210+ Itachi Tattoo Designs (2023)


Why pick Itachi tattoos? There is no doubt that Itachi Uchiha is one of the most loved characters in the Naruto series. Born into the esteemed Uchiha clan, he walked a lonely path carrying the hope of his people on his young shoulders even as events turned him against those he loved most.

Forced by circumstance to commit a devastating act against his family, he spared the one person he could not bear to lose – his beloved little brother.

Though branded a villain and traitor, Itachi carried on in isolation and sorrow for the sake of peace. His truth emerged as one of tremendous personal sacrifice, done purely to protect both his homeland and the sibling who came to mean more to him than life itself.

Best Itachi Tattoo Ideas

Through ink and image, Itachi’s story becomes a tribute to the quiet heroes who walk among us, gently nurturing hope and redemption where none was thought to take root. Here are some of our favorite ideas that pay true homage to this great hero:

1. Itachi’s Sharingan Eye: The Sharingan eye, a symbol of the Uchiha clan’s power and curse, is a popular tattoo choice. Itachi’s Sharingan, specifically, represents his deep insight and the burdens he bore.

2. Itachi and the Crows: Crows in “Naruto” are synonymous with Itachi, symbolizing mystery, intelligence, and the unspoken. A tattoo depicting Itachi amidst a murder of crows, possibly in flight or perched ominously, captures his enigmatic and strategic nature.

3. Itachi’s Silhouette with Red Moon: The silhouette of Itachi against a blood-red moon is a haunting image that symbolizes the Uchiha massacre and Itachi’s role in it. This tattoo can be a dramatic and visually striking piece, often placed on the back or shoulder, representing the weight of decisions and the sacrifices made in the name of peace.

4. Young Itachi with Sasuke: Immortalize the bond between the tragic Uchiha brothers with a two-character tattoo showing both Itachi and Sasuke. A striking back piece with younger Sasuke staring up admiringly at his older brother encapsulates their early dynamic.

5. Itachi’s Full Portrait: A realistic portrait tattoo depicting Itachi’s face is a beautiful way to honor one of anime’s most legendary anti-heroes. Focus on details like his clan markings under his eyes, forehead protector, and signature serious expression for an unmistakable likeness.

6. Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan: The Mangekyou Sharingan, a more advanced and lethal form of the Sharingan, represents the depth of Itachi’s sacrifice. A tattoo of this design, often complicated but detailed, symbolizes the loss and power that came with Itachi’s choices.

7. Itachi and Akatsuki Clouds: The menacing red clouds are immediately associated with the Akatsuki criminal ninja organization Itachi joined after slaughtering his clan. Get an Akatsuki cloud background with Itachi shadowed inside for an ominous effect.

8. Itachi Crows: Crows represent Itachi’s spirit summons in Naruto, so incorporating flying crows into your Itachi ink is hugely symbolic. Combine a murder of crows with key Itachi elements like his mange yo sharingan or ANBU tattoo for added depth.

9. Itachi Quote:  Itachi has some of Naruto’s most impactful quotes, so memorialize your favorites, like “You and I are flesh and blood. I’m always going to be there for you, even if it’s only an obstacle for you to overcome.” For bonus points, get it written in Japanese script.

10. Chibi Itachi: For anime tattoo fans with a cuter aesthetic, a chibi version of Itachi’s adorable kid self is sure to delight. His deadly skills and stoic personality rendered in an innocent, super-deformed style inject some fun into your Itachi ink.

11. Itachi’s Final Scene: The final scene where Itachi collapses and reaches out to Sasuke is a powerful moment in the series. A tattoo capturing this scene can be a tribute to redemption, closure, and the end of a tumultuous journey. It’s a design that resonates with those who have found peace after a long struggle.

12. Itachi and Sasuke’s Final Battle: The epic battle between Itachi and Sasuke is a pivotal moment in the series. A tattoo depicting this battle, filled with emotion and intensity, can be a dramatic and impactful design. It represents the climax of their relationship and the inevitable confrontation of their shared past.

