170+ Loser Tattoo Ideas (2023)


Loser tattoos became popular after the success of the 2017 horror film IT which was based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

For some people, getting a “loser” tattoo may seem strange, but these tattoos can carry deep meaning and significance. A loser tattoo represents overcoming adversity, accepting your flaws, or simply not taking yourself too seriously.

Loser Tattoo Ideas

These tattoo ideas flip societal notions of success and conformity by embracing traits of the rebel and outcast. They convey the idea that anyone can rise from humble beginnings if they have courage and determination.

1. Mr. Loser: A classic loser tattoo is the iconic “Mr. Loser” image. This tattoo depicts a hapless, old-fashioned-looking man with the word “LOSER” printed in bold letters above or below. This silly cartoon loser represents self-deprecating humor and not taking oneself too seriously. It shows that you are comfortable embracing the less glamorous parts of life.

2. Incorporating Pennywise: For the more daring, adding elements of Pennywise, the iconic clown from the IT movie (remember the Loser Club) can add a layer of intensity and homage to the source material.

3. Ankle Placement: An ankle tattoo of the Loser Lover design offers a discreet yet impactful choice. It’s a personal reminder of one’s journey, visible only when chosen to be.

4. Dice: Dice tattoos can also symbolize the concept of losing or bad luck. Get a pair of dice showing snake eyes (double ones) or the number 234. These symbols indicate you know what it’s like to roll a bad hand but keep moving forward. Pair the dice with words like “Lucky Loser” or “Down on My Luck.”

5. Behind the Ear: A Loser Lover tattoo behind the ear is a subtle nod to the design’s significance. It’s a private affirmation of overcoming personal battles.

6. Loser Armband: For a clever play on words, check out an armband loser tattoo. This combines an armband-style tattoo with the word “loser” hidden somewhere in the design. It’s a tongue-in-cheek way to label yourself in plain sight.

7. Floral Integration: Adding floral designs around the Loser Lover text can signify growth and beauty emerging from adversity.

8. Watercolor Effect: A watercolor-style Loser Lover tattoo brings a sense of artistry and softness, suggesting a gentle acceptance of one’s past and a hopeful outlook for the future.

9. The Symbol L: Keep it simple with the letter “L” in a cool font. Let the L signify losing rather than your actual name. Stylize and embellish the L any way you wish to create a personalized symbol of overcoming low points.

10. Loser Quote: Everyone experiences setbacks, failures, and losses. Get an inspirational quote tattoo about being a loser or screwing up. Great quotes include “Every expert was once a beginner” or “Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a new chance to rebuild what you truly want.”

11. Upper Thigh Canvas: The upper thigh offers a larger canvas for a more elaborate Loser tattoo, allowing for additional creative elements that reflect personal narratives.

12. Minimalist Approach: A minimalist Loser tattoo, focusing on clean lines and simplicity, can be a powerful representation of clarity and focus gained through personal trials.

13. Ribcage Art: A ribcage tattoo, though more painful, signifies strength and the ability to endure and overcome pain, much like the characters in “IT.”

14. Running on Empty: Get clever with symbols by combining a running man image with a gas tank on empty. This signifies that losing your steam or energy doesn’t mean the race is over. We all need to recharge and refuel at times.

15. Phoenix Rising from Ashes: Choose rich symbolism like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This tattoo represents personal growth after hardship or loss. It reminds us that we can rise again after life knocks us down.

16. Missing puzzle Piece: A missing piece in a puzzle tattoo represents being a bit lost or incomplete, but still having worth. The missing piece symbolizes that it’s normal to not have everything figured out. You still fit and belong.

17. Temporary Loser: Put the word “loser” in a banner tattoo with ink that gradually fades over time. This symbolizes that the feeling of losing or failing ebbs and flows. The situation is not permanent even when it feels consuming.

