210+ Bleach Tattoo Designs (2024)


A Bleach tattoo isn’t just some ordinary piece of body art – it’s a declaration of love and appreciation for the incredible journey of Ichigo Kurosaki, the show’s main character, and his fellow Soul Reapers. These tattoos allow fans to permanently etch a symbol, character, or scene from Bleach onto their skin, creating a lasting connection to the series they hold so dear.

For those who have been deeply moved by Bleach, getting a tattoo inspired by the series is a way to carry a piece of that special world with them forever.

Maybe you’d like a tattoo of Ichigo’s iconic sword, a weapon that represents his undying determination and growth as a Soul Reaper. Or perhaps a design featuring Rukia Kuchiki, the Soul Reaper who first introduced Ichigo to this extraordinary world, symbolizing the power of friendship and mentorship.

Bleach Tattoo Ideas

Some people get Bleach tattoos to symbolize their personal growth, just like the characters grow in the series. Others view the tattoos as symbols of protection, with the powerful imagery giving them strength. The ideas listed below will suit both types of fans

1. Ichigo’s Full Hollow Transformation: The design highlights the two sides to Ichigo’s nature – he is part human and part powerful hollow creature. For fans who can relate to Ichigo’s difficult journey and growth as a character, this powerful hollow form has a lot of meaning behind its appearance. It symbolizes Ichigo overcoming his inner battles and embracing his immense power.

2. The Soul Society Emblem: The Soul Society emblem tattoo stands for fairness and doing what’s right. While the symbol may seem small and simple, it holds deep meaning. Getting this tattoo shows you want to live your life with balance and justice as your guide. It represents your promise to stand up for what’s fair and moral, even if that path is difficult at times

3. Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki: Rukia’s elegant zanpakuto, with its beautiful ice motifs, makes for a stunning tattoo. It symbolizes purity, resilience, and the strength found in serenity.

4. Hitsugaya Toushiro’s Dragon: Hitsugaya’s ice dragon, Hyourinmaru, represents power, wisdom, and the fierce protectiveness of youth. It’s a unique design for those who identify with Hitsugaya’s prodigious nature.

5. The Hollow Mask: The Hollow mask, particularly Ichigo’s, symbolizes the inner demons and struggles one battles and overcomes. It’s a potent symbol of personal growth and fighting against one’s darkness.

6. Urahara Kisuke’s Benihime: Urahara’s mysterious and potent zanpakuto, Benihime, is a symbol of intellect, innovation, and the hidden strength within. Its sleek design is perfect for fans who admire Urahara’s cunning.

7. Byakuya’s Senbonzakura: The cherry blossom motifs of Byakuya’s Senbonzakura represent the fleeting nature of life and the beauty in its fragility. This tattoo is a tribute to elegance, duty, and depth of emotion.

8. The Espada Number Tattoos: Representing the rank and power of Aizen’s Espada, these tattoos are for those who resonate with the strength and individual stories of the Espada members. Each number holds its meaning, tied to the character it belongs to.

9. Arrancar Tear: The tear-like markings on the Arrancar characters represent the suffering and hardship they went through in their former lives as Hollows. These markings show they have gone through a big change and left that hollow existence behind. For those who have faced struggles in finding their true self, the Arrancar design holds special meaning.

10. The Visored Logo: Representing the fusion of Soul Reaper and Hollow powers, the Visored logo is for those who embrace their complexities and the strength found in diversity and acceptance.

11. Aizen’s Hogyoku: Symbolizing ambition and the desire for ultimate power, Aizen’s Hogyoku is a tattoo choice for those who are drawn to the complexities of Aizen’s character and the themes of ambition in Bleach.

12. Kon’s Plush Form: For a lighter, more playful tattoo, Kon’s plush form represents the joy in the series and the innocence amidst the chaos. It’s a fun homage to the lighter side of Bleach.

13. The Quincy Cross: The Quincy cross symbol represents a few important things. First, it stands for skill and doing things with great care and exactness. It also connects to the long heritage and traditions passed down through the Quincy family line over many generations. Additionally, the cross symbolizes Quincy’s ongoing struggle to endure and their refusal to give up, even when faced with powerful opponents.

