170+ Nike Tattoos Designs (2023)


Nike tattoos are not just about sporting a brand; they’re a declaration of one’s commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of victory. The Nike Swoosh, recognized globally, is more than a logo; it’s a symbol of athletic prowess and determination.

For millions of athletes, sports fans, and sneakerheads across the globe, proudly displaying the Nike logo is a badge of honor and identity. Given the brand’s rich cultural legacy, it is no wonder that so many Nike devotees choose to honor their passion by permanently inking tribute tattoos onto their skin.

Nike Tattoo Ideas

As we said above, Nike tattoos symbolize more than just a brand; they represent a lifestyle of athleticism, victory, and style. From the classic Swoosh to innovative sneaker-inspired art, each tattoo idea reflects a deep connection to the ethos of Nike – “Just Do It.” Here are our favorite ideas that you can add to your body art:

1. The Classic Swoosh: The classic Nike swoosh is simple yet impactful, making it a popular choice for Nike brand tattoos. The design works well big or small and can be placed anywhere on the body. Consider getting it on your wrist, shoulder, or calf in black ink as an everyday reminder to “just do it.” For added dimension, surround the swoosh with geometric shapes or symbols with personal meaning.

2. Just Do It Script: Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan makes for a perfect inspirational wrist tattoo. Opt for basic black ink in a sleek font, or add colorful splatters and textures around the lettering. This works beautifully as a dainty tattoo for women who want an everyday reminder about grit and determination.

3. Air Jordan Jumpman: For basketball fans, the Jumpman logo is iconic. This tattoo pays homage to Michael Jordan’s legacy and is a favorite among athletes and enthusiasts alike.

4. Nike Sneaker Tribute: A detailed tattoo of a classic Nike sneaker, like the Air Max or Air Force 1, showcases one’s passion for the brand’s history and design innovation.

5. Abstract Swoosh Interpretations: Some artists take creative liberties with the Swoosh, blending it with elements like wings or flames, symbolizing speed, agility, and the fiery spirit of competition.

6. Olympic Rings and Swoosh: Olympians like Michael Phelps and Simone Biles rock Nike apparel during competition. Honor their Olympic achievements or passions with a tattoo that combines the famous interlocking ring symbol with a Nike swoosh. Designs may also include your event, country flag, motivational quote, or winning years.

7. Shoe Lace: Express your passion for running or walking with a Nike shoelace tattoo. This can incorporate any Nike shoe model that holds meaning for you, done in a simple black outline with pops of color on the aglets or other details. Place it vertically along your back, side, or calf. Get creative by making it look like you’re lacing up your favorite pair.

8. Customized Athlete Silhouettes: Personalized tattoos featuring silhouettes of one’s favorite Nike-sponsored athletes, in action, can be a tribute to their inspiration and influence.

9. Nike Goddess: Paying tribute to the Greek goddess Nike, from whom the brand gets its name, this tattoo symbolizes victory and honor in a mythological context.

10. Collaborative Design Tattoos: Nike’s collaborations with artists and designers have led to some unique sneaker designs. Tattoos inspired by these limited-edition sneakers are a nod to both art and athleticism.

11. Custom Nike Shoe Tattoo: Die-hard fans may choose to immortalize their favorite Nike shoe model with a custom tattoo design. Ideas include Air Force 1’s, Air Max, Air Jordan 1, or other shoes that hold personal meaning. Work closely with your tattoo artist to include all the proper branding details and colors that define your chosen Nike shoe.

12. Inspirational Quotes with Nike Themes: Incorporating famous Nike campaign quotes into a tattoo design can be a source of daily inspiration and motivation.

13. Nike Headquarters: Super fans can pay homage to Nike’s beginnings with a Nike headquarters skyline tattoo along the forearm, calf, or ribcage. Include the Portland, Oregon city skyline where Phil Knight first founded the brand, along with a vintage Nike logo, swoosh accent, and meaningful date or text.

14. Marathon and Running Tattoos: For runners, a tattoo that combines the Swoosh with symbols of endurance, like marathon distances or running tracks, celebrates their passion for the sport.