18. Scrabbled Loser: Spell out “loser” creatively with Scrabble tile letters. For extra flair, make the letters look scattered, cracked, or have missing pieces. This shows that everyone has cracks or imperfect pieces.                                                       

19. Gender Bias: Combine the Mars and Venus gender symbols with a “less than” math symbol between them. Together these symbols cleverly state “men less than women” in mathematical terms. Declare yourself the lesser rather than the loser.

20. Gamble with Cards: Incorporate card-suit symbols like clubs, hearts, spades, or diamonds surrounding the word “loser.” Cards symbolize taking risks and facing unpredictable outcomes – win or lose. This design embraces the gamble we take in life events.

Loser Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

As we said above, getting a “loser” tattoo may seem counterintuitive, but these tattoos can represent profound meanings. Rather than denoting failure or self-pity, loser tattoos symbolize deeper concepts like overcoming adversity, self-acceptance, and not taking life too seriously. Here are a few meanings and symbolisms that you should know about:

Perseverance: One major symbolic meaning behind loser tattoos is perseverance through hardship. The tattoo serves as a reminder to keep striving no matter how many losses or failures you face. It represents strength and resilience when confronted with life’s setbacks.

Self-Awareness: Loser tattoos also indicate self-awareness – understanding that nobody’s perfect or wins at everything. A loser tattoo demonstrates that you accept your flaws and the inevitable downs that occur in life. It shows mental and emotional maturity.

Authenticity: Moreover, loser tattoos convey authenticity and comfort with one’s true self. The tattoo reflects the ability to embrace imperfections rather than hiding or overcompensating for them. It’s about owning both wins and losses.

Growth Mindset: The loser tattoo also signifies a growth mindset – the belief that abilities can be developed through setbacks. This tattoo embraces failure as an opportunity to evolve and motivate oneself to new heights. It’s about learning from losses.

Self-Depreciating humor: Moreover, loser tattoos demonstrate self-deprecating humor which builds connection. By playfully admitting flaws and shortcomings, the tattoo shows you don’t take yourself too seriously. It conveys humility and approachability.

Loser tattoos indicate far more than defeat or failure. They represent concepts like perseverance through adversity, self-acceptance, nonconformity, and optimism.

Loser tattoos require courage, resiliency, and a growth mindset. Here are photo gallery follows these symbolisms and showcases the finest tattoos based on the ‘Loser Club’ theme:

Loser Lover Tattoo

Loser Tattoo 1Loser Tattoo 1
Loser Tattoo 1Loser Tattoo 1
Loser Tattoo 2Loser Tattoo 2
Loser Tattoo 4Loser Tattoo 4
Loser Tattoo 5Loser Tattoo 5
Loser Tattoo 6Loser Tattoo 6
Loser Tattoo 7Loser Tattoo 7
Loser Tattoo 9Loser Tattoo 9

