160+ Valhalla Tattoo Designs (2024)


Valhalla tattoos celebrate the fascinating myths and legends of the ancient Norse Vikings. These tattoos are not just cool designs but have profound cultural meaning and symbolism behind them. People get these tattoos to show their appreciation and respect for the bravery, sense of adventure, and beliefs of the Viking culture.

The Vikings believed that fearless warriors who died in battle would go to a wonderful place called Valhalla after death, ruled by the god Odin. Valhalla was like a heavenly hall where these fallen heroes could feast, celebrate their victories, and spend eternity.

By getting Valhalla tattoos inked permanently on their bodies, people feel a deep connection to this powerful Viking belief system and mythology. The tattoos honor the enduring legacy and spirit of the Norse warriors of long ago.

Valhalla Tattoo Ideas

Valhalla tattoos allow people to outwardly express their fascination with Viking culture and keep that ancient heritage alive in a bold, permanent way on their skin. We liked these ideas that link the wearer to the Norse mythology:

1. The Helm of Awe (Aegishjalmur): A symbol of protection and might, this tattoo idea is perfect for those seeking strength and courage in their lives. The Helm of Awe is often depicted with a series of interlocking runes, forming a powerful sigil that Vikings believed could offer invincibility in the face of adversity.

2. Yggdrasil – The Tree of Life: Yggdrasil, the immense ash tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology, symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things. A Yggdrasil tattoo represents life, growth, and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, making it a profound piece for those connected to nature and the universe.

3. Valknut: Known as the “knot of the slain,” the Valknut is associated with Odin and the afterlife. It is believed to symbolize the journey of the soul and is a fitting tribute to lost loved ones or a personal battle fought and won.

4. Vegvisir – The Viking Compass: This symbol is said to guide one through rough weather, a metaphor for navigating life’s challenges. A Vegvisir tattoo is a reminder that you can find your way through any obstacles with guidance and protection.

5. The Viking Longship: Embarking on voyages into the unknown, Viking longships represent exploration, courage, and the quest for knowledge. A longship tattoo may appeal to those who value adventure and the journey of life.

6. Runes: Runic inscriptions can be personalized to convey specific meanings, such as wisdom, prosperity, or protection. A tattoo of runes is a subtle yet powerful way to carry personal mantras or dedications.

7. Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir): A symbol of protection, strength, and consecration, Mjolnir tattoos are popular among those who seek to harness Thor’s power and bravery.

8. Odin’s Ravens (Huginn and Muninn): Representing thought and memory, a tattoo of Huginn and Muninn serves as a reminder of the importance of intellect and consciousness in overcoming challenges.

9. The Wolf (Fenrir or Geri and Freki): A tattoo of the mighty wolf Fenrir, or Odin’s loyal wolves, Geri and Freki, can symbolize loyalty, family, and the strength found in bonds with others.

10. The Serpent (Jormungandr): Encircling the world, Jormungandr represents the cyclical nature of life and the universe. A tattoo of this mighty serpent can be a powerful statement about embracing the totality of existence.

11. The Valkyrie: Symbolizing the chooser of the slain, Valkyrie tattoos honor bravery in battle and the transition to the afterlife, making it a poignant design for those who have faced death or honor those who have.

12. Skull of the Slain (Skull with Viking Helmet): This design pays homage to the warrior’s spirit, celebrating victory in battle and respect for the fallen.

13. Norse Mythological Creatures (Dragons and Serpents): Mythological Creatures like dragons and serpents in Norse mythology are often associated with wisdom, protection, and the challenges heroes face.

14. The Berserker: Berserkers were fierce Viking warriors, and tattoos depicting them symbolize raw power, fury, and the courage to face life’s battles.

15. The Norns (Fates): Representing the fates of all beings, a tattoo of the Norns underscores the acceptance of destiny and the weaving of one’s life path.

Valhalla tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

The Helm of Awe, Vegvisir, and Mjolnir are among the most popular Viking tattoo designs due to their strong symbolism and visual appeal. But Valhalla tattoos are even more meaningful and symbolic.

Designs can depict the great hall of Valhalla itself, with icons like wooden longboats, drinking horns overflowing with mead, and epic battle scenes of the slain joining the gods. Other times Valhalla images incorporate figures like Odin, mighty warriors, fierce dragons, or legendary Norse symbols like Mjolnir Thor’s hammer.

