210+ Voodoo Tattoo Designs (2024)


Voodoo tattoos, a blend of art and mysticism, have captivated the hearts of tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. These designs, rooted in the rich heritage of Voodoo culture, are more than mere body art; they are symbols of spirituality, protection, and connection to ancestral spirits.

More than mere decoration, each design tells a unique story rooted in the heritage of African Vodun and its evolution across cultures. From the iconic Voodoo doll to the geometric Veve symbols, these tattoos give permanent expression to faith, transformation, and the human bond with spiritual realms beyond the visible world.

Voodoo Tattoo Ideas

Blending with some aspects of Catholicism and Native American spirituality, rich symbolic traditions took a new shape as “Voodoo” – but retained much ancestral wisdom. Here are some ideas that people loved:

1. The Classic Voodoo Doll Tattoo: The Voodoo doll serves as a quintessential symbol in Voodoo culture, representing control, influence, and spiritual connection. Typically enhanced with complex details and pins, it embodies the belief in the power to effect change, whether for protection or channeling energies.

2. The Veve Symbols: Veve tattoos are huge, geometric designs representing various Loa (spirits) in Voodoo. Each Veve is unique to a specific Loa and serves as a beacon for invoking their presence. These tattoos are not just decorative but are considered powerful spiritual tools.

3. The Serpent: In Voodoo, the serpent is a revered symbol, often associated with Damballah, the sky father and creator of life. A serpent tattoo signifies wisdom, healing, and a deep connection with the spiritual world.

4. The Skull: Skull tattoos in Voodoo culture represent the cycle of life and death, and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. They are often used to honor ancestors and to remind the wearer of the transient nature of life.

5. The Crossroads: A crossroads tattoo symbolizes a place where the physical and spiritual worlds meet. It’s a powerful Voodoo symbol, representing choice, change, and the unknown.

6. Baron Samedi: Baron Samedi is an important spirit in Voodoo beliefs about death. He is often shown in Voodoo tattoos with a top hat and a skull face. Getting a Baron Samedi tattoo represents life and death being in balance. People believe that having this kind of tattoo can protect them.

7. The Heart: A heart tattoo in Voodoo culture can represent love, life, and the center of energy. It’s often depicted with elaborative patterns or combined with other Voodoo symbols to enhance its meaning.

8. The Flame: Flames in Voodoo tattoos symbolize purification, change, and the presence of the Loa. A flame tattoo can represent personal transformation and the burning away of old habits or beliefs.

9. The Ancestral Spirits: Some people get tattoos of spirits who were their ancestors and are now dead. An ancestor is a family member who lived a long time ago, like a great-grandmother or great-grandfather. These special tattoos show respect towards those ancestors who passed away. The tattoos also help the living family members remember and think about those who lived in the past.

10. The Protective Charms: Tattoos of protective symbols, like the Gris-Gris bag or good luck charms, are thought to keep away harm and bring positivity. People who want spiritual safety often choose to get these kinds of designs tattooed. The tattoos are seen as having magical powers, similar to actual charms or amulets that provide defense against evil. They offer a permanent way to feel shielded.

11. The Ritual Drum: Drums are central to Voodoo rituals, and a drum tattoo symbolizes the rhythm of life and the voice of the spirits. It’s a powerful symbol of connection to the spiritual world.

12. The Water Spirit: Water spirits, like La Sirene, are important in Voodoo. A tattoo of a water spirit symbolizes intuition, emotion, and the flow of life.

13. The Tree of Life: The Tree of Life tattoo carries a meaningful, hopeful message. It shows a strong tree with many branches reaching upwards and its roots spreading below. This ancient symbol represents living life deeply connected to your family ancestors and cultural history. It also reflects personal growth, strength to withstand life’s challenges, and being rooted in your identity.

14. The Moon: In the voodoo tradition, the moon holds deep significance as a symbol of womanhood. It represents the magical, intuitive parts of the female psyche as well as the cycles of life. When someone gets a voodoo moon tattoo, they may be acknowledging their fierce feminine power, their link to nature’s rhythms, or their ability to trust inner wisdom.

15. The Warrior Spirit: A warrior spirit tattoo shows a powerful figure, usually an ancestor or folk hero from one’s culture. This design represents inner and outer strength in overcoming life’s difficulties. It reminds the wearer of the protection and courage flowing through their lineage.