Loser Symbol Tattoo

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Loser Tattoo 10Loser Tattoo 10
Loser Tattoo 13Loser Tattoo 13
Loser Tattoo 14Loser Tattoo 14
Loser Tattoo 15Loser Tattoo 15
Loser Tattoo 16Loser Tattoo 16
Loser Tattoo 18Loser Tattoo 18
Loser Tattoo 19Loser Tattoo 19
Loser Tattoo 20Loser Tattoo 20
Loser Tattoo 21Loser Tattoo 21
Loser Tattoo 22Loser Tattoo 22
Loser Tattoo 23Loser Tattoo 23
Loser Tattoo 25Loser Tattoo 25
Loser Tattoo 27Loser Tattoo 27
Loser Tattoo 29Loser Tattoo 29
Loser Tattoo 30Loser Tattoo 30
Loser Tattoo 31Loser Tattoo 31
Loser Tattoo 32Loser Tattoo 32
Loser Tattoo 33Loser Tattoo 33
Loser Tattoo 34Loser Tattoo 34
Loser Tattoo 36Loser Tattoo 36
Loser Tattoo 37Loser Tattoo 37
Loser Tattoo 40Loser Tattoo 40
Loser Tattoo 41Loser Tattoo 41
Loser Tattoo 42Loser Tattoo 42
Loser Tattoo 44Loser Tattoo 44
Loser Tattoo 45Loser Tattoo 45
Loser Tattoo 46Loser Tattoo 46
Loser Tattoo 47Loser Tattoo 47
Loser Tattoo 48Loser Tattoo 48
Loser Tattoo 49Loser Tattoo 49
Loser Tattoo 50Loser Tattoo 50
Loser Tattoo 51Loser Tattoo 51
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Loser Tattoo 52Loser Tattoo 52
Loser Tattoo 53Loser Tattoo 53
Loser Tattoo 54Loser Tattoo 54
Loser Tattoo 55Loser Tattoo 55
Loser Tattoo 56Loser Tattoo 56
Loser Tattoo 62Loser Tattoo 62
Loser Tattoo 68Loser Tattoo 68
Loser Tattoo 69Loser Tattoo 69
Loser Tattoo 72Loser Tattoo 72
Loser Tattoo 73Loser Tattoo 73
Loser Tattoo 74Loser Tattoo 74
Loser Tattoo 78Loser Tattoo 78
Loser Tattoo 80Loser Tattoo 80
Loser Tattoo 96Loser Tattoo 96
Loser Tattoo 99Loser Tattoo 99
Loser Tattoo 100Loser Tattoo 100
Loser Tattoo 102Loser Tattoo 102
Loser Tattoo 103Loser Tattoo 103
Loser Tattoo 104Loser Tattoo 104
Loser Tattoo 105Loser Tattoo 105
Loser Tattoo 106Loser Tattoo 106
Loser Tattoo 107Loser Tattoo 107
Loser Tattoo 108Loser Tattoo 108
Loser Tattoo 109Loser Tattoo 109
Loser Tattoo 110Loser Tattoo 110
Loser Tattoo 111Loser Tattoo 111
Loser Tattoo 112Loser Tattoo 112
Loser Tattoo 113Loser Tattoo 113
Loser Tattoo 115Loser Tattoo 115
Loser Tattoo 116Loser Tattoo 116
Loser Tattoo 117Loser Tattoo 117

Loser IT Movie Tattoo

Loser Tattoo 118Loser Tattoo 118
Loser Tattoo 119Loser Tattoo 119
Loser Tattoo 120Loser Tattoo 120
Loser Tattoo 121Loser Tattoo 121
Loser Tattoo 122Loser Tattoo 122
Loser Tattoo 123Loser Tattoo 123
Loser Tattoo 125Loser Tattoo 125
Loser Tattoo 126Loser Tattoo 126
Loser Tattoo 127Loser Tattoo 127
Loser Tattoo 128Loser Tattoo 128
Loser Tattoo 129Loser Tattoo 129
Loser Tattoo 130Loser Tattoo 130
Loser Tattoo 131Loser Tattoo 131
Loser Tattoo 132Loser Tattoo 132
Loser Tattoo 133Loser Tattoo 133
Loser Tattoo 134Loser Tattoo 134
Loser Tattoo 135Loser Tattoo 135
Loser Tattoo 136Loser Tattoo 136
Loser Tattoo 137Loser Tattoo 137
Loser Tattoo 139Loser Tattoo 139
Loser Tattoo 140Loser Tattoo 140
Loser Tattoo 141Loser Tattoo 141
Loser Tattoo 142Loser Tattoo 142
Loser Tattoo 143Loser Tattoo 143
Loser Tattoo 144Loser Tattoo 144
Loser Tattoo 145Loser Tattoo 145
Loser Tattoo 146Loser Tattoo 146
Loser Tattoo 147Loser Tattoo 147
Loser Tattoo 148Loser Tattoo 148
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Loser Tattoo 150Loser Tattoo 150
Loser Tattoo 151Loser Tattoo 151
Loser Tattoo 152Loser Tattoo 152
Vector DaisyVector Daisy
vector daisy
Loser Tattoo 154Loser Tattoo 154
Loser Tattoo 155Loser Tattoo 155
Loser Tattoo 156Loser Tattoo 156
Loser Tattoo 157Loser Tattoo 157
Loser Tattoo 158Loser Tattoo 158
Loser Tattoo 159Loser Tattoo 159
Loser Tattoo 160Loser Tattoo 160
Loser Tattoo 161Loser Tattoo 161
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Loser Tattoo 163Loser Tattoo 163
Loser Tattoo 164Loser Tattoo 164
Loser Tattoo 165Loser Tattoo 165
Loser Tattoo 166Loser Tattoo 166
Loser Tattoo 167Loser Tattoo 167
Loser Tattoo 168Loser Tattoo 168
Loser Tattoo 169Loser Tattoo 169
Loser Tattoo 170Loser Tattoo 170
Loser Tattoo 171Loser Tattoo 171
Loser Tattoo 172Loser Tattoo 172
Loser Tattoo 174Loser Tattoo 174
Loser Tattoo 176Loser Tattoo 176
Loser Tattoo 177Loser Tattoo 177
Loser Tattoo 178Loser Tattoo 178

