175+ Ohana Tattoo Designs (2023)


Anyone can opt for Ohana Tattoos. You don’t need to have Hawaiian roots for this meaningful design.

The term “Ohana,” rooted in Hawaiian culture, transcends the traditional concept of family. It encompasses not just blood relatives but also close friends and community members who form our support system. This inclusive understanding of family is beautifully captured in Ohana tattoos, making them a popular choice for many.

Ohana Tattoo Ideas

Ohana, a Hawaiian term meaning “family”, is a popular tattoo concept representing the strong bonds of love and connection we share with our closest relatives and friends. Ohana tattoos come in a wide range of heartfelt designs to celebrate these meaningful relationships. Here are 18 moving Ohana tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink:

1. Circle of Monograms: A circle enclosing the first initials of your family members’ names is a simple but touching ohana tattoo. The unbroken chain symbolizes your eternal bonds. Add birth dates, your family name, or other elements for a more personalized design.

2. Ohana with Heartbeat: Integrating the heartbeat line with Ohana illustrates the vital role of family in one’s life. It’s a reminder of the love and life force that family provides.

3. Ohana Infinity Symbol: The infinity symbol combined with Ohana represents the everlasting bond of family. This design is often chosen to signify eternal love and connection.

4. Floral Ohana: Incorporating flowers, especially the Hawaiian hibiscus, adds a layer of beauty and growth symbolism to the Ohana tattoo. Each flower, with its unique meaning, can personalize the tattoo further.

5. Ohana with Hawaiian Symbols: Adding traditional Hawaiian symbols like sea turtles or palm trees can deepen the cultural connection, especially for those with Hawaiian heritage or affinity.

6. Ohana and Stitch: Get playful inspiration from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch by inking cute cartoon renditions of the lovable alien duo with the film’s signature phrase “Ohana means family”. Add other characters like Nani or David for extra fun.

7. Family Tree Ohana: A family tree design with “Ohana” at its roots symbolizes the strength and connection of familial bonds. It can be personalized with names or birthdates of family members.

8. Ohana Birds: Bird tattoos with Ohana can represent freedom and the joy family brings. The type of bird chosen can add different layers of meaning, like a dove for peace or a phoenix for rebirth.

9. Togetherness Symbols: Express the unity amongst relatives with iconic visuals such as infinite symbols, interlocked puzzle pieces, links of chains, group arrowheads, and concentric shapes branded with family.

10. Ohana Anchor: An anchor combined with Ohana is a powerful symbol of family being the stabilizing force in one’s life. It’s often chosen by those who see their family as their grounding element.

11. Ohana Compass: Incorporating a compass with Ohana signifies the guiding role of family. It’s a fitting choice for individuals who view their family as their direction and guide in life.

12. Ohana and Cross: For those who intertwine their faith with family values, combining a cross with Ohana can be deeply meaningful. It represents the spiritual bond and guidance found within the family.

13. Ohana Portraits: Portraits or silhouettes of family members with Ohana add a personal touch. This design is often chosen as a tribute to specific family members.

14. Ohana with Dates: Incorporating significant dates like birthdays or anniversaries can personalize an Ohana tattoo, making it a living memory of important family milestones.

15. Matching Ohana Tattoos: Matching Ohana tattoos among family members or close friends symbolize unity and shared bonds. Each tattoo, while similar, can have unique elements to represent individual personalities.

16. Birth Month Flower: Pick birth month flowers or other meaningful blossoms like orchids (Hawaii’s state flower) to craft customized floral tattoos for individual members grouped like a beautiful bouquet.

17. Pet Tributes: Animal companions also hold treasured spots within our families. Memorialize departed fur babies or honor beloved living pets with paw prints, pet portraits, and flowers.

18. Genealogy: Plot an artistic family tree listing all your ancestors’ names, their years of birth/passing, and countries of origin to illustrate how far back your roots run.