Voodoo Tattoo Meanings and Symbolisms

Voodoo tattoos trace their origins to the African Vodun religion, brought to the Americas by slaves. These tattoos are not just artistic expressions but carry deep spiritual meanings. They symbolize protection, connection to the spiritual realm, and a tribute to ancestral spirits. Here are some popular meanings:

1. The Voodoo Doll: Control and Influence – Unlike the frightening stories, voodoo dolls aren’t only used to hurt people. These small figures have a deeper purpose – to heal, protect, and empower. When a voodoo doll becomes a tattoo design, it represents taking charge of your life path. The little doll’s arms reaching out reminds you that the future remains unwritten, for you to guide with focused intention. Its fabric body becomes interwoven with your destiny, under your authority to mend.

2. The Veve: Gateway to the Spiritual Realm – When voodoo practitioners summon a certain Loa’s power, they first draw their Veve to open a door between worlds. Tattooing such an icon on one’s body signifies believing invisible forces can positively shape life’s chaotic ups and downs. To some, it means – I know all things weave together, seen and unseen.

3. Serpent: Wisdom and Healing – The serpent, a revered symbol in Voodoo, is associated with Damballah, the sky father and creator god. It represents wisdom, healing, and a connection to the spiritual world. A serpent tattoo in Voodoo culture can signify transformation, rebirth, and the shedding of past troubles, much like the snake sheds its skin.

4. Skull: The Cycle of Life and Death – In Voodoo, the skull symbolizes the cycle of life and death. It’s a reminder of our mortality and the transient nature of human existence. Skull tattoos in Voodoo culture can also represent reverence for ancestors and the acknowledgment of the thin veil between the living and the spirit world.

5. Crossroads: Choice and Change – The crossroads are a significant symbol in Voodoo, representing a place of choice and change. It’s where the physical and spiritual worlds intersect. A crossroads tattoo symbolizes the critical junctures in life, the decisions that shape our destiny, and the unpredictable nature of fate.

6. Baron Samedi: Balance Between Life and Death – Baron Samedi, the Loa of Death, is often depicted in Voodoo tattoos. He symbolizes the balance between life and death, and his image is believed to offer protection and guidance in the afterlife. A Baron Samedi tattoo can also represent a fearless approach to life and death, acknowledging their inevitability and embracing the cycle of existence.

7. Heart: Love and Vitality – In Voodoo, the heart is not just a symbol of love but also life and vitality. Heart tattoos can represent the center of energy, passion, and the driving force of life. They often incorporate cute but complicated patterns or are combined with other Voodoo symbols to enhance their spiritual significance.

8. Flame: Purification and Transformation – Flames in Voodoo tattoos symbolize purification, change, and the presence of the Loa. A flame tattoo can represent personal transformation, the burning away of old habits or beliefs, and the illumination of the spiritual path.

9. Ancestral Spirits: Honor and Memory – Tattoos depicting ancestral spirits are a way to honor and remember those who have passed. These designs often incorporate elements significant to the ancestors, keeping their memory and legacy alive. They are a testament to the enduring bond between the living and the spirits.

10. Protective Charms: Warding Off Evil – People often get tattoos of protective symbols like the Gris-Gris bag or lucky charms as a permanent spiritual shield. These designs represent how much faith can embolden courage within.  Even seeing the marks during quieter days re-ignites embers of courage, knowing difficulties too shall pass, guided by providence’s caring hand.

Now jump into our photo gallery of the finest voodoo tattoo designs

Dunfermline Voodoo Tattoo

Voodoo Tattoo 1Voodoo Tattoo 1
Voodoo Tattoo 1Voodoo Tattoo 1
Voodoo Tattoo 2Voodoo Tattoo 2
Voodoo Tattoo 3Voodoo Tattoo 3
Voodoo Tattoo 3Voodoo Tattoo 3
Voodoo Tattoo 4Voodoo Tattoo 4
Voodoo Tattoo 4Voodoo Tattoo 4
Voodoo Tattoo 5Voodoo Tattoo 5
Voodoo Tattoo 5Voodoo Tattoo 5
Voodoo Tattoo 6Voodoo Tattoo 6
Voodoo Tattoo 7Voodoo Tattoo 7
Voodoo Tattoo 7Voodoo Tattoo 7
Voodoo Tattoo 8Voodoo Tattoo 8
Voodoo Tattoo 8Voodoo Tattoo 8
Voodoo Tattoo 9Voodoo Tattoo 9
Voodoo Tattoo 9Voodoo Tattoo 9
Voodoo Tattoo 10Voodoo Tattoo 10
Voodoo Tattoo 10Voodoo Tattoo 10
Voodoo Tattoo 11Voodoo Tattoo 11