But remember each design has its unique meaning. Here are some common meanings that are symbolized by Valhalla tattoos:

1. Eternal Glory and Honor: Valhalla tattoos symbolize the eternal glory and honor bestowed upon those who lived a life of bravery and died heroically in battle. It represents the wearer’s courage and readiness to face life’s battles with valor.

2. Afterlife and Spirituality: These tattoos reflect a deep connection with spirituality and the Norse belief in an afterlife where warriors feast and revel with the gods. It signifies the wearer’s belief in life beyond death and the spiritual journey of the soul.

3. Strength and Resilience: Valhalla tattoos are emblematic of strength and resilience, mirroring the indomitable spirit of the Vikings. They inspire wearers to persevere through challenges with the strength of a warrior.

4. Warrior’s Pride: This ink celebrates the pride of being a warrior at heart, living with honor, and facing life’s adversities with courage. It’s a tribute to the wearer’s inner fighter and the pride in their journey.

5. Transformation and Renewal: Finally, these tattoos symbolize personal transformation and renewal, akin to the rebirth of the soul in Valhalla. They mark significant life changes or milestones, reflecting personal growth and evolution.

6. Victory in Battle: These tattoos celebrate the wearer’s triumphs and victories against whatever opponents or hardships they have faced. They mark times when the person persevered and came out on top after fighting through tough situations or obstacles.

7. Leadership and Authority: Reflecting the qualities of Odin, the god who welcomes warriors into Valhalla, these tattoos can symbolize leadership, wisdom, and authority, embodying the wearer’s leadership qualities and responsibility.

8. Community and Brotherhood: Valhalla tattoos highlight the importance of community, brotherhood, and camaraderie, reminiscent of the fellowship among warriors in Valhalla. It signifies belonging and loyalty to a group or community.

9. Celebration of Life: Despite its association with death, Valhalla tattoos also celebrate life and living it fully, embracing every moment with the passion and zeal of a Viking warrior ready for battle.

Personalizing your tattoo with specific runes, and symbols, or combining different elements of Norse mythology can make your Valhalla tattoo uniquely yours. Our photo gallery below can inspire you for the same:

Valhalla Symbol Tattoo

Valhalla Tattoo 68 2Valhalla Tattoo 68 2
Valhalla Tattoo 73 2Valhalla Tattoo 73 2
Valhalla Tattoo 85 2Valhalla Tattoo 85 2
Valhalla Tattoo 86 2Valhalla Tattoo 86 2
Valhalla Tattoo 99 2Valhalla Tattoo 99 2
Valhalla Tattoo 101 2Valhalla Tattoo 101 2
Valhalla Tattoo 102 2Valhalla Tattoo 102 2
Valhalla Tattoo 106 2Valhalla Tattoo 106 2
Valhalla Tattoo 107 2Valhalla Tattoo 107 2
Valhalla Tattoo 108 2Valhalla Tattoo 108 2
Valhalla Tattoo 109 2Valhalla Tattoo 109 2
Valhalla Tattoo 110 2Valhalla Tattoo 110 2