15. Personalized Sport-Specific Designs: Athletes can personalize their Nike tattoos by incorporating elements from their specific sport, be it a soccer ball, a running track, or a basketball hoop, alongside the Swoosh.

Nike Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Nike body art represents the human capacity for greatness – what’s possible when we commit fully to excel as athletes in sports and life? Just as Nike gear equips world-class performers, Nike tattoos equip their wearers – both symbolically and emotionally – to keep pushing boundaries with grit and grace. Here are some meanings that the Nike tattoo piece symbolizes:

1. Victory and Triumph: The name ‘Nike’ is derived from the Greek goddess of victory, symbolizing triumph over challenges. Tattoos featuring the Nike logo or the goddess herself are often chosen by individuals to represent their victories or aspirations for success.

2. Athleticism and Sportsmanship: Nike is synonymous with sports and athleticism. Tattoos of the Nike Swoosh or sports equipment with the Nike logo symbolize a commitment to physical fitness, sportsmanship, and the spirit of competition.

3. Motivation and Determination: The iconic “Just Do It” slogan is a rallying cry for motivation and determination. Tattoos incorporating this phrase inspire wearers and onlookers alike to persevere and strive towards their goals.

4. Fashion and Trendsetting: Nike is a trendsetter in the world of fashion, especially sneakers. Tattoos of Nike sneakers or the brand’s unique designs represent an appreciation for fashion and a sense of belonging to the sneaker culture.

5. Personal Growth and Development: Many choose Nike tattoos as symbols of their journey toward personal growth and development. The brand’s association with progress and innovation makes it a fitting emblem for this purpose.

6. Rebellion and Non-conformity: Ironically, a brand as mainstream as Nike can also symbolize rebellion. Some individuals choose Nike tattoos to represent non-conformity, using a global symbol to express personal independence and defiance.

7. Inspiration and Influence: Nike’s association with influential athletes and cultural icons makes its tattoos a symbol of inspiration. Fans of these figures often get Nike tattoos to pay homage to their influence.

8. Endurance and Resilience: Athletes, particularly marathon runners and endurance sports enthusiasts, may choose Nike tattoos to symbolize their resilience and stamina, reflecting the endurance required in their sports.

9. Global Connectivity and Unity: Nike’s global presence makes its logo a symbol of connectivity and unity across cultures. A Nike tattoo can represent a sense of belonging to a worldwide community of athletes and enthusiasts.

Our photo gallery below includes all the Nike tattoos – From minimalist Swoosh logos to wings-adorned Goddess Nike herself; from custom Air Jordans to abstract interpretations of “Just Do It”, every tattoo featured reflects what fuels each person’s inner drive.

Nike Tattoo on Foot

Nike Tattoos 3Nike Tattoos 3
Nike Tattoos 7Nike Tattoos 7
Nike Tattoos 10Nike Tattoos 10
Nike Tattoos 11Nike Tattoos 11
Nike Tattoos 12Nike Tattoos 12
Nike Tattoos 15Nike Tattoos 15
Nike Tattoos 16Nike Tattoos 16
Nike Tattoos 18Nike Tattoos 18
Nike Tattoos 19Nike Tattoos 19
Nike Tattoos 19Nike Tattoos 19
Nike Tattoos 20Nike Tattoos 20
Nike Tattoos 20Nike Tattoos 20
Nike Tattoos 22Nike Tattoos 22
Nike Tattoos 22Nike Tattoos 22
Nike Tattoos 23Nike Tattoos 23
Nike Tattoos 23Nike Tattoos 23

