190+ Outlaw Tattoo Designs (2024)


Outlaw tattoos have always been a symbol of rebellion and defiance against the norms. Rooted deeply in various cultures across the globe, these tattoos carry both positive and negative connotations. They resonate with the spirit of freedom, non-conformity, and sometimes, the darker side of defiance such as criminal affiliations.

While some outlaw tattoos have connections to criminal gangs, many are worn by individuals as symbols of rebellion, freedom, or personal beliefs, without any criminal affiliations.

Many outlaw tattoos carry positive connotations, such as loyalty, brotherhood, strength, and the celebration of freedom and individualism.

Outlaw Tattoo Ideas

As we said above, While some designs have historical ties to criminal groups, many people choose outlaw tattoos to express personal beliefs or experiences of rebellion and freedom, not criminal affiliations. Here are some ideas that can be tried by anyone:

1. The Classic Revolver: A popular design among outlaw tattoos is the classic revolver or a pair of crossing guns. Symbolizing power and an unwavering spirit, these designs are often detailed and can include specific models significant to the bearer.

2. Outlaw Text Tattoos: Simplicity speaks volumes with text tattoos like “Outlaw” or “Freedom.” The font choice is crucial here, as it can enhance the tattoo’s meaning. These tattoos reflect a straightforward message of rebellion and independence.

3. Biker Portraits: Biker portraits, often featuring skull heads, represent the outlaw nature of bikers. Including elements like the Harley Davidson logo or bandanas can symbolize the rider’s allegiance and freedom-loving spirit.

4. Cowboy Outlaws: The cowboy, the original outlaw, makes for a classic tattoo design. With elements like cowboy hats and guns, these tattoos embody the wild, untamed spirit of the West.

5. Skull Tattoos: Skulls are versatile symbols representing the bearer’s acceptance of mortality and their darker side. These designs can range from simple to more detailed, fitting various placement options.

6. Prison and Gang-Related Symbols: While exploring the internet for criminal tattoos we found out that some designs are specific to gang memberships or prison experiences. These tattoos often carry complex coded meanings known primarily to those within the circle.

7. Cultural Symbols: From the Japanese Yakuza to Russian mob tattoos, cultural symbols rich in history and meaning make for compelling outlaw designs. Each piece tells a story of loyalty, life experiences, and sometimes, redemption.

8. Pirate Imagery: Symbols like ships, skulls with crossbones, and pirate portraits evoke the lawless life of pirates. These tattoos capture the essence of adventure and defiance on the high seas.

9. Native American Warriors: Tattoos depicting Native American warriors or symbols reflect respect for their fighting spirit and connection to the land. These designs can symbolize a struggle against oppression and a deep-rooted connection to one’s heritage.

10. Anarchist Symbols: The circle-A symbol represents the idea of anarchy. It’s a simple design – just a capital letter A inside a circle. But this basic image holds a strong meaning for those who deeply question and resist authority and governmental control over people’s lives.

11. Rebel Icons: Portraits of historical rebels or cultural icons known for their fight against the status quo can be a deeply personal tattoo choice. These tattoos pay homage to the individual’s heroes and inspirations.

12. Abstract Rebellion: Abstract designs that symbolize rebellion or freedom, without directly depicting any one thing, allow for personal expression and interpretation. These tattoos can be deeply symbolic, representing the bearer’s unique path.

13. Freedom Birds: Birds flying free or breaking out of cages symbolize the desire for freedom and escaping confines. This imagery can be both beautiful and deeply meaningful.

14. Flames and Fire: Fire is a powerful element that represents destruction and rebirth. Tattoos featuring flames can symbolize the bearer’s ability to rise anew from the ashes of their past.

15. Mythical Rebels: Characters from myths or legends known for their rebellious deeds, like Prometheus who defied the gods to bring fire to humanity, can inspire simple, impressive, and symbolic tattoo designs.

Outlaw Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Outlaw tattoos have long stood as symbols of rebellion, freedom, and a non-conformist lifestyle. From the depths of criminal gangs to the marks of solitary rebels, these tattoos carry a myriad of meanings and stories, etching the skin with tales of defiance, power, and sometimes redemption. Some popular meanings that people adore are:

1. Rebellion and Defiance: Outlaw tattoos represent a deep rejection of society’s standard ways of thinking and behaving. These tattoos show that the person isn’t interested in following the crowd or conforming to what’s conventionally expected. Instead, they proudly display their rebellious spirit and individualism.

2. Freedom and Autonomy: The symbolism of freedom is paramount in outlaw tattoos, representing the wearer’s unyielding desire for autonomy and self-determination. This theme resonates deeply with individuals who value their independence above all else.