14. Captain’s Haori Number: Choosing the number of a favorite captain’s division is a way to pay tribute to the leadership and virtues of that character. Each division has its ethos, making this a personalized tattoo choice.

15. Zanpakuto Spirits: Selecting a tattoo of your favorite zanpakuto spirit, like Zangetsu or Hyorinmaru, is a deeply personal choice that honors the relationship between the Soul Reaper and their sword, reflecting on the inner dialogue within oneself.

Bleach Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

While the Bleach tattoos started as tributes to a beloved show,  now they have become powerful expressions of identity, resilience, and personal truth. Here are some common meanings people associate with:

Ichigo Kurosaki’s Transformation: Representing personal growth and the overcoming of challenges, tattoos of Ichigo in various forms, especially his Hollow form, symbolize the inner battles one faces and the strength to conquer them.

Soul Reaper Badge: Symbolizing a sense of duty and the responsibility to protect, the Soul Reaper badge tattoo is chosen by those who value honor and commitment, mirroring the protagonists’ vow to safeguard the balance between the human world and the afterlife.

Hollow Masks: Reflecting on one’s inner demons and the duality of human nature, Hollow mask tattoos are a powerful emblem of the struggle between one’s darker inclinations and the pursuit of redemption.

Zanpakutō Swords: Each Zanpakutō, or soul-cutting sword, carries its unique spirit as well as power. Tattoos of these swords represent the wearer’s strength and the traits they share with the Zanpakutō’s spirit.

Espada Members: Espada tattoos, depicting the top-ranked Arrancars, symbolize the acceptance of one’s flaws and the embrace of the strength that comes from acknowledging and confronting one’s past.

Kurosaki Family Crest: Chosen for its representation of heritage and family bonds, the Kurosaki family crest tattoo emphasizes the importance of familial ties and the strength derived from loved ones.

Quincy Cross: Symbolizing precision, intellect, and the rejection of traditional boundaries, the Quincy Cross tattoos are for those who value independence and the pursuit of knowledge.

Shinigami Kimono Patterns: The unique designs of the Shinigami robes, often inked as tattoos, symbolize the wearer’s allegiance to the values of balance, justice, and the cycle of life and death.

Arrancar Number: Representing one’s identity and the acceptance of one’s true self, tattoos of Arrancar numbers are a declaration of owning one’s story and the journey towards self-discovery.

Butterfly of Souls: A recurring motif in Bleach, the butterfly symbolizes transformation and the soul’s journey. Tattoos of this ethereal creature signify change, freedom, and the transient nature of life.

In short, if Bleach has left an indelible mark on your soul, let our photo gallery below inspire you to honor that connection with a tattoo that celebrates the show’s legacy and the special place it holds in your heart.

Bleach Aizen Tattoo

Bleach Tattoo 9Bleach Tattoo 9
Bleach Tattoo 11Bleach Tattoo 11
Bleach Tattoo 12Bleach Tattoo 12
Bleach Tattoo 15Bleach Tattoo 15
Bleach Tattoo 16Bleach Tattoo 16
Bleach Tattoo 17Bleach Tattoo 17
Bleach Tattoo 20Bleach Tattoo 20
Bleach Tattoo 23Bleach Tattoo 23