Nike Air Jordan Tattoo

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Nike Tattoos 24Nike Tattoos 24
Nike Tattoos 25Nike Tattoos 25
Nike Tattoos 25Nike Tattoos 25
Nike Tattoos 26Nike Tattoos 26
Nike Tattoos 26Nike Tattoos 26
Nike Tattoos 27Nike Tattoos 27
Nike Tattoos 29Nike Tattoos 29
Nike Tattoos 29Nike Tattoos 29
Nike Tattoos 30Nike Tattoos 30
Nike Tattoos 31Nike Tattoos 31
Nike Tattoos 31Nike Tattoos 31
Nike Tattoos 32Nike Tattoos 32
Nike Tattoos 33Nike Tattoos 33
Nike Tattoos 33Nike Tattoos 33
Nike Tattoos 34Nike Tattoos 34
Nike Tattoos 34Nike Tattoos 34
Nike Tattoos 35Nike Tattoos 35
Nike Tattoos 35Nike Tattoos 35
Nike Tattoos 36Nike Tattoos 36
Nike Tattoos 37Nike Tattoos 37
Nike Tattoos 37Nike Tattoos 37
Nike Tattoos 38Nike Tattoos 38
Nike Tattoos 38Nike Tattoos 38
Nike Tattoos 39Nike Tattoos 39
Nike Tattoos 39Nike Tattoos 39
Nike Tattoos 40Nike Tattoos 40
Nike Tattoos 40Nike Tattoos 40
Nike Tattoos 41Nike Tattoos 41
Nike Tattoos 41Nike Tattoos 41
Nike Tattoos 42Nike Tattoos 42
Nike Tattoos 42Nike Tattoos 42
Nike Tattoos 43Nike Tattoos 43
Nike Tattoos 43Nike Tattoos 43
Nike Tattoos 44Nike Tattoos 44
Nike Tattoos 44Nike Tattoos 44
Nike Tattoos 45Nike Tattoos 45
Nike Tattoos 45Nike Tattoos 45
Nike Tattoos 46Nike Tattoos 46
Nike Tattoos 46Nike Tattoos 46
Nike Tattoos 47Nike Tattoos 47
Nike Tattoos 49Nike Tattoos 49
Nike Tattoos 51Nike Tattoos 51
Nike Tattoos 52Nike Tattoos 52
Nike Tattoos 53Nike Tattoos 53
Nike Tattoos 54Nike Tattoos 54
Nike Tattoos 55Nike Tattoos 55
Nike Tattoos 56Nike Tattoos 56
Nike Tattoos 57Nike Tattoos 57
Nike Tattoos 58Nike Tattoos 58
Nike Tattoos 61Nike Tattoos 61
Nike Tattoos 62Nike Tattoos 62
Nike Tattoos 63Nike Tattoos 63
Nike Tattoos 64Nike Tattoos 64
Nike Tattoos 65Nike Tattoos 65
Nike Tattoos 66Nike Tattoos 66
Nike Tattoos 73Nike Tattoos 73
Nike Tattoos 74Nike Tattoos 74

Nike and Pokemon Tattoo

Nike Tattoos 75Nike Tattoos 75
Nike Tattoos 76Nike Tattoos 76
Nike Tattoos 77Nike Tattoos 77
Nike Tattoos 78Nike Tattoos 78
Nike Tattoos 81Nike Tattoos 81
Nike Tattoos 82Nike Tattoos 82
Nike Tattoos 83Nike Tattoos 83
Nike Tattoos 85Nike Tattoos 85
Nike Tattoos 86Nike Tattoos 86
Nike Tattoos 87Nike Tattoos 87
Nike Tattoos 88Nike Tattoos 88
Nike Tattoos 90Nike Tattoos 90
Nike Tattoos 91Nike Tattoos 91
Nike Tattoos 92Nike Tattoos 92
Nike Tattoos 93Nike Tattoos 93
Nike Tattoos 94Nike Tattoos 94
Nike Tattoos 95Nike Tattoos 95
Nike Tattoos 96Nike Tattoos 96
Nike Tattoos 97Nike Tattoos 97
Nike Tattoos 98Nike Tattoos 98
Nike Tattoos 101Nike Tattoos 101
Nike Tattoos 103Nike Tattoos 103
Nike Tattoos 104Nike Tattoos 104
Nike Tattoos 106Nike Tattoos 106
Nike Tattoos 109Nike Tattoos 109
Nike Tattoos 110Nike Tattoos 110
Nike Tattoos 111Nike Tattoos 111
Nike Tattoos 112Nike Tattoos 112
Nike Tattoos 113Nike Tattoos 113
Nike Tattoos 114Nike Tattoos 114
Nike Tattoos 115Nike Tattoos 115
Nike Tattoos 116Nike Tattoos 116
Nike Tattoos 118Nike Tattoos 118
Nike Tattoos 119Nike Tattoos 119
Nike Tattoos 122Nike Tattoos 122
Nike Tattoos 123Nike Tattoos 123
Nike Tattoos 124Nike Tattoos 124
Nike Tattoos 125Nike Tattoos 125
Nike Tattoos 126Nike Tattoos 126
Nike Tattoos 128Nike Tattoos 128
Nike Tattoos 130Nike Tattoos 130
Nike Tattoos 131Nike Tattoos 131
Nike Tattoos 132Nike Tattoos 132
Nike Tattoos 133Nike Tattoos 133
Nike Tattoos 134Nike Tattoos 134
Nike Tattoos 135Nike Tattoos 135