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Loser Tattoo 179Loser Tattoo 179
Loser Tattoo 180Loser Tattoo 180
Loser Tattoo 181Loser Tattoo 181
Loser Tattoo 182Loser Tattoo 182
Loser Tattoo 183Loser Tattoo 183
Loser Tattoo 184Loser Tattoo 184
Loser Tattoo 185Loser Tattoo 185
Loser Tattoo 186Loser Tattoo 186
Loser Tattoo 187Loser Tattoo 187
Loser Tattoo 188Loser Tattoo 188
Loser Tattoo 189Loser Tattoo 189
Loser Tattoo 190Loser Tattoo 190
Loser Tattoo 191Loser Tattoo 191
Loser Tattoo 192Loser Tattoo 192
Loser Tattoo 193Loser Tattoo 193
Loser Tattoo 194Loser Tattoo 194
Loser Tattoo 195Loser Tattoo 195
Loser Tattoo 196Loser Tattoo 196
Loser Tattoo 197Loser Tattoo 197
Loser Tattoo 198Loser Tattoo 198
Loser Tattoo 199Loser Tattoo 199
Loser Tattoo 200Loser Tattoo 200
Loser Tattoo 201Loser Tattoo 201
Loser Tattoo 202Loser Tattoo 202
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Loser Tattoo 203Loser Tattoo 203
Loser Tattoo 204Loser Tattoo 204
Loser Tattoo 205Loser Tattoo 205
Loser Tattoo 206Loser Tattoo 206
Loser Tattoo 207Loser Tattoo 207
Loser Tattoo 208Loser Tattoo 208
Loser Tattoo 209Loser Tattoo 209
Loser Tattoo 210Loser Tattoo 210
Loser Tattoo 211Loser Tattoo 211
Loser Tattoo 212Loser Tattoo 212
Loser Tattoo 213Loser Tattoo 213
Loser Tattoo 214Loser Tattoo 214
Loser Tattoo 215Loser Tattoo 215
Loser Tattoo 216Loser Tattoo 216
Loser Tattoo 217Loser Tattoo 217
Loser Tattoo 218Loser Tattoo 218
Loser Tattoo 219Loser Tattoo 219
Loser Tattoo 220Loser Tattoo 220
Loser Tattoo 221Loser Tattoo 221
Loser Tattoo 222Loser Tattoo 222
Loser Tattoo 223Loser Tattoo 223
Loser Tattoo 224Loser Tattoo 224
Loser Tattoo 225Loser Tattoo 225
Loser Tattoo 226Loser Tattoo 226


In the end, loser tattoos represent accepting hardships and shortcomings with resilience and humor. They indicate knowledge that no one wins all the time. Losing is part of risk, growth, and engagement. It will transpire at times for all human beings. Loser tattoos enable us to make peace with our flaws rather than hiding them. By creatively and proudly claiming these tattoos, we show we are not defeated by losses. Rather, we keep moving forward with courage, wisdom, and understanding.

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