Ohana Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

There is no denying the fact that Ohana tattoos beautifully encapsulate the Hawaiian spirit of treasuring beloved family connections. This iconic ink style pays tribute to the tight bonds we share with our most cherished relatives and closest companions. Here are some popular meanings of Ohana tattoos that shed light upon the significance of these beautiful designs:

Eternal Bonds: Unbroken circles and infinity symbols are hugely popular within ohana tattoos, representing how family ties stretch on forever in an endless loop of love passed through generations. Such designs emphasize that relatives remain closely connected at heart, no matter how far they may physically wander.

Strength: Through Unity Interlocked puzzle pieces, strong chains formed by links or family member’s names, and bonded group arrows are just some expressive images illustrating the power and support family units lend one another. Ohana tattoos containing these visuals highlight how people achieve more together than apart.

Memorial Tributes: While remembering departed loved ones is always bittersweet, incorporating their names, faces or the dates they passed within the family ink design offers cathartic closure. Such permanent tributes ensure they remain beside you in spirit.

Maps and Tributes: Ohana tattoos occasionally integrate maps and GPS coordinates marking meaningful locations like childhood homes or favorite vacation spots. This conveys the significance of adventures enjoyed together in forging lasting family memories.

The placement of an Ohana tattoo can be as significant as the design itself. Popular spots include the wrist, forearm, shoulder, and ankle, each offering a different form of expression and visibility.

Here are photo gallery can help you the best design with the best placement idea:

Ohana Tattoo Font

Ohana Tattoos 15Ohana Tattoos 15
Ohana Tattoos 16Ohana Tattoos 16
Ohana Tattoos 17Ohana Tattoos 17
Ohana Tattoos 22Ohana Tattoos 22
Ohana Tattoos 23Ohana Tattoos 23

Lilo and Stitch Ohana Tattoo

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Ohana Tattoos 24Ohana Tattoos 24
Ohana Tattoos 25Ohana Tattoos 25
Ohana Tattoos 27Ohana Tattoos 27
Ohana Tattoos 28Ohana Tattoos 28
Ohana Tattoos 29Ohana Tattoos 29
Ohana Tattoos 30Ohana Tattoos 30
Ohana Tattoos 31Ohana Tattoos 31
Ohana Tattoos 32Ohana Tattoos 32
Ohana Tattoos 33Ohana Tattoos 33