13. Itachi’s Raven with Kunai: A tattoo of a raven intertwined with a kunai, representing Itachi’s strategic mind and his association with these birds, can be a symbolic and artistic choice. This design often features the raven in flight, symbolizing freedom and the carrying of secrets, much like Itachi himself.

14. Itachi Hand Signs: Each hand sign in Naruto summons powerful ninja magic, so pick your favorites to eternally replicate Itachi’s jutsu. Bonus points for accuracy in getting the exact hand positions right.

15. Itachi’s Anbu Mask: The years Itachi spent as an Anbu operative were filled with profound duality – obedience toward his village combined with deception toward his clan. Itachi bore the weight of impossible choices, torn between loyalties yet driven by love for his home and desire to prevent war. A tattoo depicting Itachi wearing his Anbu mask, sometimes accompanied by his arm tattoo, captures his hidden inner turmoil and the sacrifices quietly made under a veil of secrecy.

16. Susanoo Ribcage: Instead of a full-body Susanoo, just the signature Uchiha ribcage encasing Itachi’s body or portrait makes for arresting body art. Black and gray shading mimics woodblock prints for a traditional Japanese tattoo style.

17. Minimalist Itachi Logo: If you like understated tattoos, just Itachi’s clan logo or a simple sharingan emblem on your wrist or ankle keeps your body art lowkey but still undeniably Naruto.

Common spots for Itachi tattoo placement include the arm, back, chest, and legs. Each location offers a different canvas for the art, from conspicuous and bold to subtle and intimate.

Itachi tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Brotherhood: Itachi’s devotion to his beloved little brother Sasuke was his main motivation. Itachi tattoos depicting the two brothers memorialize this core fraternal bond and the sacrifices one makes for family.

Duality: Itachi exemplifies the complex duality of good and evil. Anbu soldier by day, clan slayer by darkness, his path was paved with impossible choices. Itachi tattoos represent his moral compass guiding him through the shadows.

Strength: As one of the most gifted shinobi ever produced by the Leaf, tattoos depicting Itachi showcase tremendous inner strength despite emotional fragility.

Loyalty: Itachi maintained secrecy and stayed undercover within Akatsuki to keep Konoha safe, cementing his loyalty. Itachi ink symbolizes fidelity of spirit above all else.

Love: Beneath Itachi’s cold exterior burned a core of deep love – for his brother, his clan, and his home. Itachi tattoos evoke the emotional side concealed under layers of duty and pain.

Loss: Itachi lost everything except honor by committing the ultimate sacrifice for peace. His profound grief reflected in tattoos represents overcoming personal tragedy for a greater cause.

Wisdom: Itachi possessed maturity and foresight beyond his years. Tattoos featuring his contemplative face or poignant lines encapsulate this Buddha-like insight and calm.

Itachi’s iconic tattoos contain layers upon layers of meaning that speak to the human condition itself. They remind us that within each person, no matter how mysterious, exists universal hopes, dreams, demons, and duties. By immortalizing him in ink, Itachi serves as an eternal source of inspiration courage, love, and the very best of the human spirit rising against impossible odds.

Here is our photo gallery that showcases these designs:

Itachi Tattoo 4Itachi Tattoo 4
Itachi Tattoo 5Itachi Tattoo 5

Itachi Tattoo

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Itachi Tattoo 23Itachi Tattoo 23
Itachi Tattoo 24Itachi Tattoo 24
Itachi Tattoo 26Itachi Tattoo 26
Itachi Tattoo 28Itachi Tattoo 28
Itachi Tattoo 33Itachi Tattoo 33
Itachi Tattoo 35Itachi Tattoo 35
Itachi Tattoo 38Itachi Tattoo 38
Itachi Tattoo 40Itachi Tattoo 40
Itachi Tattoo 41Itachi Tattoo 41
Itachi Tattoo 42Itachi Tattoo 42
Itachi Tattoo 43Itachi Tattoo 43
Itachi Tattoo 44Itachi Tattoo 44
Itachi Tattoo 46Itachi Tattoo 46
Itachi Tattoo 47Itachi Tattoo 47
Itachi Tattoo 48Itachi Tattoo 48
Itachi Tattoo 50Itachi Tattoo 50
Itachi Tattoo 51Itachi Tattoo 51
Itachi Tattoo 52Itachi Tattoo 52
Itachi Tattoo 53Itachi Tattoo 53
Itachi Tattoo 54Itachi Tattoo 54
Itachi Tattoo 55Itachi Tattoo 55
Itachi Tattoo 56Itachi Tattoo 56
Itachi Tattoo 58Itachi Tattoo 58
Itachi Tattoo 59Itachi Tattoo 59
Itachi Tattoo 60Itachi Tattoo 60
Itachi Tattoo 61Itachi Tattoo 61
Itachi Tattoo 62Itachi Tattoo 62
Itachi Tattoo 63Itachi Tattoo 63
Itachi Tattoo 64Itachi Tattoo 64
Itachi Tattoo 65Itachi Tattoo 65
Itachi Tattoo 66Itachi Tattoo 66
Itachi Tattoo 67Itachi Tattoo 67
Itachi Tattoo 68Itachi Tattoo 68
Itachi Tattoo 69Itachi Tattoo 69
Itachi Tattoo 70Itachi Tattoo 70
Itachi Tattoo 71Itachi Tattoo 71
Itachi Tattoo 72Itachi Tattoo 72
Itachi Tattoo 73Itachi Tattoo 73
Itachi Tattoo 74Itachi Tattoo 74
Itachi Tattoo 75Itachi Tattoo 75
Itachi Tattoo 76Itachi Tattoo 76
Itachi Tattoo 77Itachi Tattoo 77
Itachi Tattoo 78Itachi Tattoo 78
Itachi Tattoo 79Itachi Tattoo 79
Itachi Tattoo 80Itachi Tattoo 80
Itachi Tattoo 81Itachi Tattoo 81
Itachi Tattoo 82Itachi Tattoo 82
Itachi Tattoo 83Itachi Tattoo 83
Itachi Tattoo 84Itachi Tattoo 84
Itachi Tattoo 85Itachi Tattoo 85
Itachi Tattoo 86Itachi Tattoo 86
Itachi Tattoo 87Itachi Tattoo 87
Itachi Tattoo 88Itachi Tattoo 88
Itachi Tattoo 89Itachi Tattoo 89
Itachi Tattoo 90Itachi Tattoo 90
Itachi Tattoo 91Itachi Tattoo 91
Itachi Tattoo 92Itachi Tattoo 92
Itachi Tattoo 93Itachi Tattoo 93
Itachi Tattoo 94Itachi Tattoo 94
Itachi Tattoo 95Itachi Tattoo 95
Itachi Tattoo 96Itachi Tattoo 96
Itachi Tattoo 97Itachi Tattoo 97
Itachi Tattoo 98Itachi Tattoo 98
Itachi Tattoo 99Itachi Tattoo 99
Itachi Tattoo 100Itachi Tattoo 100