Pink Nike Shoe Tattoo For Women

Nike Tattoos 136Nike Tattoos 136
Nike Tattoos 137Nike Tattoos 137
Nike Tattoos 138Nike Tattoos 138
Nike Tattoos 139Nike Tattoos 139
Nike Tattoos 140Nike Tattoos 140
Nike Tattoos 141Nike Tattoos 141
Nike Tattoos 142Nike Tattoos 142
Nike Tattoos 143Nike Tattoos 143
Nike Tattoos 144Nike Tattoos 144
Nike Tattoos 145Nike Tattoos 145
Nike Tattoos 146Nike Tattoos 146
Nike Tattoos 148Nike Tattoos 148
Nike Tattoos 149Nike Tattoos 149
Nike Tattoos 150Nike Tattoos 150
Nike Tattoos 151Nike Tattoos 151
Nike Tattoos 179Nike Tattoos 179
Nike Tattoos 189Nike Tattoos 189
Nike Tattoos 190Nike Tattoos 190
Nike Tattoos 192Nike Tattoos 192
Nike Tattoos 193Nike Tattoos 193
Nike Tattoos 194Nike Tattoos 194
Nike Tattoos 196Nike Tattoos 196
Nike Tattoos 198Nike Tattoos 198
Nike Tattoos 199Nike Tattoos 199
Nike Tattoos 200Nike Tattoos 200
Nike Tattoos 201Nike Tattoos 201
Nike Tattoos 203Nike Tattoos 203
Nike Tattoos 208Nike Tattoos 208
Nike Tattoos 209Nike Tattoos 209
Nike Tattoos 211Nike Tattoos 211
Nike Tattoos 214Nike Tattoos 214
Nike Tattoos 215Nike Tattoos 215
Nike Tattoos 217Nike Tattoos 217
Nike Tattoos 218Nike Tattoos 218
Nike Tattoos 220Nike Tattoos 220
Nike Tattoos 223Nike Tattoos 223
Nike Tattoos 224Nike Tattoos 224
Nike Tattoos 225Nike Tattoos 225
Nike Tattoos 227Nike Tattoos 227
Nike Tattoos 228Nike Tattoos 228
Nike Tattoos 229Nike Tattoos 229
Sneaker Shoe – minimal thin line web icon. Outline icons collection. Simple vector illustration
Nike Tattoos 231Nike Tattoos 231
Nike Tattoos 232Nike Tattoos 232
Nike Tattoos 233Nike Tattoos 233
Nike Tattoos 234Nike Tattoos 234
Nike Tattoos 235Nike Tattoos 235
Nike Tattoos 237Nike Tattoos 237
Nike Tattoos 238Nike Tattoos 238
Nike Tattoos 239Nike Tattoos 239
Nike Tattoos 242Nike Tattoos 242
Nike Tattoos 244Nike Tattoos 244
Nike Tattoos 245Nike Tattoos 245
Nike Tattoos 246Nike Tattoos 246
Nike Tattoos 247Nike Tattoos 247
Nike Tattoos 248Nike Tattoos 248


Nike ink can take many forms with endless personalization options. You may choose a simple logo tattoo that embodies grit and motivation, or take it a step further with your favorite shoe model exactly as you lace it up for runs. Nike tattoos serve as a reminder to never stop striving for greatness – or as Nike would say, to just do it, again and again.

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