Ohana Tattoos 34Ohana Tattoos 34
Ohana Tattoos 35Ohana Tattoos 35
Ohana Tattoos 36Ohana Tattoos 36
Ohana Tattoos 37Ohana Tattoos 37
Ohana Tattoos 38Ohana Tattoos 38
Ohana Tattoos 39Ohana Tattoos 39
Ohana Tattoos 40Ohana Tattoos 40
Ohana Tattoos 41Ohana Tattoos 41
Ohana Tattoos 42Ohana Tattoos 42
Ohana Tattoos 43Ohana Tattoos 43
Ohana Tattoos 44Ohana Tattoos 44
Ohana Tattoos 45Ohana Tattoos 45
Ohana Tattoos 46Ohana Tattoos 46
Ohana Tattoos 47Ohana Tattoos 47
Ohana Tattoos 48Ohana Tattoos 48
Ohana Tattoos 49Ohana Tattoos 49
Ohana Tattoos 50Ohana Tattoos 50
Ohana Tattoos 51Ohana Tattoos 51
Ohana Tattoos 52Ohana Tattoos 52
Ohana Tattoos 53Ohana Tattoos 53
Ohana Tattoos 54Ohana Tattoos 54
Ohana Tattoos 55Ohana Tattoos 55
Ohana Tattoos 56Ohana Tattoos 56
Ohana Tattoos 57Ohana Tattoos 57
Ohana Tattoos 58Ohana Tattoos 58
Ohana Tattoos 59Ohana Tattoos 59
Ohana Tattoos 60Ohana Tattoos 60
Ohana Tattoos 61Ohana Tattoos 61
Ohana Tattoos 62Ohana Tattoos 62
Ohana Tattoos 63Ohana Tattoos 63
Ohana Tattoos 64Ohana Tattoos 64
Ohana Tattoos 65Ohana Tattoos 65
Ohana Tattoos 66Ohana Tattoos 66
Ohana Tattoos 67Ohana Tattoos 67
Ohana Tattoos 68Ohana Tattoos 68
Ohana Tattoos 69Ohana Tattoos 69
Ohana Tattoos 70Ohana Tattoos 70
Ohana Tattoos 71Ohana Tattoos 71
Ohana Tattoos 72Ohana Tattoos 72
Ohana Tattoos 73Ohana Tattoos 73
Ohana Tattoos 74Ohana Tattoos 74
Ohana Tattoos 75Ohana Tattoos 75
Ohana Tattoos 76Ohana Tattoos 76
Ohana Tattoos 77Ohana Tattoos 77
Ohana Tattoos 78Ohana Tattoos 78
Ohana Tattoos 79Ohana Tattoos 79
Ohana Tattoos 80Ohana Tattoos 80
Ohana Tattoos 81Ohana Tattoos 81
Ohana Tattoos 82Ohana Tattoos 82
Ohana Tattoos 83Ohana Tattoos 83
Ohana Tattoos 84Ohana Tattoos 84
Ohana Tattoos 85Ohana Tattoos 85
Ohana Tattoos 86Ohana Tattoos 86
Ohana Tattoos 87Ohana Tattoos 87
Ohana Tattoos 88Ohana Tattoos 88
Ohana Tattoos 89Ohana Tattoos 89
Ohana Tattoos 90Ohana Tattoos 90
Ohana Tattoos 91Ohana Tattoos 91
Ohana Tattoos 92Ohana Tattoos 92
Ohana Tattoos 93Ohana Tattoos 93
Ohana Tattoos 94Ohana Tattoos 94
Ohana Tattoos 95Ohana Tattoos 95
Ohana Tattoos 96Ohana Tattoos 96
Ohana Tattoos 97Ohana Tattoos 97
Ohana Tattoos 98Ohana Tattoos 98
Ohana Tattoos 99Ohana Tattoos 99
Ohana Tattoos 100Ohana Tattoos 100
Ohana Tattoos 101Ohana Tattoos 101
Ohana Tattoos 102Ohana Tattoos 102
Ohana Tattoos 103Ohana Tattoos 103
Ohana Tattoos 104Ohana Tattoos 104
Ohana Tattoos 105Ohana Tattoos 105
Ohana Tattoos 106Ohana Tattoos 106
Ohana Tattoos 108Ohana Tattoos 108