Itachi Sleeve Tattoo

Itachi Tattoo 103Itachi Tattoo 103
Itachi Tattoo 104Itachi Tattoo 104
Itachi Tattoo 105Itachi Tattoo 105
Itachi Tattoo 106Itachi Tattoo 106
Itachi Tattoo 107Itachi Tattoo 107
Itachi Tattoo 108Itachi Tattoo 108
Itachi Tattoo 109Itachi Tattoo 109
Itachi Tattoo 110Itachi Tattoo 110
Itachi Tattoo 111Itachi Tattoo 111
Itachi Tattoo 112Itachi Tattoo 112
Itachi Tattoo 113Itachi Tattoo 113
Itachi Tattoo 114Itachi Tattoo 114
Itachi Tattoo 115Itachi Tattoo 115
Itachi Tattoo 116Itachi Tattoo 116
Itachi Tattoo 117Itachi Tattoo 117
Itachi Tattoo 118Itachi Tattoo 118
Itachi Tattoo 119Itachi Tattoo 119
Itachi Tattoo 120Itachi Tattoo 120
Itachi Tattoo 121Itachi Tattoo 121
Itachi Tattoo 122Itachi Tattoo 122
Itachi Tattoo 123Itachi Tattoo 123
Itachi Tattoo 124Itachi Tattoo 124
Itachi Tattoo 125Itachi Tattoo 125
Itachi Tattoo 126Itachi Tattoo 126
Itachi Tattoo 127Itachi Tattoo 127
Itachi Tattoo 128Itachi Tattoo 128
Itachi Tattoo 129Itachi Tattoo 129
Itachi Tattoo 130Itachi Tattoo 130
Itachi Tattoo 131Itachi Tattoo 131
Itachi Tattoo 132Itachi Tattoo 132
Itachi Tattoo 133Itachi Tattoo 133
Itachi Tattoo 134Itachi Tattoo 134
Itachi Tattoo 135Itachi Tattoo 135
Itachi Tattoo 137Itachi Tattoo 137
Itachi Tattoo 138Itachi Tattoo 138
Itachi Tattoo 140Itachi Tattoo 140
Itachi Tattoo 141Itachi Tattoo 141
Itachi Tattoo 142Itachi Tattoo 142
Itachi Tattoo 143Itachi Tattoo 143
Itachi Tattoo 144Itachi Tattoo 144
Itachi Tattoo 145Itachi Tattoo 145
Itachi Tattoo 146Itachi Tattoo 146
Itachi Tattoo 147Itachi Tattoo 147
Itachi Tattoo 148Itachi Tattoo 148
Itachi Tattoo 149Itachi Tattoo 149
Itachi Tattoo 150Itachi Tattoo 150
Itachi Tattoo 151Itachi Tattoo 151
Itachi Tattoo 152Itachi Tattoo 152
Itachi Tattoo 153Itachi Tattoo 153
Itachi Tattoo 154Itachi Tattoo 154
Itachi Tattoo 155Itachi Tattoo 155
Itachi Tattoo 156Itachi Tattoo 156
Itachi Tattoo 157Itachi Tattoo 157
Itachi Tattoo 158Itachi Tattoo 158
Itachi Tattoo 159Itachi Tattoo 159
Itachi Tattoo 160Itachi Tattoo 160
Itachi Tattoo 161Itachi Tattoo 161
Itachi Tattoo 162Itachi Tattoo 162
Itachi Tattoo 163Itachi Tattoo 163
Itachi Tattoo 164Itachi Tattoo 164
Itachi Tattoo 165Itachi Tattoo 165
Itachi Tattoo 166Itachi Tattoo 166
Itachi Tattoo 167Itachi Tattoo 167
Itachi Tattoo 168Itachi Tattoo 168
Itachi Tattoo 169Itachi Tattoo 169

