180+ Pug Tattoo Designs (2023)


Have you ever considered getting inked with a Pug Tattoo? Pugs are one of the most adorable breeds of dogs, known for their wrinkled faces and big innocent eyes. They are so cute that many people choose to get pug tattoos to show their love for these adorable creatures.

If you’re a pug lover, you might want to show your love for these adorable dogs permanently by getting a pug tattoo. A pug tattoo is not only a tribute to your furry friend but also a way to add some cuteness to your body art.

Pug Tattoo Ideas

If you’re considering getting a pug tattoo, you may be wondering what design would be the best for you.  Worry not as we have here compiled a list of the very best pug tattoo ideas suitable for both genders:

1. Pug Portrait Tattoo: A realistic portrait of your pug can make a great tattoo idea. You can choose to get it in black and grey or in bright colors. This tattoo is especially meaningful if your pug has passed away, and you want to keep their memory alive.

2. Cute Pug With Heart Tattoo: The cute pug artwork paired with a heart symbol represents the special bond you share with your four-legged friend. It’s a sweet and simple design that neatly captures the adorable, wrinkly nature of pugs.

3. Watercolor Pug Tattoo: Consider a colorful watercolor version to show off your pooch’s sweet uniqueness and personality. The watery, blurred edges give watercolor pug tattoos an artistic vibe.

4. Minimalist Pug Tattoo: Opt for a small, simple silhouette of your favorite wrinkly buddy. A line drawing of your pug’s face or body captured in clean, thin lines can make for an elegant and meaningful tattoo.

5. Mother and Pug Puppy Tattoo: For pug owners with a mama pug and her pup, opt for a tattoo that beautifully captures their special bond. Featuring a mother pug curled up with her sleeping puppy, this design represents the loving connection between parent and child.

6. Pug With a Flower Crown Tattoo: Surround your wrinkly pal tattoo piece in beautiful blooms for an artistic touch they’ll appreciate. Choose flowers with special meaning or go with their favorites to personalize the puggy portrait.

7. Pug With a Bow Tie Tattoo: For those seeking a small, refined pug tattoo, this bow-tied buddy packs plenty of personality into a clean, fuss-free piece. It’s a timeless way to honor your loyal companion with sophistication and style.

8. Pug With Glasses Tattoo: If your four-legged friend is equal parts silly and smart, this silly yet adorable pug tattoo will show off their character in the most charming way.

9. Pug With Butterfly Wings Tattoo: This tattoo is great for pug owners who want something creative and meaningful. The butterfly and its transformation symbolize the happiness and personal growth your pug brings you. Their love has set your heart free.

10. Pug With a Bandana Tattoo: Pugs look adorable in bandanas. This tattoo design is perfect if you want a simple and cute pug tattoo.

11. Pug With a Crown Tattoo: For pug lovers who delight in pampering their four-legged friend like nobility, this design captures that special bond.

12. Pug With a Top Hat Tattoo: It’s a fun, creative design perfect for pug owners wanting a playful tribute. The sophisticated topper lets your wrinkly pal express his noble spirit.

13. Pug With a Baseball Cap Tattoo: For pug parents who want an adorable, sporty tattoo, try a design with your pup rocking a baseball cap. This athletic pug looks game-ready to play ball and cheer on your favorite team.

14. Pug With a Santa Hat Tattoo: Each year your pug makes the season brighter, so this tattoo commemorates their role in your Christmas cheer. Beyond the holidays, it honors your year-round appreciation for your merry little friend.

15. Pug With a Paw Print Tattoo: The paw print symbolizes the loving connection you share with your squishy companion. This simple but meaningful design is perfect for pug owners seeking a heartfelt tribute.

Pug Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Pugs are known for their adorable looks and playful personalities, and a tattoo of a pug can serve as a reminder to embrace these qualities in oneself. Additionally, pug tattoos can be a source of positivity and humor, offering a lighthearted and fun design option for those who want to showcase their quirky side. Here are some more meanings and symbolisms that you should know about:

Pug as a Symbol of Good Luck: In Chinese mythology, pugs are revered as symbols of good luck and fortune. In fact, the pug is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, with those born under the sign believed to be loyal and trustworthy. A pug tattoo can thus function as a talisman of sorts, warding off evil and bringing good luck to the bearer.

Pug as a Symbol of Resilience: Despite their cute exterior, pugs are tough little breeds that have overcome countless obstacles throughout their history. From being bred as lapdogs for Chinese royalty to surviving extinction in the early twentieth century, pugs have proven themselves to be resilient and adaptable creatures. Pug tattoos can serve as a symbol of resilience, reminding the bearer that even in the face of adversity, they can bounce back and thrive.

Pug as a Symbol of Loyalty and Devotion: With their affectionate natures, pugs have long been cherished for the devoted bonds they share with their owners. This makes them meaningful symbols in tattoos representing loyalty and love. For many pug parents, inking their wrinkly buddy is a heartfelt way to celebrate their special connection.

