Tattoo 71Vegeta Tattoo 71
Vegeta Tattoo 72Vegeta Tattoo 72
Vegeta Tattoo 73Vegeta Tattoo 73
Vegeta Tattoo 74Vegeta Tattoo 74
Vegeta Tattoo 75Vegeta Tattoo 75
Vegeta Tattoo 76Vegeta Tattoo 76
Vegeta Tattoo 77Vegeta Tattoo 77
Vegeta Tattoo 78Vegeta Tattoo 78
Vegeta Tattoo 79Vegeta Tattoo 79
Vegeta Tattoo 80Vegeta Tattoo 80
Vegeta Tattoo 81Vegeta Tattoo 81
Vegeta Tattoo 82Vegeta Tattoo 82
Vegeta Tattoo 83Vegeta Tattoo 83
Vegeta Tattoo 84Vegeta Tattoo 84
Vegeta Tattoo 85Vegeta Tattoo 85
Vegeta Tattoo 86Vegeta Tattoo 86
Vegeta Tattoo 87Vegeta Tattoo 87
Vegeta Tattoo 88Vegeta Tattoo 88
Vegeta Tattoo 89Vegeta Tattoo 89
Vegeta Tattoo 90Vegeta Tattoo 90
Vegeta Tattoo 91Vegeta Tattoo 91
Vegeta Tattoo 92Vegeta Tattoo 92
Vegeta Tattoo 93Vegeta Tattoo 93
Vegeta Tattoo 94Vegeta Tattoo 94
Vegeta Tattoo 95Vegeta Tattoo 95
Vegeta Tattoo 96Vegeta Tattoo 96

Goku vs Vegeta Tattoo

Vegeta Tattoo 97Vegeta Tattoo 97
Vegeta Tattoo 98Vegeta Tattoo 98
Vegeta Tattoo 99Vegeta Tattoo 99
Vegeta Tattoo 100Vegeta Tattoo 100
Vegeta Tattoo 103Vegeta Tattoo 103
Vegeta Tattoo 104Vegeta Tattoo 104
Vegeta Tattoo 106Vegeta Tattoo 106
Vegeta Tattoo 107Vegeta Tattoo 107
Vegeta Tattoo 108Vegeta Tattoo 108
Vegeta Tattoo 109Vegeta Tattoo 109
Vegeta Tattoo 110Vegeta Tattoo 110
Vegeta Tattoo 111Vegeta Tattoo 111
Vegeta Tattoo 112Vegeta Tattoo 112
Vegeta Tattoo 113Vegeta Tattoo 113
Vegeta Tattoo 114Vegeta Tattoo 114
Vegeta Tattoo 115Vegeta Tattoo 115
Vegeta Tattoo 117Vegeta Tattoo 117
Vegeta Tattoo 118Vegeta Tattoo 118
Vegeta Tattoo 119Vegeta Tattoo 119
Vegeta Tattoo 120Vegeta Tattoo 120
Vegeta Tattoo 121Vegeta Tattoo 121
Vegeta Tattoo 122Vegeta Tattoo 122
Vegeta Tattoo 123Vegeta Tattoo 123
Vegeta Tattoo 124Vegeta Tattoo 124
Vegeta Tattoo 125Vegeta Tattoo 125
Vegeta Tattoo 126Vegeta Tattoo 126
Vegeta Tattoo 127Vegeta Tattoo 127
Vegeta Tattoo 128Vegeta Tattoo 128
Vegeta Tattoo 129Vegeta Tattoo 129
Vegeta Tattoo 130Vegeta Tattoo 130
Vegeta Tattoo 131Vegeta Tattoo 131
Vegeta Tattoo 132Vegeta Tattoo 132
Vegeta Tattoo 133Vegeta Tattoo 133
Vegeta Tattoo 134Vegeta Tattoo 134
Vegeta Tattoo 135Vegeta Tattoo 135
Vegeta Tattoo 136Vegeta Tattoo 136
Vegeta Tattoo 137Vegeta Tattoo 137
Vegeta Tattoo 138Vegeta Tattoo 138
Vegeta Tattoo 139Vegeta Tattoo 139
Vegeta Tattoo 140Vegeta Tattoo 140
Vegeta Tattoo 141Vegeta Tattoo 141
Vegeta Tattoo 143Vegeta Tattoo 143
Vegeta Tattoo 144Vegeta Tattoo 144
Vegeta Tattoo 145Vegeta Tattoo 145
Vegeta Tattoo 146Vegeta Tattoo 146
Vegeta Tattoo 147Vegeta Tattoo 147
Vegeta Tattoo 148Vegeta Tattoo 148
Vegeta Tattoo 149Vegeta Tattoo 149
Vegeta Tattoo 150Vegeta Tattoo 150
Vegeta Tattoo 151Vegeta Tattoo 151
Vegeta Tattoo 152Vegeta Tattoo 152
Vegeta Tattoo 153Vegeta Tattoo 153
Vegeta Tattoo 154Vegeta Tattoo 154

Vegeta Sleeve Tattoo

Vegeta Tattoo 155Vegeta Tattoo 155
Vegeta Tattoo 156Vegeta Tattoo 156
Vegeta Tattoo 157Vegeta Tattoo 157
Vegeta Tattoo 158Vegeta Tattoo 158
Vegeta Tattoo 159Vegeta Tattoo 159
Vegeta Tattoo 160Vegeta Tattoo 160
Vegeta Tattoo 161Vegeta Tattoo 161
Vegeta Tattoo 162Vegeta Tattoo 162
Vegeta Tattoo 163Vegeta Tattoo 163
Vegeta Tattoo 164Vegeta Tattoo 164
Vegeta Tattoo 165Vegeta Tattoo 165
Vegeta Tattoo 166Vegeta Tattoo 166
Vegeta Tattoo 167Vegeta Tattoo 167
Vegeta Tattoo 168Vegeta Tattoo 168
Vegeta Tattoo 169Vegeta Tattoo 169
Vegeta Tattoo 170Vegeta Tattoo 170
Vegeta Tattoo 171Vegeta Tattoo 171
Vegeta Tattoo 172Vegeta Tattoo 172
Vegeta Tattoo 173Vegeta Tattoo 173
Vegeta Tattoo 174Vegeta Tattoo 174
Vegeta Tattoo 175Vegeta Tattoo 175
Vegeta Tattoo 176Vegeta Tattoo 176
Vegeta Tattoo 177Vegeta Tattoo 177
Vegeta Tattoo 178Vegeta Tattoo 178
Vegeta Tattoo 179Vegeta Tattoo 179
Vegeta Tattoo 180Vegeta Tattoo 180
Vegeta Tattoo 181Vegeta Tattoo 181
Vegeta Tattoo 182Vegeta Tattoo 182
Vegeta Tattoo 183Vegeta Tattoo 183
Vegeta Tattoo 184Vegeta Tattoo 184
Vegeta Tattoo 185Vegeta Tattoo 185
Vegeta Tattoo 186Vegeta Tattoo 186
Vegeta Tattoo 187Vegeta Tattoo 187
Vegeta Tattoo 188Vegeta Tattoo 188
Vegeta Tattoo 189Vegeta Tattoo 189
Vegeta Tattoo 190Vegeta Tattoo 190
Vegeta Tattoo 191Vegeta Tattoo 191


Which of these Vegeta tattoo ideas stands out as your favorite? The Prince of all Saiyans makes for some killer ink, especially with his evolving personality and iconic visual flair in DBZ. Immortalize your love of Dragon Ball Z’s fan-favorite anti-hero with an epic Vegeta tattoo all your own.

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