Itachi Mask Tattoo

Itachi Tattoo 170Itachi Tattoo 170
Itachi Tattoo 171Itachi Tattoo 171
Itachi Tattoo 172Itachi Tattoo 172
Itachi Tattoo 173Itachi Tattoo 173
Itachi Tattoo 174Itachi Tattoo 174
Itachi Tattoo 175Itachi Tattoo 175
Itachi Tattoo 176Itachi Tattoo 176
Itachi Tattoo 177Itachi Tattoo 177
Itachi Tattoo 178Itachi Tattoo 178
Itachi Tattoo 179Itachi Tattoo 179
Itachi Tattoo 180Itachi Tattoo 180
Itachi Tattoo 181Itachi Tattoo 181
Itachi Tattoo 182Itachi Tattoo 182
Itachi Tattoo 183Itachi Tattoo 183
Itachi Tattoo 184Itachi Tattoo 184
Itachi Tattoo 185Itachi Tattoo 185
Itachi Tattoo 186Itachi Tattoo 186
Itachi Tattoo 187Itachi Tattoo 187
Itachi Tattoo 188Itachi Tattoo 188
Itachi Tattoo 189Itachi Tattoo 189
Itachi Tattoo 190Itachi Tattoo 190
Itachi Tattoo 191Itachi Tattoo 191
Itachi Tattoo 192Itachi Tattoo 192
Itachi Tattoo 193Itachi Tattoo 193
Itachi Tattoo 194Itachi Tattoo 194
Itachi Tattoo 195Itachi Tattoo 195
Itachi Tattoo 196Itachi Tattoo 196
Itachi Tattoo 197Itachi Tattoo 197
Itachi Tattoo 198Itachi Tattoo 198
Itachi Tattoo 199Itachi Tattoo 199
Itachi Tattoo 200Itachi Tattoo 200
Itachi Tattoo 201Itachi Tattoo 201
Itachi Tattoo 202Itachi Tattoo 202
Itachi Tattoo 203Itachi Tattoo 203
Itachi Tattoo 204Itachi Tattoo 204
Itachi Tattoo 205Itachi Tattoo 205
Itachi Tattoo 206Itachi Tattoo 206
Itachi Tattoo 207Itachi Tattoo 207
Itachi Tattoo 208Itachi Tattoo 208
Itachi Tattoo 209Itachi Tattoo 209
Itachi Tattoo 210Itachi Tattoo 210
Itachi Tattoo 211Itachi Tattoo 211
Itachi Tattoo 212Itachi Tattoo 212
Itachi Tattoo 213Itachi Tattoo 213
Itachi Tattoo 214Itachi Tattoo 214
Itachi Tattoo 215Itachi Tattoo 215
Itachi Tattoo 216Itachi Tattoo 216
Itachi Tattoo 217Itachi Tattoo 217
Itachi Tattoo 218Itachi Tattoo 218
Itachi Tattoo 219Itachi Tattoo 219
Itachi Tattoo 220Itachi Tattoo 220
Itachi Tattoo 221Itachi Tattoo 221
Itachi Tattoo 222Itachi Tattoo 222
Itachi Tattoo 223Itachi Tattoo 223
Itachi Tattoo 224Itachi Tattoo 224
Itachi Tattoo 225Itachi Tattoo 225
Itachi Tattoo 226Itachi Tattoo 226
Itachi Tattoo 227Itachi Tattoo 227
Itachi Tattoo 228Itachi Tattoo 228
Itachi Tattoo 229Itachi Tattoo 229
Itachi Tattoo 230Itachi Tattoo 230
Itachi Tattoo 231Itachi Tattoo 231
Itachi Tattoo 232Itachi Tattoo 232
Itachi Tattoo 233Itachi Tattoo 233
Itachi Tattoo 234Itachi Tattoo 234
Itachi Tattoo 235Itachi Tattoo 235
Itachi Tattoo 236Itachi Tattoo 236
Itachi Tattoo 237Itachi Tattoo 237
Itachi Tattoo 238Itachi Tattoo 238
Itachi Tattoo 239Itachi Tattoo 239
Itachi Tattoo 240Itachi Tattoo 240
Itachi Tattoo 245Itachi Tattoo 245
Itachi Tattoo 246Itachi Tattoo 246


Itachi tattoos are more than just tributes to a beloved anime character; they are profound expressions of the themes of sacrifice, strength, and complexity. Whether it’s the piercing gaze of the Sharingan or the subtle symbolism of a crow, each design offers a unique way to connect with Itachi’s story. As you consider getting an Itachi tattoo, reflect on what aspect of his journey resonates with you the most.

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