Now let’s jump into our photo gallery of the best and trendy pug tattoo designs:

Watercolor Pug Tattoo

Pug Tattoos 11Pug Tattoos 11
Pug Tattoos 12Pug Tattoos 12
Pug Tattoos 13Pug Tattoos 13
Pug Tattoos 14Pug Tattoos 14
Pug Tattoos 18Pug Tattoos 18
Pug Tattoos 26Pug Tattoos 26
Pug Tattoos 27Pug Tattoos 27
Pug Tattoos 28Pug Tattoos 28
Pug Tattoos 29Pug Tattoos 29

Black and White Pug Tattoos

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Pug Tattoos 30Pug Tattoos 30
Pug Tattoos 31Pug Tattoos 31
Pug Tattoos 32Pug Tattoos 32
Pug Tattoos 33Pug Tattoos 33
Pug Tattoos 34Pug Tattoos 34
Pug Tattoos 35Pug Tattoos 35
Pug Tattoos 36Pug Tattoos 36
Pug Tattoos 37Pug Tattoos 37
Pug Tattoos 38Pug Tattoos 38
Pug Tattoos 39Pug Tattoos 39
Pug Tattoos 40Pug Tattoos 40
Pug Tattoos 41Pug Tattoos 41
Pug Tattoos 42Pug Tattoos 42
Pug Tattoos 43Pug Tattoos 43
Pug Tattoos 44Pug Tattoos 44
Pug Tattoos 45Pug Tattoos 45
Pug Tattoos 46Pug Tattoos 46
Pug Tattoos 47Pug Tattoos 47
Pug Tattoos 49Pug Tattoos 49
Pug Tattoos 50Pug Tattoos 50
Pug Tattoos 51Pug Tattoos 51
Pug Tattoos 52Pug Tattoos 52
Pug Tattoos 53Pug Tattoos 53
Pug Tattoos 54Pug Tattoos 54
Pug Tattoos 55Pug Tattoos 55
Pug Tattoos 56Pug Tattoos 56
Pug Tattoos 57Pug Tattoos 57
Pug Tattoos 58Pug Tattoos 58
Pug Tattoos 59Pug Tattoos 59
Pug Tattoos 60Pug Tattoos 60
Pug Tattoos 61Pug Tattoos 61
Pug Tattoos 62Pug Tattoos 62
Pug Tattoos 63Pug Tattoos 63
Pug Tattoos 64Pug Tattoos 64
Pug Tattoos 66Pug Tattoos 66
Pug Tattoos 67Pug Tattoos 67
Pug Tattoos 68Pug Tattoos 68
Pug Tattoos 69Pug Tattoos 69
Pug Tattoos 70Pug Tattoos 70
Pug Tattoos 71Pug Tattoos 71
Pug Tattoos 72Pug Tattoos 72
Pug Tattoos 73Pug Tattoos 73
Pug Tattoos 74Pug Tattoos 74
Pug Tattoos 75Pug Tattoos 75
Pug Tattoos 76Pug Tattoos 76
Pug Tattoos 77Pug Tattoos 77

Geometric Pug Tattoo

Pug Tattoos 78Pug Tattoos 78
Pug Tattoos 79Pug Tattoos 79
Pug Tattoos 80Pug Tattoos 80
Pug Tattoos 81Pug Tattoos 81
Pug Tattoos 82Pug Tattoos 82
Pug Tattoos 83Pug Tattoos 83
Pug Tattoos 84Pug Tattoos 84
Pug Tattoos 85Pug Tattoos 85
Pug Tattoos 86Pug Tattoos 86
Pug Tattoos 87Pug Tattoos 87
Pug Tattoos 88Pug Tattoos 88
Pug Tattoos 90Pug Tattoos 90
Pug Tattoos 96Pug Tattoos 96
Pug Tattoos 97Pug Tattoos 97
Pug Tattoos 98Pug Tattoos 98
Pug Tattoos 101Pug Tattoos 101
Pug Tattoos 102Pug Tattoos 102
Pug Tattoos 103Pug Tattoos 103
Pug Tattoos 104Pug Tattoos 104
Pug Tattoos 105Pug Tattoos 105
Pug Tattoos 106Pug Tattoos 106
Pug Tattoos 107Pug Tattoos 107
Pug Tattoos 108Pug Tattoos 108
Pug Tattoos 109Pug Tattoos 109
Pug Tattoos 110Pug Tattoos 110
Pug Tattoos 111Pug Tattoos 111
Pug Tattoos 112Pug Tattoos 112
Pug Tattoos 114Pug Tattoos 114
Pug Tattoos 127Pug Tattoos 127
Pug Tattoos 129Pug Tattoos 129
Pug Tattoos 133Pug Tattoos 133
Pug Tattoos 134Pug Tattoos 134
Pug Tattoos 137Pug Tattoos 137
Pug Tattoos 138Pug Tattoos 138
Pug Tattoos 139Pug Tattoos 139
Pug Tattoos 141Pug Tattoos 141
Pug Tattoos 142Pug Tattoos 142
Pug Tattoos 143Pug Tattoos 143
Pug Tattoos 144Pug Tattoos 144
Pug Tattoos 145Pug Tattoos 145
Pug Tattoos 146Pug Tattoos 146
Pug Tattoos 148Pug Tattoos 148
Pug Tattoos 149Pug Tattoos 149
Pug Tattoos 150Pug Tattoos 150
Pug Tattoos 151Pug Tattoos 151
Pug Tattoos 152Pug Tattoos 152
Pug Tattoos 153Pug Tattoos 153
Pug Tattoos 154Pug Tattoos 154
Pug Tattoos 156Pug Tattoos 156
Pug Tattoos 157Pug Tattoos 157
Pug Tattoos 158Pug Tattoos 158
Pug Tattoos 159Pug Tattoos 159
Pug Tattoos 160Pug Tattoos 160
Pug Tattoos 161Pug Tattoos 161
Pug Tattoos 162Pug Tattoos 162
Pug Tattoos 163Pug Tattoos 163
Pug Tattoos 164Pug Tattoos 164
Pug Tattoos 166Pug Tattoos 166
Pug Tattoos 167Pug Tattoos 167
Pug Tattoos 169Pug Tattoos 169
Pug Tattoos 170Pug Tattoos 170
Pug Tattoos 171Pug Tattoos 171
Pug Tattoos 173Pug Tattoos 173
Pug Tattoos 174Pug Tattoos 174
Pug Tattoos 176Pug Tattoos 176
Pug Tattoos 177Pug Tattoos 177
Pug Tattoos 178Pug Tattoos 178
Pug Tattoos 179Pug Tattoos 179
Pug Tattoos 180Pug Tattoos 180
Pug Tattoos 181Pug Tattoos 181
Pug Tattoos 182Pug Tattoos 182
Pug Tattoos 183Pug Tattoos 183
Pug Tattoos 184Pug Tattoos 184
Pug Tattoos 185Pug Tattoos 185
Pug Tattoos 186Pug Tattoos 186
Pug Tattoos 187Pug Tattoos 187

