170+ Amazing Maa Kali Tattoos Ideas (2023)


You don’t need to be a Hindu to choose Kali tattoos. Kali is a Hindu goddess, who is known for her destructive and fierce nature. She is often represented in art with multiple arms, wielding various weapons, and standing on a defeated demon. Many people consider getting a Kali tattoo because of her symbolic meaning and powerful imagery.

For those who resonate with Kali’s intense energy, getting a Kali tattoo can be a way to celebrate inner strength and connect with the divine feminine.

Kali Tattoo Ideas

Here are 26 of the best Kali tattoo ideas to give you inspiration for your design:

1. Full-Back Tattoo: Kali Maa’s many arms convey her divine capacity for multitasking, while her weapons symbolize conquering inner demons we all face. A full-back tattoo will perfectly sum up these symbolisms.

2. Watercolor Kali Tattoo: The colors can be selected mindfully to symbolize different attributes – red for her passion and vigor in overcoming evil, blue for her compassion and protection, surrounded by black for transcendence.

3. Black and Grey Kali Tattoo: A black and grey style tattoo may appeal to those drawn to Kali’s traditional iconography in a timeless palette. More than showing off decorative details, the tattoo can spark inner reflection on life’s cyclical nature – ending false egos so our higher selves can emerge.

4. Small Kali Tattoo: Though small in scale, its significance can be profound. It may serve as a daily reminder of Kali’s teachings about inner strength, transformation, and oneness with all life’s ups and downs.

5. Colorful Kali Tattoo: Choosing colors for a Kali tattoo could represent one’s understanding of her divine facets. For instance, red symbolizes the vigorous passion with which she conquers inner demons; purple denotes her spiritual wisdom in embracing life’s cyclical nature; blue conveys her vast compassion and protective grace.

6. Kali Yantra Tattoo: A Kali Yantra tattoo is a geometric design that represents the goddess. The design includes Kali’s name in the Devanagari script, and it is often accompanied by a mantra. The surrounding mantra similarly calls devotees to align with her divine qualities of wisdom, strength, liberation, and enlightenment.

7. Kali with Shiva Tattoo: Kali is often depicted with her husband, Shiva. A Kali with a Shiva tattoo shows the two deities locked in a passionate embrace.

8. Kali with Bhairava Tattoo: Bhairava is one of Kali’s fiercest forms. You will find many Bhairav temples in India. A Kali with a Bhairava tattoo shows the goddess with her most trusted deity.

9. Kali with Ganesha Tattoo: Kali is known to have a close relationship with Lord Ganesha, Son of Shiva and the elephant-headed god. A Kali with a Ganesha tattoo is a symbol of their bond.

10. Kali Face Tattoo: Rather than how a Kali face tattoo appears, the most vital consideration is what choosing this iconography represents to you. Does her fierceness inspire facing inner shadows? Does her loving gaze spur self-acceptance?

11. Kali with Lotus Tattoo: The lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment in Hinduism. A Kali with a lotus tattoo shows the goddess stepping on a lotus, representing her triumph over ignorance.

12. Tribal Kali Tattoo: Kali Maa’s mesmerizing dance of creative destruction calls us to confront stagnant patterns and ego attachments, making space for profound renewal and empowerment. More than a unique design, a Kali tattoo can affirm one’s commitment to spiritual evolution and embracing life’s cyclical nature.

13. Kali with Om Tattoo: Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hinduism. A Kali with an Om tattoo shows the goddess with the symbol of universal consciousness.

14. Kali Dancing Tattoo: Kali is known for her fierce dancing, representing her power and energy. A Kali dancing tattoo shows the goddess in action.

15. Kali Lion Tattoo: A Kali lion tattoo shows the goddess riding on a lion, one of her traditional mounts. The tattoo can be done in a realistic or a more abstract style.

16. Kali Maa: Kali Maa is a popular depiction of Kali as a nurturing mother figure. This tattoo design can symbolize protection and guidance.

17. Kali in Meditation: A Kali in meditation tattoo represents the goddess’s ability to go inward and connect with her inner power. This design can serve as a reminder to take time for self-care and reflection.

18. Kali’s Eyes: Kali’s eyes are said to represent her ability to see through illusion and reveal truth. A tattoo featuring just Kali’s eyes can symbolize clarity and insight.