3. Power and Strength: Some outlaw tattoos feature designs of weapons like guns or knives. For the people with these tattoos, the weapons don’t represent actual violence. Instead, they are symbols of inner strength, perseverance, and standing up for one’s values.

4. Brotherhood and Loyalty: For many, outlaw tattoos signify a deep sense of loyalty and brotherhood, often associated with gang membership or a close-knit community of rebels. These tattoos are badges of honor, signifying a lifelong commitment to a cause or group.

5. Criminal Connections: In some contexts, outlaw tattoos serve as indelible marks of a criminal lifestyle, denoting gang affiliations, criminal achievements, and even specific roles within the underworld.

6. Mortality and Acceptance: Skull designs, often intertwined with other outlaw symbols, confront the theme of mortality. These tattoos serve as a stark reminder of life’s impermanence and the wearer’s acceptance of their mortality.

7. Nonconformity and Individualism: Outlaw tattoos can be expressions of personal identity and individualism, standing as visual declarations of the wearer’s refusal to conform to mainstream values and expectations.

8. Protection and Warding Off Evil: Some believe these tattoos offer protection, warding off bad luck or evil spirits. This symbolic meaning is deeply rooted in superstition and the belief in the protective power of symbols.

9. Pride and Honor: Among outlaw communities, tattoos often symbolize pride and honor, representing the wearer’s achievements and status within their circle. These designs are worn with pride, showcasing the wearer’s journey and accomplishments.

10. Suffering and Sacrifice: Some outlaw tattoos show images of suffering or sacrifice. For the person with these tattoos, the images represent the difficult challenges or painful experiences they have gone through in their life.

Consider what aspects of the outlaw spirit resonate with you most. Whether it’s a historical figure, a cultural symbol, or a personal belief, your tattoo should reflect your own story or values. Consulting with a talented tattoo artist can also help bring your vision to life. To help you in making a decision we have curated here a photo gallery of the finest outlaw tattoo designs suitable for all genders:

Cowboy Outlaw Tattoo

Outlaw Tattoo 16Outlaw Tattoo 16
Outlaw Tattoo 17Outlaw Tattoo 17
Outlaw Tattoo 18Outlaw Tattoo 18
Outlaw Tattoo 20Outlaw Tattoo 20
Outlaw Tattoo 21Outlaw Tattoo 21
Outlaw Tattoo 22Outlaw Tattoo 22
Outlaw Tattoo 23Outlaw Tattoo 23
Outlaw Tattoo 24Outlaw Tattoo 24
Outlaw Tattoo 26Outlaw Tattoo 26

Biker Outlaw Tattoo

Also Read Odin Tattoo

Outlaw Tattoo 29Outlaw Tattoo 29
Outlaw Tattoo 30Outlaw Tattoo 30
Outlaw Tattoo 31Outlaw Tattoo 31
Outlaw Tattoo 32Outlaw Tattoo 32
Outlaw Tattoo 33Outlaw Tattoo 33
Outlaw Tattoo 34Outlaw Tattoo 34
Outlaw Tattoo 35Outlaw Tattoo 35
Outlaw Tattoo 36Outlaw Tattoo 36
Outlaw Tattoo 37Outlaw Tattoo 37
Outlaw Tattoo 38Outlaw Tattoo 38
Outlaw Tattoo 39Outlaw Tattoo 39
Outlaw Tattoo 40Outlaw Tattoo 40
Outlaw Tattoo 41Outlaw Tattoo 41
Outlaw Tattoo 42Outlaw Tattoo 42
Outlaw Tattoo 43Outlaw Tattoo 43
Outlaw Tattoo 44Outlaw Tattoo 44
Outlaw Tattoo 45Outlaw Tattoo 45
Outlaw Tattoo 46Outlaw Tattoo 46
Outlaw Tattoo 47Outlaw Tattoo 47
Outlaw Tattoo 48Outlaw Tattoo 48
Outlaw Tattoo 49Outlaw Tattoo 49
Outlaw Tattoo 50Outlaw Tattoo 50
Outlaw Tattoo 51Outlaw Tattoo 51
Outlaw Tattoo 52Outlaw Tattoo 52
Outlaw Tattoo 53Outlaw Tattoo 53
Outlaw Tattoo 54Outlaw Tattoo 54
Outlaw Tattoo 55Outlaw Tattoo 55
Outlaw Tattoo 56Outlaw Tattoo 56
Outlaw Tattoo 57Outlaw Tattoo 57
Outlaw Tattoo 58Outlaw Tattoo 58
Outlaw Tattoo 59Outlaw Tattoo 59
Outlaw Tattoo 60Outlaw Tattoo 60
Outlaw Tattoo 61Outlaw Tattoo 61
Outlaw Tattoo 62Outlaw Tattoo 62
Outlaw Tattoo 63Outlaw Tattoo 63
Outlaw Tattoo 64Outlaw Tattoo 64
Outlaw Tattoo 65Outlaw Tattoo 65
Outlaw Tattoo 66Outlaw Tattoo 66
Outlaw Tattoo 67Outlaw Tattoo 67
Outlaw Tattoo 68Outlaw Tattoo 68
Outlaw Tattoo 69Outlaw Tattoo 69
Outlaw Tattoo 70Outlaw Tattoo 70
Outlaw Tattoo 71Outlaw Tattoo 71
Outlaw Tattoo 72Outlaw Tattoo 72
Outlaw Tattoo 73Outlaw Tattoo 73