Matching Ohana Family Tattoo

Ohana Tattoos 109Ohana Tattoos 109
Ohana Tattoos 110Ohana Tattoos 110
Ohana Tattoos 111Ohana Tattoos 111
Ohana Tattoos 112Ohana Tattoos 112
Ohana Tattoos 113Ohana Tattoos 113
Ohana Tattoos 114Ohana Tattoos 114
Ohana Tattoos 115Ohana Tattoos 115
Ohana Tattoos 116Ohana Tattoos 116
Ohana Tattoos 117Ohana Tattoos 117
Ohana Tattoos 118Ohana Tattoos 118
Ohana Tattoos 119Ohana Tattoos 119
Ohana Tattoos 120Ohana Tattoos 120
Ohana Tattoos 121Ohana Tattoos 121
Ohana Tattoos 122Ohana Tattoos 122
Ohana Tattoos 123Ohana Tattoos 123
Ohana Tattoos 124Ohana Tattoos 124
Ohana Tattoos 125Ohana Tattoos 125
Ohana Tattoos 126Ohana Tattoos 126
Ohana Tattoos 127Ohana Tattoos 127
Ohana Tattoos 128Ohana Tattoos 128
Ohana Tattoos 129Ohana Tattoos 129
Ohana Tattoos 130Ohana Tattoos 130
Ohana Tattoos 131Ohana Tattoos 131
Ohana Tattoos 132Ohana Tattoos 132
Ohana Tattoos 133Ohana Tattoos 133
Ohana Tattoos 134Ohana Tattoos 134
Ohana Tattoos 135Ohana Tattoos 135
Ohana Tattoos 136Ohana Tattoos 136
Ohana Tattoos 137Ohana Tattoos 137
Ohana Tattoos 138Ohana Tattoos 138
Ohana Tattoos 139Ohana Tattoos 139
Ohana Tattoos 140Ohana Tattoos 140
Ohana Tattoos 141Ohana Tattoos 141
Ohana Tattoos 142Ohana Tattoos 142
Ohana Tattoos 143Ohana Tattoos 143
Ohana Tattoos 144Ohana Tattoos 144
Ohana Tattoos 145Ohana Tattoos 145
Ohana Tattoos 146Ohana Tattoos 146
Ohana Tattoos 147Ohana Tattoos 147
Ohana Tattoos 148Ohana Tattoos 148
Ohana Tattoos 149Ohana Tattoos 149
Ohana Tattoos 150Ohana Tattoos 150
Ohana Tattoos 151Ohana Tattoos 151
Ohana Tattoos 152Ohana Tattoos 152
Ohana Tattoos 153Ohana Tattoos 153
Ohana Tattoos 154Ohana Tattoos 154
Ohana Tattoos 155Ohana Tattoos 155
Ohana Tattoos 156Ohana Tattoos 156
Ohana Tattoos 157Ohana Tattoos 157
Ohana Tattoos 158Ohana Tattoos 158
Ohana Tattoos 159Ohana Tattoos 159
Ohana Tattoos 160Ohana Tattoos 160
Ohana Tattoos 161Ohana Tattoos 161
Ohana Tattoos 162Ohana Tattoos 162
Ohana Tattoos 163Ohana Tattoos 163
Ohana Tattoos 164Ohana Tattoos 164
Ohana Tattoos 165Ohana Tattoos 165
Ohana Tattoos 166Ohana Tattoos 166
Ohana Tattoos 167Ohana Tattoos 167
Ohana Tattoos 168Ohana Tattoos 168

Ohana Hawaii Tattoo

Ohana Tattoos 169Ohana Tattoos 169
Ohana Tattoos 170Ohana Tattoos 170
Ohana Tattoos 171Ohana Tattoos 171
Ohana Tattoos 172Ohana Tattoos 172
Ohana Tattoos 173Ohana Tattoos 173
Ohana Tattoos 175Ohana Tattoos 175
Ohana Tattoos 176Ohana Tattoos 176
Ohana Tattoos 177Ohana Tattoos 177
Ohana Tattoos 178Ohana Tattoos 178
Ohana Tattoos 179Ohana Tattoos 179
Ohana Tattoos 180Ohana Tattoos 180
Ohana Tattoos 181Ohana Tattoos 181
Ohana Tattoos 182Ohana Tattoos 182
INKBOX RetouchingINKBOX Retouching
Ohana Tattoos 184Ohana Tattoos 184
Ohana Tattoos 185Ohana Tattoos 185
Ohana Tattoos 186Ohana Tattoos 186
Ohana Tattoos 187Ohana Tattoos 187
Ohana Tattoos 188Ohana Tattoos 188
Ohana Tattoos 189Ohana Tattoos 189
Ohana Tattoos 190Ohana Tattoos 190
Ohana Tattoos 191Ohana Tattoos 191
Ohana Tattoos 192Ohana Tattoos 192
Ohana Tattoos 193Ohana Tattoos 193
Ohana Tattoos 194Ohana Tattoos 194
Ohana Tattoos 195Ohana Tattoos 195
Ohana Tattoos 196Ohana Tattoos 196
Ohana Tattoos 197Ohana Tattoos 197
Ohana Tattoos 198Ohana Tattoos 198
Ohana Tattoos 199Ohana Tattoos 199
Ohana Tattoos 200Ohana Tattoos 200


Ohana tattoos are a beautiful way to express love, loyalty, and the importance of family and close relationships. From simple scripts to complex designs incorporating various elements, each Ohana tattoo tells a unique story. The choice of design, placement, and personalization reflects the wearer’s individual connection to their family, whether by blood or bond. As we’ve explored various designs, it’s clear that these tattoos are more than just body art; they are symbols of life’s most cherished connections.

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