19. Kali’s Wrath: Rather than glorifying violence or retaliation, Kali’s iconography symbolizes the divine power within us all to conquer inner demons planted by past wounds or self-limiting beliefs. Her “wrath” represents the fierce compassion and wisdom that helps us destroy only what no longer serves our spiritual growth. By facing our shadows, we make space for more light.

20. Kali Dancing: Kali is often depicted in a dance pose, celebrating her power and ability to move through life with grace. A Kali dancing tattoo can symbolize freedom and self-expression.

21. Kali and the Elements: Kali is associated with the elements of fire, water, earth, and air. A tattoo featuring Kali and the elements can symbolize harmony and connection with nature.

22. Kali in the Moonlight: Kali is often depicted in the light of the moon, representing her connection to the divine feminine and intuition. A Kali in the moonlight tattoo can symbolize inner wisdom and guidance.

23. Kali’s Hands: Each of Kali’s hands holds a symbol, representing specific aspects of her power.

Each mudra gesture holds symbolic meaning – the sword cuts through illusions, the trident symbolizes triple gunas/qualities in nature, and the bowl catching purified blood represents the vessel that holds our rebirth.

24. Kali and the Chakras: Kali is associated with the energy centers of the body, known as chakras. A tattoo featuring Kali and the chakras can represent the balance of energy and inner alignment.

25. Kali and the Third Eye: Kali is often associated with the third eye, representing intuition and inner vision. A tattoo featuring Kali and the third eye can symbolize the ability to see beyond the material world and connect with inner wisdom.

26. Kali in the Sunlight: Kali is often depicted in the light of the sun, representing her power and ability to bring about change. A Kali in the sunlight tattoo can symbolize inner strength and perseverance.

Kali Tattoos Meanings and Symbolism

Here are different meanings that a Kali Maa tattoo will symbolize

Kali with tongue out: The symbolism of Kali extending her tongue carries deeper meaning than ferocity or power over others. Her iconography serves as a mirror for us to examine the shadows and light within all beings.

Kali with severed head: Another compelling Kali tattoo design involves depicting her holding up a severed head. This imagery conveys her bravery and strength in fighting for justice. It suggests that Kali is unafraid to stand up to those who are unjust and ruthless.

Kali in a lotus position: In contrast, you could alternatively opt to ink Kali in a lotus position. This specific design is symbolic of the goddess’s peaceful side. It also represents her link to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Kali’s third eye: One of the most iconic Kali tattoo designs is portraying her with her forehead’s third eye open. This eye represents wisdom, intuition, and spiritual insight. Having this design also represents being aware or seeing the hidden symbols in life.

Kali with a snake: Lastly, you may also choose to show Kali with a snake. This serpent is a symbol of the goddess’s power to transform and regenerate. With this design, you can depict Kali’s ability to ward off evil and attract prosperity, making her the ultimate protector.

Now take a look at our photo gallery of beautiful Kali maa tattoos that you can try.

Neo Traditional Kali Tattoo

Kali Tattoos 6Kali Tattoos 6
Kali Tattoos 7Kali Tattoos 7
Kali Tattoos 8Kali Tattoos 8
Kali Tattoos 9Kali Tattoos 9
Kali Tattoos 10Kali Tattoos 10
Kali Tattoos 10Kali Tattoos 10
Kali Tattoos 11Kali Tattoos 11