Valhalla Military Symbol Tattoo

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Valhalla Tattoo 113 2Valhalla Tattoo 113 2
Valhalla Tattoo 115 2Valhalla Tattoo 115 2
Valhalla Tattoo 116 2Valhalla Tattoo 116 2
Valhalla Tattoo 117 2Valhalla Tattoo 117 2
Valhalla Tattoo 118 2Valhalla Tattoo 118 2
Valhalla Tattoo 120 2Valhalla Tattoo 120 2
Valhalla Tattoo 121 2Valhalla Tattoo 121 2
Valhalla Tattoo 122 2Valhalla Tattoo 122 2
Valhalla Tattoo 124 2Valhalla Tattoo 124 2
Valhalla Tattoo 126 2Valhalla Tattoo 126 2
Valhalla Tattoo 127 2Valhalla Tattoo 127 2
Valhalla Tattoo 128 2Valhalla Tattoo 128 2
Valhalla Tattoo 129 2Valhalla Tattoo 129 2
Valhalla Tattoo 130 2Valhalla Tattoo 130 2
Valhalla Tattoo 131 2Valhalla Tattoo 131 2
Valhalla Tattoo 132 2Valhalla Tattoo 132 2
Valhalla Tattoo 133 2Valhalla Tattoo 133 2
Valhalla Tattoo 134 2Valhalla Tattoo 134 2
Valhalla Tattoo 135 2Valhalla Tattoo 135 2
Valhalla Tattoo 136 2Valhalla Tattoo 136 2
Valhalla Tattoo 137 2Valhalla Tattoo 137 2
Valhalla Tattoo 138 2Valhalla Tattoo 138 2
Valhalla Tattoo 139 2Valhalla Tattoo 139 2
Valhalla Tattoo 140 2Valhalla Tattoo 140 2
Valhalla Tattoo 141 2Valhalla Tattoo 141 2
Valhalla Tattoo 143 2Valhalla Tattoo 143 2
Valhalla Tattoo 144 1Valhalla Tattoo 144 1
Valhalla Tattoo 145 1Valhalla Tattoo 145 1
Valhalla Tattoo 146 1Valhalla Tattoo 146 1
Valhalla Tattoo 147 1Valhalla Tattoo 147 1
Valhalla Tattoo 148Valhalla Tattoo 148
Valhalla Tattoo 149Valhalla Tattoo 149
Valhalla Tattoo 150Valhalla Tattoo 150
Valhalla Tattoo 151Valhalla Tattoo 151
Valhalla Tattoo 152Valhalla Tattoo 152
Valhalla Tattoo 153Valhalla Tattoo 153
Valhalla Tattoo 154Valhalla Tattoo 154
Valhalla Tattoo 155Valhalla Tattoo 155
Valhalla Tattoo 156Valhalla Tattoo 156
Valhalla Tattoo 157Valhalla Tattoo 157
Valhalla Tattoo 158Valhalla Tattoo 158
Valhalla Tattoo 159Valhalla Tattoo 159
Valhalla Tattoo 160Valhalla Tattoo 160
Valhalla Tattoo 161Valhalla Tattoo 161
Valhalla Tattoo 162Valhalla Tattoo 162
Valhalla Tattoo 163Valhalla Tattoo 163
Valhalla Tattoo 164Valhalla Tattoo 164
Valhalla Tattoo 165Valhalla Tattoo 165
Valhalla Tattoo 166Valhalla Tattoo 166
Valhalla Tattoo 167Valhalla Tattoo 167
Valhalla Tattoo 168Valhalla Tattoo 168
Valhalla Tattoo 169Valhalla Tattoo 169
Valhalla Tattoo 170Valhalla Tattoo 170
Valhalla Tattoo 171Valhalla Tattoo 171
Valhalla Tattoo 172Valhalla Tattoo 172
Valhalla Tattoo 174Valhalla Tattoo 174
Valhalla Tattoo 175Valhalla Tattoo 175
Valhalla Tattoo 176Valhalla Tattoo 176
Valhalla Tattoo 177Valhalla Tattoo 177
Valhalla Tattoo 179Valhalla Tattoo 179
Valhalla Tattoo 180Valhalla Tattoo 180
Valhalla Tattoo 181Valhalla Tattoo 181
Valhalla Tattoo 183Valhalla Tattoo 183
Valhalla Tattoo 184Valhalla Tattoo 184
Valhalla Tattoo 185Valhalla Tattoo 185
Valhalla Tattoo 186Valhalla Tattoo 186