Voodoo Doll Tattoo

Also Read Spade Tattoo

Voodoo Tattoo 11Voodoo Tattoo 11
Voodoo Tattoo 12Voodoo Tattoo 12
Voodoo Tattoo 12Voodoo Tattoo 12
Voodoo Tattoo 13Voodoo Tattoo 13
Voodoo Tattoo 14Voodoo Tattoo 14
Voodoo Tattoo 15Voodoo Tattoo 15
Voodoo Tattoo 15Voodoo Tattoo 15
Voodoo Tattoo 16Voodoo Tattoo 16
Voodoo Tattoo 17Voodoo Tattoo 17
Voodoo Tattoo 17Voodoo Tattoo 17
Voodoo Tattoo 18Voodoo Tattoo 18
Voodoo Tattoo 18Voodoo Tattoo 18
Voodoo Tattoo 19Voodoo Tattoo 19
Voodoo Tattoo 19Voodoo Tattoo 19
Voodoo Tattoo 20Voodoo Tattoo 20
Voodoo Tattoo 20Voodoo Tattoo 20
Voodoo Tattoo 21Voodoo Tattoo 21
Voodoo Tattoo 22Voodoo Tattoo 22
Voodoo Tattoo 23Voodoo Tattoo 23
Voodoo Tattoo 23Voodoo Tattoo 23
Voodoo Tattoo 25Voodoo Tattoo 25
Voodoo Tattoo 27Voodoo Tattoo 27
Voodoo Tattoo 28Voodoo Tattoo 28
Voodoo Tattoo 29Voodoo Tattoo 29
Voodoo Tattoo 29Voodoo Tattoo 29
Voodoo Tattoo 30Voodoo Tattoo 30
Voodoo Tattoo 31Voodoo Tattoo 31
Voodoo Tattoo 32Voodoo Tattoo 32
Voodoo Tattoo 33Voodoo Tattoo 33
Voodoo Tattoo 34Voodoo Tattoo 34
Voodoo Tattoo 35Voodoo Tattoo 35
Voodoo Tattoo 36Voodoo Tattoo 36
Voodoo Tattoo 37Voodoo Tattoo 37
Voodoo Tattoo 38Voodoo Tattoo 38
Voodoo Tattoo 39Voodoo Tattoo 39
Voodoo Tattoo 40Voodoo Tattoo 40
Voodoo Tattoo 41Voodoo Tattoo 41
Voodoo Tattoo 42Voodoo Tattoo 42
Voodoo Tattoo 43Voodoo Tattoo 43
Voodoo Tattoo 44Voodoo Tattoo 44
Voodoo Tattoo 45Voodoo Tattoo 45
Voodoo Tattoo 46Voodoo Tattoo 46
Voodoo Tattoo 47Voodoo Tattoo 47
Voodoo Tattoo 48Voodoo Tattoo 48
Voodoo Tattoo 49Voodoo Tattoo 49
Voodoo Tattoo 50Voodoo Tattoo 50
Voodoo Tattoo 51Voodoo Tattoo 51
Voodoo Tattoo 52Voodoo Tattoo 52
Voodoo Tattoo 53Voodoo Tattoo 53
Voodoo Tattoo 54Voodoo Tattoo 54
Voodoo Tattoo 55Voodoo Tattoo 55
Voodoo Tattoo 56Voodoo Tattoo 56
Voodoo Tattoo 57Voodoo Tattoo 57
Voodoo Tattoo 58Voodoo Tattoo 58
Voodoo Tattoo 59Voodoo Tattoo 59
Halloween Icon Collection Vector IllustrationHalloween Icon Collection Vector Illustration
Halloween icon collection – vector illustration
Voodoo Tattoo 61Voodoo Tattoo 61
Voodoo Tattoo 63Voodoo Tattoo 63
Voodoo Tattoo 64Voodoo Tattoo 64
Voodoo Tattoo 65Voodoo Tattoo 65
Voodoo Tattoo 66Voodoo Tattoo 66
Voodoo Tattoo 67Voodoo Tattoo 67
Voodoo Tattoo 68Voodoo Tattoo 68
Voodoo Tattoo 69Voodoo Tattoo 69
Voodoo Tattoo 70Voodoo Tattoo 70
Voodoo Tattoo 71Voodoo Tattoo 71
Voodoo Tattoo 72Voodoo Tattoo 72
Voodoo Tattoo 73Voodoo Tattoo 73
Voodoo Tattoo 74Voodoo Tattoo 74
Voodoo Tattoo 75Voodoo Tattoo 75
Voodoo Tattoo 76Voodoo Tattoo 76
Voodoo Tattoo 77Voodoo Tattoo 77
Voodoo Tattoo 78Voodoo Tattoo 78
Voodoo Tattoo 79Voodoo Tattoo 79
Voodoo Tattoo 80Voodoo Tattoo 80
Voodoo Tattoo 81Voodoo Tattoo 81
Voodoo Tattoo 82Voodoo Tattoo 82
Voodoo Tattoo 83Voodoo Tattoo 83
Voodoo Tattoo 84Voodoo Tattoo 84
Voodoo Tattoo 85Voodoo Tattoo 85
Voodoo Tattoo 86Voodoo Tattoo 86
Voodoo Tattoo 87Voodoo Tattoo 87
Voodoo Tattoo 88Voodoo Tattoo 88
Voodoo Tattoo 89Voodoo Tattoo 89
Voodoo Tattoo 90Voodoo Tattoo 90
Voodoo Tattoo 91Voodoo Tattoo 91
Voodoo Tattoo 92Voodoo Tattoo 92
Voodoo Tattoo 93Voodoo Tattoo 93
Voodoo Tattoo 94Voodoo Tattoo 94
Voodoo Tattoo 95Voodoo Tattoo 95
Voodoo Tattoo 96Voodoo Tattoo 96
Voodoo Tattoo 97Voodoo Tattoo 97
Voodoo Tattoo 99Voodoo Tattoo 99
Voodoo Tattoo 100Voodoo Tattoo 100
Voodoo Tattoo 102Voodoo Tattoo 102
Voodoo Tattoo 103Voodoo Tattoo 103
Voodoo Tattoo 104Voodoo Tattoo 104
Voodoo Tattoo 105Voodoo Tattoo 105
Voodoo Tattoo 107Voodoo Tattoo 107
Voodoo Tattoo 109Voodoo Tattoo 109