Minimalist Kali Tattoo

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Kali Tattoos 12Kali Tattoos 12
Kali Tattoos 13Kali Tattoos 13
Kali Tattoos 14Kali Tattoos 14
Kali Tattoos 15Kali Tattoos 15
Kali Tattoos 16Kali Tattoos 16
Kali Tattoos 18Kali Tattoos 18
Kali Tattoos 19Kali Tattoos 19
Kali Tattoos 20Kali Tattoos 20
Kali Tattoos 22Kali Tattoos 22
Kali Tattoos 23Kali Tattoos 23
Kali Tattoos 24Kali Tattoos 24
Kali Tattoos 25Kali Tattoos 25
Kali Tattoos 27Kali Tattoos 27
Kali Tattoos 28Kali Tattoos 28
Kali Tattoos 29Kali Tattoos 29
Kali Tattoos 31Kali Tattoos 31
Kali Tattoos 32Kali Tattoos 32
Kali Tattoos 34Kali Tattoos 34
Kali Tattoos 35Kali Tattoos 35
Kali Tattoos 36Kali Tattoos 36
Kali Tattoos 37Kali Tattoos 37
Kali Tattoos 38Kali Tattoos 38
Kali Tattoos 39Kali Tattoos 39
Kali Tattoos 40Kali Tattoos 40
Kali Tattoos 41Kali Tattoos 41
Kali Tattoos 42Kali Tattoos 42
Kali Tattoos 43Kali Tattoos 43
Kali Tattoos 44Kali Tattoos 44
Kali Tattoos 45Kali Tattoos 45
Kali Tattoos 46Kali Tattoos 46
Kali Tattoos 47Kali Tattoos 47
Kali Tattoos 48Kali Tattoos 48
Kali Tattoos 49Kali Tattoos 49
Kali Tattoos 50Kali Tattoos 50
Kali Tattoos 51Kali Tattoos 51
Kali Tattoos 52Kali Tattoos 52
Kali Tattoos 53Kali Tattoos 53
Kali Tattoos 54Kali Tattoos 54
Kali Tattoos 55Kali Tattoos 55
Kali Tattoos 56Kali Tattoos 56
Kali Tattoos 57Kali Tattoos 57
Kali Tattoos 58Kali Tattoos 58
Kali Tattoos 59Kali Tattoos 59
Kali Tattoos 60Kali Tattoos 60
Kali Tattoos 62Kali Tattoos 62
Kali Tattoos 63Kali Tattoos 63
Kali Tattoos 64Kali Tattoos 64
Kali Tattoos 65Kali Tattoos 65
Kali Tattoos 66Kali Tattoos 66
Kali Tattoos 67Kali Tattoos 67
Kali Tattoos 68Kali Tattoos 68
Kali Tattoos 69Kali Tattoos 69
Kali Tattoos 70Kali Tattoos 70
Kali Tattoos 71Kali Tattoos 71
Kali Tattoos 72Kali Tattoos 72
Kali Tattoos 73Kali Tattoos 73
Kali Tattoos 74Kali Tattoos 74
Kali Tattoos 75Kali Tattoos 75
Kali Tattoos 76Kali Tattoos 76
Kali Tattoos 77Kali Tattoos 77
Kali Tattoos 78Kali Tattoos 78
Kali Tattoos 79Kali Tattoos 79
Kali Tattoos 80Kali Tattoos 80
Kali Tattoos 81Kali Tattoos 81
Kali Tattoos 82Kali Tattoos 82
Kali Tattoos 83Kali Tattoos 83
Kali Tattoos 84Kali Tattoos 84
Kali Tattoos 85Kali Tattoos 85
Kali Tattoos 86Kali Tattoos 86
Kali Tattoos 87Kali Tattoos 87
Kali Tattoos 88Kali Tattoos 88
Kali Tattoos 89Kali Tattoos 89
Kali Tattoos 90Kali Tattoos 90
Kali Tattoos 91Kali Tattoos 91
Kali Tattoos 92Kali Tattoos 92
Kali Tattoos 94Kali Tattoos 94
Kali Tattoos 95Kali Tattoos 95
Kali Tattoos 96Kali Tattoos 96
Kali Tattoos 97Kali Tattoos 97
Kali Tattoos 98Kali Tattoos 98
Kali Tattoos 99Kali Tattoos 99
Kali Tattoos 100Kali Tattoos 100
Kali Tattoos 101Kali Tattoos 101
Kali Tattoos 102Kali Tattoos 102
Kali Tattoos 103Kali Tattoos 103
Kali Tattoos 104Kali Tattoos 104
Kali Tattoos 105Kali Tattoos 105
Kali Tattoos 106Kali Tattoos 106
Kali Tattoos 107Kali Tattoos 107
Kali Tattoos 108Kali Tattoos 108
Kali Tattoos 109Kali Tattoos 109
Kali Tattoos 110Kali Tattoos 110
Kali Tattoos 111Kali Tattoos 111
Kali Tattoos 112Kali Tattoos 112
Kali Tattoos 113Kali Tattoos 113
Kali Tattoos 114Kali Tattoos 114
Kali Tattoos 115Kali Tattoos 115
Kali Tattoos 116Kali Tattoos 116
Kali Tattoos 117Kali Tattoos 117