Old School Outlaw Symbol Tattoo

Outlaw Tattoo 74Outlaw Tattoo 74
Outlaw Tattoo 75Outlaw Tattoo 75
Outlaw Tattoo 76Outlaw Tattoo 76
Outlaw Tattoo 77Outlaw Tattoo 77
Outlaw Tattoo 78Outlaw Tattoo 78
Outlaw Tattoo 79Outlaw Tattoo 79
Outlaw Tattoo 80Outlaw Tattoo 80
Outlaw Tattoo 81Outlaw Tattoo 81
Outlaw Tattoo 82Outlaw Tattoo 82
Outlaw Tattoo 83Outlaw Tattoo 83
Outlaw Tattoo 84Outlaw Tattoo 84
Outlaw Tattoo 85Outlaw Tattoo 85
Outlaw Tattoo 86Outlaw Tattoo 86
Outlaw Tattoo 87Outlaw Tattoo 87
Outlaw Tattoo 88Outlaw Tattoo 88
Outlaw Tattoo 89Outlaw Tattoo 89
Outlaw Tattoo 90Outlaw Tattoo 90
Outlaw Tattoo 91Outlaw Tattoo 91
Outlaw Tattoo 92Outlaw Tattoo 92
Outlaw Tattoo 93Outlaw Tattoo 93
Outlaw Tattoo 94Outlaw Tattoo 94
Outlaw Tattoo 95Outlaw Tattoo 95
Outlaw Tattoo 96Outlaw Tattoo 96
Outlaw Tattoo 97Outlaw Tattoo 97
Outlaw Tattoo 98Outlaw Tattoo 98
Outlaw Tattoo 99Outlaw Tattoo 99
Outlaw Tattoo 100Outlaw Tattoo 100
Outlaw Tattoo 101Outlaw Tattoo 101
Outlaw Tattoo 102Outlaw Tattoo 102
Outlaw Tattoo 103Outlaw Tattoo 103
Outlaw Tattoo 104Outlaw Tattoo 104
Outlaw Tattoo 105Outlaw Tattoo 105
Outlaw Tattoo 106Outlaw Tattoo 106
Outlaw Tattoo 107Outlaw Tattoo 107
Outlaw Tattoo 108Outlaw Tattoo 108
Outlaw Tattoo 109Outlaw Tattoo 109
Outlaw Tattoo 110Outlaw Tattoo 110
Outlaw Tattoo 111Outlaw Tattoo 111
Outlaw Tattoo 112Outlaw Tattoo 112
Outlaw Tattoo 113Outlaw Tattoo 113
Outlaw Tattoo 114Outlaw Tattoo 114
Outlaw Tattoo 115Outlaw Tattoo 115
Outlaw Tattoo 116Outlaw Tattoo 116
Outlaw Tattoo 117Outlaw Tattoo 117
Outlaw Tattoo 118Outlaw Tattoo 118
Outlaw Tattoo 119Outlaw Tattoo 119
Outlaw Tattoo 120Outlaw Tattoo 120
Outlaw Tattoo 121Outlaw Tattoo 121
Outlaw Tattoo 122Outlaw Tattoo 122
Outlaw Tattoo 123Outlaw Tattoo 123
Outlaw Tattoo 124Outlaw Tattoo 124
Outlaw Tattoo 125Outlaw Tattoo 125
Outlaw Tattoo 126Outlaw Tattoo 126
Outlaw Tattoo 127Outlaw Tattoo 127
Outlaw Tattoo 128Outlaw Tattoo 128
Outlaw Tattoo 129Outlaw Tattoo 129
Outlaw Tattoo 130Outlaw Tattoo 130
Outlaw Tattoo 131Outlaw Tattoo 131
Outlaw Tattoo 132Outlaw Tattoo 132
Outlaw Tattoo 133Outlaw Tattoo 133
Outlaw Tattoo 134Outlaw Tattoo 134
Outlaw Tattoo 135Outlaw Tattoo 135
Outlaw Tattoo 136Outlaw Tattoo 136
Outlaw Tattoo 137Outlaw Tattoo 137
Outlaw Tattoo 138Outlaw Tattoo 138