Bleach Zangetsu Tattoo

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Bleach Tattoo 24Bleach Tattoo 24
Bleach Tattoo 27Bleach Tattoo 27
Bleach Tattoo 28Bleach Tattoo 28
Bleach Tattoo 29Bleach Tattoo 29
Bleach Tattoo 30Bleach Tattoo 30
Bleach Tattoo 31Bleach Tattoo 31
Bleach Tattoo 33Bleach Tattoo 33
Bleach Tattoo 34Bleach Tattoo 34
Bleach Tattoo 37Bleach Tattoo 37
Bleach Tattoo 38Bleach Tattoo 38
Bleach Tattoo 39Bleach Tattoo 39
Bleach Tattoo 40Bleach Tattoo 40
Bleach Tattoo 41Bleach Tattoo 41
Bleach Tattoo 42Bleach Tattoo 42
Bleach Tattoo 43Bleach Tattoo 43
Bleach Tattoo 44Bleach Tattoo 44
Bleach Tattoo 45Bleach Tattoo 45
Bleach Tattoo 46Bleach Tattoo 46
Bleach Tattoo 47Bleach Tattoo 47
Bleach Tattoo 48Bleach Tattoo 48
Bleach Tattoo 49Bleach Tattoo 49
Bleach Tattoo 50Bleach Tattoo 50
Bleach Tattoo 51Bleach Tattoo 51
Bleach Tattoo 52Bleach Tattoo 52
Bleach Tattoo 53Bleach Tattoo 53
Bleach Tattoo 55Bleach Tattoo 55
Bleach Tattoo 56Bleach Tattoo 56
Bleach Tattoo 57Bleach Tattoo 57
Bleach Tattoo 58Bleach Tattoo 58
Bleach Tattoo 59Bleach Tattoo 59
Bleach Tattoo 60Bleach Tattoo 60
Bleach Tattoo 62Bleach Tattoo 62
Bleach Tattoo 63Bleach Tattoo 63
Bleach Tattoo 65Bleach Tattoo 65
Bleach Tattoo 66Bleach Tattoo 66
Bleach Tattoo 67Bleach Tattoo 67
Bleach Tattoo 68Bleach Tattoo 68
Bleach Tattoo 69Bleach Tattoo 69
Bleach Tattoo 70Bleach Tattoo 70
Bleach Tattoo 71Bleach Tattoo 71
Bleach Tattoo 72Bleach Tattoo 72
Bleach Tattoo 74Bleach Tattoo 74
Bleach Tattoo 75Bleach Tattoo 75
Bleach Tattoo 76Bleach Tattoo 76
Bleach Tattoo 77Bleach Tattoo 77
Bleach Tattoo 78Bleach Tattoo 78
Bleach Tattoo 79Bleach Tattoo 79
Bleach Tattoo 81Bleach Tattoo 81
Bleach Tattoo 82Bleach Tattoo 82
Bleach Tattoo 83Bleach Tattoo 83
Bleach Tattoo 84Bleach Tattoo 84