Full Back Tattoo

Kali Tattoos 118Kali Tattoos 118
Kali Tattoos 119Kali Tattoos 119
Kali Tattoos 120Kali Tattoos 120
Kali Tattoos 121Kali Tattoos 121
Kali Tattoos 122Kali Tattoos 122
Kali Tattoos 123Kali Tattoos 123
Kali Tattoos 124Kali Tattoos 124
Kali Tattoos 125Kali Tattoos 125
Kali Tattoos 126Kali Tattoos 126
Kali Tattoos 127Kali Tattoos 127
Kali Tattoos 128Kali Tattoos 128
Kali Tattoos 129Kali Tattoos 129
Kali Tattoos 130Kali Tattoos 130
Kali Tattoos 131Kali Tattoos 131
Kali Tattoos 132Kali Tattoos 132
Kali Tattoos 133Kali Tattoos 133
Kali Tattoos 134Kali Tattoos 134
Kali Tattoos 135Kali Tattoos 135
Kali Tattoos 136Kali Tattoos 136
Kali Tattoos 137Kali Tattoos 137
Kali Tattoos 138Kali Tattoos 138
Kali Tattoos 139Kali Tattoos 139
Kali Tattoos 140Kali Tattoos 140
Kali Tattoos 141Kali Tattoos 141
Kali Tattoos 142Kali Tattoos 142
Kali Tattoos 143Kali Tattoos 143
Kali Tattoos 144Kali Tattoos 144
Kali Tattoos 145Kali Tattoos 145
Kali Tattoos 146Kali Tattoos 146
Kali Tattoos 147Kali Tattoos 147
Kali Tattoos 148Kali Tattoos 148
Kali Tattoos 149Kali Tattoos 149
Kali Tattoos 150Kali Tattoos 150
Kali Tattoos 151Kali Tattoos 151
Kali Tattoos 152Kali Tattoos 152
Kali Tattoos 153Kali Tattoos 153
Kali Tattoos 154Kali Tattoos 154
Kali Tattoos 155Kali Tattoos 155
Kali Tattoos 156Kali Tattoos 156
Kali Tattoos 157Kali Tattoos 157
Kali Tattoos 158Kali Tattoos 158
Kali Tattoos 159Kali Tattoos 159
Kali Tattoos 160Kali Tattoos 160
Kali Tattoos 161Kali Tattoos 161
Kali Tattoos 162Kali Tattoos 162
Kali Tattoos 163Kali Tattoos 163
Kali Tattoos 164Kali Tattoos 164
Kali Tattoos 165Kali Tattoos 165
Kali Tattoos 166Kali Tattoos 166
Kali Tattoos 167Kali Tattoos 167
Kali Tattoos 168Kali Tattoos 168
Kali Tattoos 169Kali Tattoos 169
Kali Tattoos 170Kali Tattoos 170
Kali Tattoos 171Kali Tattoos 171
Kali Tattoos 172Kali Tattoos 172
Kali Tattoos 173Kali Tattoos 173
Kali Tattoos 174Kali Tattoos 174
Kali Tattoos 175Kali Tattoos 175
Kali Tattoos 176Kali Tattoos 176
Kali Tattoos 177Kali Tattoos 177
Kali Tattoos 178Kali Tattoos 178
Kali Tattoos 179Kali Tattoos 179
Kali Tattoos 180Kali Tattoos 180
Kali Tattoos 181Kali Tattoos 181
Kali Tattoos 182Kali Tattoos 182
Kali Tattoos 183Kali Tattoos 183
Kali Tattoos 184Kali Tattoos 184
Kali Tattoos 185Kali Tattoos 185


As we’ve seen, Kali can evoke different emotions and meanings depending on how she is depicted. Whether you choose to have Kali in a ferocious or peaceful pose, your tattoo assures you of the goddesses’ strength and protection. Keep in mind that Kali tattoos are not only visually appealing but also hold significant meaning. Thus, it’s essential to put considerable thought into your design and have it created by a skilled artist to bring out the intended message effectively.

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