Norse Mythology Tattoo

Valhalla Tattoo 187Valhalla Tattoo 187
Valhalla Tattoo 188Valhalla Tattoo 188
Valhalla Tattoo 189Valhalla Tattoo 189
Valhalla Tattoo 190Valhalla Tattoo 190
Valhalla Tattoo 192Valhalla Tattoo 192
Valhalla Tattoo 193Valhalla Tattoo 193
Valhalla Tattoo 194Valhalla Tattoo 194
Valhalla Tattoo 195Valhalla Tattoo 195
Valhalla Tattoo 196Valhalla Tattoo 196
Valhalla Tattoo 197Valhalla Tattoo 197
Valhalla Tattoo 198Valhalla Tattoo 198
Valhalla Tattoo 199Valhalla Tattoo 199
Valhalla Tattoo 200Valhalla Tattoo 200
Valhalla Tattoo 201Valhalla Tattoo 201
Valhalla Tattoo 202Valhalla Tattoo 202
Valhalla Tattoo 205Valhalla Tattoo 205
Valhalla Tattoo 206Valhalla Tattoo 206
Valhalla Tattoo 207Valhalla Tattoo 207
Valhalla Tattoo 208Valhalla Tattoo 208
Valhalla Tattoo 210Valhalla Tattoo 210
Valhalla Tattoo 211Valhalla Tattoo 211
Valhalla Tattoo 216Valhalla Tattoo 216
Valhalla Tattoo 217Valhalla Tattoo 217
Valhalla Tattoo 218Valhalla Tattoo 218
Valhalla Tattoo 219Valhalla Tattoo 219
Valhalla Tattoo 220Valhalla Tattoo 220
Valhalla Tattoo 222Valhalla Tattoo 222
Valhalla Tattoo 224Valhalla Tattoo 224
Valhalla Tattoo 225Valhalla Tattoo 225
Valhalla Tattoo 226Valhalla Tattoo 226
Valhalla Tattoo 227Valhalla Tattoo 227
Valhalla Tattoo 229Valhalla Tattoo 229
Valhalla Tattoo 231Valhalla Tattoo 231
Valhalla Tattoo 232Valhalla Tattoo 232
Valhalla Tattoo 234Valhalla Tattoo 234
Valhalla Tattoo 235Valhalla Tattoo 235
Valhalla Tattoo 236Valhalla Tattoo 236
Valhalla Tattoo 237Valhalla Tattoo 237
Valhalla Tattoo 238Valhalla Tattoo 238
Valhalla Tattoo 239Valhalla Tattoo 239
Valhalla Tattoo 241Valhalla Tattoo 241
Valhalla Tattoo 242Valhalla Tattoo 242
Valhalla Tattoo 243Valhalla Tattoo 243
Valhalla Tattoo 244Valhalla Tattoo 244
Valhalla Tattoo 245Valhalla Tattoo 245

Nordic Valhalla Tattoo

Valhalla Tattoo 246Valhalla Tattoo 246
Valhalla Tattoo 248Valhalla Tattoo 248
Valhalla Tattoo 249Valhalla Tattoo 249
Valhalla Tattoo 250Valhalla Tattoo 250
Valhalla Tattoo 251Valhalla Tattoo 251
Valhalla Tattoo 252Valhalla Tattoo 252
Valhalla Tattoo 253Valhalla Tattoo 253
Valhalla Tattoo 254Valhalla Tattoo 254
Valhalla Tattoo 255Valhalla Tattoo 255
Valhalla Tattoo 256Valhalla Tattoo 256
Valhalla Tattoo 257Valhalla Tattoo 257
Valhalla Tattoo 260Valhalla Tattoo 260
Valhalla Tattoo 261Valhalla Tattoo 261
Valhalla Tattoo 262Valhalla Tattoo 262
Valhalla Tattoo 263Valhalla Tattoo 263
Valhalla Tattoo 264Valhalla Tattoo 264
Valhalla Tattoo 265Valhalla Tattoo 265
Valhalla Tattoo 266Valhalla Tattoo 266
Valhalla Tattoo 267Valhalla Tattoo 267
Valhalla Tattoo 268Valhalla Tattoo 268
Valhalla Tattoo 269Valhalla Tattoo 269
Valhalla Tattoo 270Valhalla Tattoo 270
Valhalla Tattoo 271Valhalla Tattoo 271
Valhalla Tattoo 272Valhalla Tattoo 272
Valhalla Tattoo 273Valhalla Tattoo 273
Valhalla Tattoo 274Valhalla Tattoo 274
Valhalla Tattoo 275Valhalla Tattoo 275
Valhalla Tattoo 276Valhalla Tattoo 276
Valhalla Tattoo 277Valhalla Tattoo 277
Valhalla Tattoo 282Valhalla Tattoo 282
Valhalla Tattoo 283Valhalla Tattoo 283
Valhalla Tattoo 284Valhalla Tattoo 284
Valhalla Tattoo 366Valhalla Tattoo 366
Valhalla Tattoo 367Valhalla Tattoo 367


Valhalla tattoos are more than mere decorations; they are a testament to the enduring legacy of Viking culture and mythology. Each design, steeped in ancient symbolism, offers a unique way to express one’s connection to the virtues, stories, and deities of Norse lore. Whether you are drawn to the strength of Mjolnir, the guidance of the Vegvisir, or the wisdom of the runes, a Valhalla tattoo is a great way to carry these powerful symbols with you.

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