Bleach Ulquiorra Tattoo

Bleach Tattoo 85Bleach Tattoo 85
Bleach Tattoo 86Bleach Tattoo 86
Bleach Tattoo 87Bleach Tattoo 87
Bleach Tattoo 88Bleach Tattoo 88
Bleach Tattoo 92Bleach Tattoo 92
Bleach Tattoo 93Bleach Tattoo 93
Bleach Tattoo 94Bleach Tattoo 94
Bleach Tattoo 95Bleach Tattoo 95
Bleach Tattoo 96Bleach Tattoo 96
Bleach Tattoo 97Bleach Tattoo 97
Bleach Tattoo 98Bleach Tattoo 98
Bleach Tattoo 99Bleach Tattoo 99
Bleach Tattoo 100Bleach Tattoo 100
Bleach Tattoo 101Bleach Tattoo 101
Bleach Tattoo 102Bleach Tattoo 102
Bleach Tattoo 103Bleach Tattoo 103
Bleach Tattoo 105Bleach Tattoo 105
Bleach Tattoo 106Bleach Tattoo 106
Bleach Tattoo 107Bleach Tattoo 107
Bleach Tattoo 108Bleach Tattoo 108
Bleach Tattoo 109Bleach Tattoo 109
Bleach Tattoo 110Bleach Tattoo 110
Bleach Tattoo 111Bleach Tattoo 111
Bleach Tattoo 112Bleach Tattoo 112
Bleach Tattoo 113Bleach Tattoo 113
Bleach Tattoo 114Bleach Tattoo 114
Bleach Tattoo 115Bleach Tattoo 115
Bleach Tattoo 116Bleach Tattoo 116
Bleach Tattoo 117Bleach Tattoo 117
Bleach Tattoo 118Bleach Tattoo 118
Bleach Tattoo 120Bleach Tattoo 120
Bleach Tattoo 121Bleach Tattoo 121
Bleach Tattoo 122Bleach Tattoo 122
Bleach Tattoo 123Bleach Tattoo 123
Bleach Tattoo 124Bleach Tattoo 124
Bleach Tattoo 125Bleach Tattoo 125
Bleach Tattoo 126Bleach Tattoo 126
Bleach Tattoo 127Bleach Tattoo 127
Bleach Tattoo 128Bleach Tattoo 128
Bleach Tattoo 129Bleach Tattoo 129
Bleach Tattoo 130Bleach Tattoo 130
Bleach Tattoo 131Bleach Tattoo 131
Bleach Tattoo 132Bleach Tattoo 132
Bleach Tattoo 133Bleach Tattoo 133
Bleach Tattoo 134Bleach Tattoo 134
Bleach Tattoo 135Bleach Tattoo 135
Bleach Tattoo 137Bleach Tattoo 137
Bleach Tattoo 138Bleach Tattoo 138
Bleach Tattoo 139Bleach Tattoo 139
Bleach Tattoo 140Bleach Tattoo 140
Bleach Tattoo 141Bleach Tattoo 141
Bleach Tattoo 142Bleach Tattoo 142
Bleach Tattoo 143Bleach Tattoo 143
Bleach Tattoo 144Bleach Tattoo 144
Bleach Tattoo 145Bleach Tattoo 145
Bleach Tattoo 146Bleach Tattoo 146
Bleach Tattoo 147Bleach Tattoo 147
Bleach Tattoo 148Bleach Tattoo 148
Bleach Tattoo 149Bleach Tattoo 149
Bleach Tattoo 150Bleach Tattoo 150
Bleach Tattoo 153Bleach Tattoo 153
Bleach Tattoo 154Bleach Tattoo 154
Bleach Tattoo 155Bleach Tattoo 155
Bleach Tattoo 156Bleach Tattoo 156
Bleach Tattoo 157Bleach Tattoo 157
Bleach Tattoo 158Bleach Tattoo 158
Bleach Tattoo 159Bleach Tattoo 159
Bleach Tattoo 160Bleach Tattoo 160
Bleach Tattoo 161Bleach Tattoo 161
Bleach Tattoo 162Bleach Tattoo 162
Bleach Tattoo 163Bleach Tattoo 163
Bleach Tattoo 164Bleach Tattoo 164
Bleach Tattoo 165Bleach Tattoo 165
Bleach Tattoo 166Bleach Tattoo 166
Bleach Tattoo 167Bleach Tattoo 167
Bleach Tattoo 168Bleach Tattoo 168
Bleach Tattoo 169Bleach Tattoo 169
Bleach Tattoo 170Bleach Tattoo 170
Bleach Tattoo 171Bleach Tattoo 171
Bleach Tattoo 172Bleach Tattoo 172
Bleach Tattoo 173Bleach Tattoo 173

Vasto Lorde Tattoo

Bleach Tattoo 174Bleach Tattoo 174
Bleach Tattoo 175Bleach Tattoo 175
Bleach Tattoo 176Bleach Tattoo 176
Bleach Tattoo 177Bleach Tattoo 177
Bleach Tattoo 178Bleach Tattoo 178
Bleach Tattoo 179Bleach Tattoo 179
Bleach Tattoo 180Bleach Tattoo 180
Bleach Tattoo 181Bleach Tattoo 181
Bleach Tattoo 182Bleach Tattoo 182
Bleach Tattoo 183Bleach Tattoo 183
Bleach Tattoo 184Bleach Tattoo 184
Bleach Tattoo 185Bleach Tattoo 185
Bleach Tattoo 186Bleach Tattoo 186
Bleach Tattoo 187Bleach Tattoo 187
Bleach Tattoo 188Bleach Tattoo 188
Bleach Tattoo 189Bleach Tattoo 189
Bleach Tattoo 190Bleach Tattoo 190
Bleach Tattoo 191Bleach Tattoo 191
Bleach Tattoo 192Bleach Tattoo 192
Bleach Tattoo 193Bleach Tattoo 193


In the universe of Bleach, every symbol and character carries layers of meaning. Choosing a tattoo from this fan-favorite anime is not just about fandom; it’s a reflection of the values, struggles, and stories that resonate with you the most. Whether you opt for a bold representation of power or a subtle symbol of inner strength, each Bleach tattoo is a testament to the long-lasting impact of the series on its fans.

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