Marie Laveau Tattoo

Voodoo Tattoo 111Voodoo Tattoo 111
Voodoo Tattoo 113Voodoo Tattoo 113
Voodoo Tattoo 114Voodoo Tattoo 114
Voodoo Tattoo 115Voodoo Tattoo 115
Voodoo Tattoo 116Voodoo Tattoo 116
Voodoo Tattoo 117Voodoo Tattoo 117
Voodoo Tattoo 119Voodoo Tattoo 119
Voodoo Tattoo 120Voodoo Tattoo 120
Voodoo Tattoo 121Voodoo Tattoo 121
Voodoo Tattoo 123Voodoo Tattoo 123
Voodoo Tattoo 124Voodoo Tattoo 124
Voodoo Tattoo 125Voodoo Tattoo 125
Voodoo Tattoo 127Voodoo Tattoo 127
Voodoo Tattoo 128Voodoo Tattoo 128
Voodoo Tattoo 129Voodoo Tattoo 129
Voodoo Tattoo 130Voodoo Tattoo 130
Voodoo Tattoo 131Voodoo Tattoo 131
Voodoo Tattoo 132Voodoo Tattoo 132
Voodoo Tattoo 133Voodoo Tattoo 133
Voodoo Tattoo 134Voodoo Tattoo 134
Voodoo Tattoo 136Voodoo Tattoo 136
Voodoo Tattoo 137Voodoo Tattoo 137
Voodoo Tattoo 138Voodoo Tattoo 138
Voodoo Tattoo 140Voodoo Tattoo 140
Voodoo Tattoo 141Voodoo Tattoo 141
Voodoo Tattoo 143Voodoo Tattoo 143
Voodoo Tattoo 144Voodoo Tattoo 144
Voodoo Tattoo 145Voodoo Tattoo 145
Voodoo Tattoo 146Voodoo Tattoo 146
Voodoo Tattoo 147Voodoo Tattoo 147
Voodoo Tattoo 149Voodoo Tattoo 149
Voodoo Tattoo 150Voodoo Tattoo 150
Voodoo Tattoo 151Voodoo Tattoo 151
Voodoo Tattoo 152Voodoo Tattoo 152
Voodoo Tattoo 153Voodoo Tattoo 153
Voodoo Tattoo 154Voodoo Tattoo 154
Voodoo Tattoo 155Voodoo Tattoo 155
Voodoo Tattoo 158Voodoo Tattoo 158
Voodoo Tattoo 159Voodoo Tattoo 159
Voodoo Tattoo 160Voodoo Tattoo 160
Voodoo Tattoo 162Voodoo Tattoo 162
Voodoo Tattoo 163Voodoo Tattoo 163
Voodoo Tattoo 164Voodoo Tattoo 164
Voodoo Tattoo 165Voodoo Tattoo 165
Voodoo Tattoo 168Voodoo Tattoo 168
Voodoo Tattoo 169Voodoo Tattoo 169
Voodoo Tattoo 170Voodoo Tattoo 170
Voodoo Tattoo 171Voodoo Tattoo 171
Voodoo Tattoo 172Voodoo Tattoo 172
Voodoo Tattoo 173Voodoo Tattoo 173
Voodoo Tattoo 174Voodoo Tattoo 174
Voodoo Tattoo 175Voodoo Tattoo 175
Voodoo Tattoo 176Voodoo Tattoo 176
Voodoo Tattoo 179Voodoo Tattoo 179
Voodoo Tattoo 180Voodoo Tattoo 180
Voodoo Tattoo 181Voodoo Tattoo 181
Voodoo Tattoo 182Voodoo Tattoo 182
Voodoo Tattoo 183Voodoo Tattoo 183
Voodoo Tattoo 184Voodoo Tattoo 184
Voodoo Tattoo 185Voodoo Tattoo 185
Voodoo Tattoo 186Voodoo Tattoo 186
Voodoo Tattoo 187Voodoo Tattoo 187
Voodoo Tattoo 189Voodoo Tattoo 189
Voodoo Tattoo 190Voodoo Tattoo 190
Voodoo Tattoo 197Voodoo Tattoo 197
Voodoo Tattoo 198Voodoo Tattoo 198
Voodoo Tattoo 201Voodoo Tattoo 201
Voodoo Tattoo 202Voodoo Tattoo 202
Voodoo Tattoo 203Voodoo Tattoo 203
Voodoo Tattoo 204Voodoo Tattoo 204
Voodoo Tattoo 205Voodoo Tattoo 205
Voodoo Tattoo 206Voodoo Tattoo 206
Voodoo Tattoo 207Voodoo Tattoo 207
Voodoo Tattoo 209Voodoo Tattoo 209
Voodoo Tattoo 211Voodoo Tattoo 211
Voodoo Tattoo 212Voodoo Tattoo 212
Voodoo Tattoo 213Voodoo Tattoo 213
Voodoo Tattoo 214Voodoo Tattoo 214
Voodoo Tattoo 215Voodoo Tattoo 215
Voodoo Tattoo 216Voodoo Tattoo 216
Voodoo Tattoo 217Voodoo Tattoo 217
Voodoo Tattoo 218Voodoo Tattoo 218
Voodoo Tattoo 219Voodoo Tattoo 219
Voodoo Tattoo 220Voodoo Tattoo 220
Voodoo Tattoo 221Voodoo Tattoo 221