Realistic Pug Tattoo idea

Pug Tattoos 188Pug Tattoos 188
Pug Tattoos 189Pug Tattoos 189
Pug Tattoos 190Pug Tattoos 190
Pug Tattoos 191Pug Tattoos 191
Pug Tattoos 192Pug Tattoos 192
Pug Tattoos 193Pug Tattoos 193
Pug Tattoos 194Pug Tattoos 194
Pug Tattoos 195Pug Tattoos 195
Pug Tattoos 196Pug Tattoos 196
Pug Tattoos 197Pug Tattoos 197
Pug Tattoos 198Pug Tattoos 198
Pug Tattoos 199Pug Tattoos 199
Pug Tattoos 200Pug Tattoos 200
Pug Tattoos 201Pug Tattoos 201
Pug Tattoos 202Pug Tattoos 202
Pug Tattoos 203Pug Tattoos 203
Pug Tattoos 204Pug Tattoos 204
Pug Tattoos 205Pug Tattoos 205
Pug Tattoos 206Pug Tattoos 206
Pug Tattoos 207Pug Tattoos 207
Pug Tattoos 208Pug Tattoos 208
Pug Tattoos 209Pug Tattoos 209
Pug Tattoos 210Pug Tattoos 210
Pug Tattoos 212Pug Tattoos 212
Pug Tattoos 213Pug Tattoos 213
Pug Tattoos 215Pug Tattoos 215
Pug Tattoos 216Pug Tattoos 216
Pug Tattoos 217Pug Tattoos 217
Pug Tattoos 218Pug Tattoos 218
Pug Tattoos 219Pug Tattoos 219
Pug Tattoos 220Pug Tattoos 220
Pug Tattoos 221Pug Tattoos 221
Pug Tattoos 222Pug Tattoos 222
Pug Tattoos 223Pug Tattoos 223
Pug Tattoos 224Pug Tattoos 224
Pug Tattoos 225Pug Tattoos 225
Pug Tattoos 226Pug Tattoos 226
Pug Tattoos 227Pug Tattoos 227
Pug Tattoos 228Pug Tattoos 228
Pug Tattoos 229Pug Tattoos 229
Pug Tattoos 230Pug Tattoos 230
Pug Tattoos 231Pug Tattoos 231
Pug Tattoos 232Pug Tattoos 232
Pug Tattoos 233Pug Tattoos 233
Pug Tattoos 237Pug Tattoos 237
Pug Tattoos 238Pug Tattoos 238
Pug Tattoos 239Pug Tattoos 239
Pug Tattoos 240Pug Tattoos 240
Pug Tattoos 242Pug Tattoos 242
Pug Tattoos 244Pug Tattoos 244
Pug Tattoos 245Pug Tattoos 245
Pug Tattoos 246Pug Tattoos 246


A pug tattoo is an adorable way to show your love for your pet. Whether you choose a realistic portrait of your pug or a creative design, a pug tattoo is a cute and meaningful tattoo idea. We hope our photo gallery of the best pug tattoo ideas has inspired and delighted you and helped you choose the perfect pug tattoo. Remember, getting a tattoo is a personal choice, so choose a design that truly represents your love for your pug.

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