Rebel Bandana Skull Tattoo

Outlaw Tattoo 139Outlaw Tattoo 139
Outlaw Tattoo 140Outlaw Tattoo 140
Outlaw Tattoo 141Outlaw Tattoo 141
Outlaw Tattoo 142Outlaw Tattoo 142
Outlaw Tattoo 143Outlaw Tattoo 143
Outlaw Tattoo 144Outlaw Tattoo 144
Outlaw Tattoo 145Outlaw Tattoo 145
Outlaw Tattoo 146Outlaw Tattoo 146
Outlaw Tattoo 147Outlaw Tattoo 147
Outlaw Tattoo 148Outlaw Tattoo 148
Outlaw Tattoo 149Outlaw Tattoo 149
Outlaw Tattoo 150Outlaw Tattoo 150
Outlaw Tattoo 151Outlaw Tattoo 151
Outlaw Tattoo 152Outlaw Tattoo 152
Outlaw Tattoo 153Outlaw Tattoo 153
Outlaw Tattoo 154Outlaw Tattoo 154
Outlaw Tattoo 155Outlaw Tattoo 155
Outlaw Tattoo 156Outlaw Tattoo 156
Outlaw Tattoo 157Outlaw Tattoo 157
Outlaw Tattoo 158Outlaw Tattoo 158
Outlaw Tattoo 159Outlaw Tattoo 159
Outlaw Tattoo 160Outlaw Tattoo 160
Outlaw Tattoo 161Outlaw Tattoo 161
Outlaw Tattoo 162Outlaw Tattoo 162
Outlaw Tattoo 163Outlaw Tattoo 163
Outlaw Tattoo 164Outlaw Tattoo 164
Outlaw Tattoo 165Outlaw Tattoo 165
Outlaw Tattoo 166Outlaw Tattoo 166
Outlaw Tattoo 167Outlaw Tattoo 167
Outlaw Tattoo 168Outlaw Tattoo 168
Outlaw Tattoo 169Outlaw Tattoo 169
Outlaw Tattoo 170Outlaw Tattoo 170
Outlaw Tattoo 171Outlaw Tattoo 171
Outlaw Tattoo 172Outlaw Tattoo 172
Outlaw Tattoo 173Outlaw Tattoo 173
Outlaw Tattoo 174Outlaw Tattoo 174
Outlaw Tattoo 175Outlaw Tattoo 175
Outlaw Tattoo 176Outlaw Tattoo 176
Outlaw Tattoo 177Outlaw Tattoo 177
Outlaw Tattoo 178Outlaw Tattoo 178
Outlaw Tattoo 179Outlaw Tattoo 179
Outlaw Tattoo 180Outlaw Tattoo 180
Outlaw Tattoo 181Outlaw Tattoo 181
Outlaw Tattoo 182Outlaw Tattoo 182
Outlaw Tattoo 183Outlaw Tattoo 183
Outlaw Tattoo 184Outlaw Tattoo 184
Outlaw Tattoo 185Outlaw Tattoo 185
Outlaw Tattoo 186Outlaw Tattoo 186
Outlaw Tattoo 187Outlaw Tattoo 187
Outlaw Tattoo 188Outlaw Tattoo 188
Outlaw Tattoo 189Outlaw Tattoo 189
Outlaw Tattoo 190Outlaw Tattoo 190
Outlaw Tattoo 191Outlaw Tattoo 191
Outlaw Tattoo 192Outlaw Tattoo 192
Outlaw Tattoo 193Outlaw Tattoo 193
Outlaw Tattoo 194Outlaw Tattoo 194
Outlaw Tattoo 195Outlaw Tattoo 195


Outlaw tattoos are a bold expression of individuality, defiance, and sometimes, a nod to one’s darker side. From the classic revolver to abstract symbols of rebellion, each design tells a story of resistance, freedom, or a journey through life’s challenges. Whether you’re drawn to the historical significance of cowboy outlaws, the cultural depth of Yakuza tattoos, or the simple power of text tattoos, choosing an outlaw tattoo is a deeply personal decision that speaks volumes about your spirit and story.

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