Orleans Voodoo Symbol Tattoo

Voodoo Tattoo 222Voodoo Tattoo 222
Voodoo Tattoo 223Voodoo Tattoo 223
Voodoo Tattoo 224Voodoo Tattoo 224
Voodoo Tattoo 226Voodoo Tattoo 226
Voodoo Tattoo 228Voodoo Tattoo 228
Voodoo Tattoo 229Voodoo Tattoo 229
Voodoo Tattoo 231Voodoo Tattoo 231
Voodoo Tattoo 237Voodoo Tattoo 237
Voodoo Tattoo 238Voodoo Tattoo 238
Voodoo Tattoo 239Voodoo Tattoo 239
Voodoo Tattoo 240Voodoo Tattoo 240
Voodoo Tattoo 241Voodoo Tattoo 241
Voodoo Tattoo 242Voodoo Tattoo 242
Voodoo Tattoo 243Voodoo Tattoo 243
Voodoo Tattoo 244Voodoo Tattoo 244
Voodoo Tattoo 245Voodoo Tattoo 245
Voodoo Tattoo 246Voodoo Tattoo 246
Voodoo Tattoo 247Voodoo Tattoo 247
Voodoo Tattoo 248Voodoo Tattoo 248
Voodoo Tattoo 249Voodoo Tattoo 249
Voodoo Tattoo 250Voodoo Tattoo 250
Voodoo Tattoo 252Voodoo Tattoo 252
Voodoo Tattoo 253Voodoo Tattoo 253
Voodoo Tattoo 254Voodoo Tattoo 254
Voodoo Tattoo 255Voodoo Tattoo 255
Voodoo Tattoo 256Voodoo Tattoo 256


Voodoo tattoos are more than just ink on the skin; they are a profound expression of spirituality, heritage, and personal beliefs. From the classic Voodoo doll to the unique Veve symbols, each design carries a unique meaning and serves as a powerful reminder of the rich Voodoo culture. Whether seeking protection, honoring ancestors, or simply appreciating the art, Voodoo tattoos offer a deep connection to an ancient spiritual practice.

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