250+ Knight Tattoo Designs (2024)


Knight tattoos are very meaningful designs. They represent noble qualities like courage, honor, protection, and perseverance. Though inspired by knights from history and stories, these tattoos allow the person with the design to showcase their own values and life journey.

The knights of medieval times had to be strong warriors who could fight battles and endure tough challenges. Getting a knight tattooed can represent the wearer’s own inner fortitude to powerfully face difficulties without giving up.

Knight Tattoo Ideas

As we said, Knight tattoos symbolize virtues and ideals that transcend gender, making them a powerful choice for anyone. Here are our favorite ideas:

1. The Classic Knight in Shining Armor: A testament to bravery and chivalry, this tattoo design often features a knight clad in detailed armor, ready for battle. This image resonates with those who see themselves as protectors and warriors in their own life’s battles.

2. Knights Templar: Symbols of faith and service, Knights Templar tattoos often incorporate crosses and medieval imagery, reflecting a deep sense of loyalty and duty.

3. The Knight and Dragon: Representing the eternal battle between good and evil, knight versus dragon tattoos are rich in symbolism and drama. These designs can symbolize personal struggles or the overcoming of challenges.

4. Medieval Battle Scenes: For those fascinated by history, tattoos depicting knights in epic battles can be a powerful representation of courage and heroism.

5. The Lone Knight: A solitary knight on horseback not only showcases the beauty of medieval knight aesthetics but also symbolizes independence, solitude, and the journey of the lone warrior.

6. Knight Helmets: Knight helmet tattoos represent ideas like safety, power, and mystery. Some look very realistic, while others have a more stylized design. These tattoos can symbolize the wearer’s desire for protection from harm or their inner strength and courage.

7. The Sword and Shield: Symbolic of defense and valor, sword and shield tattoos can be personalized with family crests, symbols, or inscriptions to add a personal touch.

8. St. George the Dragon Slayer: St. George’s tattoos show a brave knight fighting and beating a dragon. These tattoos stand for winning against hard times and problems in life. The picture reminds us that humans can face troubles with bravery until they succeed. St. George’s tattoos let the person with the tattoo picture their own life struggles as an epic battle. Just like St. George beat the dragon, the tattoo gives hope that the person can get through tough times by never giving up. 

9. The Black Knight: Mysterious and formidable, the Black Knight tattoo represents the darker aspects of knighthood, such as vengeance or the battle against one’s own demons.

10. Knight Chess Piece: Symbolizing strategy, intellect, and the complexity of decision-making, the knight chess piece tattoo appeals to those who value the mind as a weapon.

11. Armor Details: Focusing on the details of medieval armor, these tattoos highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of protection, often symbolizing personal defense mechanisms.

12. Jousting Knights: Capturing the excitement of medieval tournaments, jousting knights are a dynamic tattoo choice that represents competition, honor, and skill.

13. The Grail Knight: The Grail Knight tattoo comes from the famous stories about King Arthur. It stands for the journey to find wisdom, keeping a pure heart, and connecting with the sacred. The knight on this quest represents searching for deeper meaning and truth in life. With this tattoo, the wearer shows they want to grow as a person and get closer to what is truly important, just like the knight sought the holy grail.

14. The Dying Knight: This serious tattoo makes you think about giving things up, death, and battles coming to an end. Though it deals with heavy subjects, the tattoo allows the person wearing it to work through and find purpose in these profound life experiences that shape who we become. It tells a very personal story that holds deep significance for the individual.

15. Knightly Virtues: These tattoos include symbols that represent good knightly qualities like bravery, being humble, and doing what’s right. The symbols act as a reminder to the person with the tattoo about the positive values and goals they believe in.

Knight Tattoos Meanings and Symbolisms

Medieval knights fought for righteous causes and to keep innocent people safe. While inspired by real knights from history, these tattoos take on mythological meanings too. The legend of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table embodies ideas of equality, unity, and noble quests. A Camelot-inspired design can symbolize the wearer’s own sacred journey to find greater wisdom, and purpose and to become their highest self. Here are some meanings that people associate with:

1. Chivalry and Honor: The knight has always been a symbol of chivalry and honor. Inking a knight tattoo signifies a person’s commitment to uphold the virtues of courage, respect, and dignity, much like the knights of old who followed the chivalric code.

2. Protection and Strength: Knights were the protectors of the realm, symbolizing strength and security. A knight tattoo can represent a protective nature, showcasing the bearer’s readiness to defend their loved ones and ideals.

3. Bravery in Battle: Knights are renowned for their bravery in battle. A knight tattoo may symbolize the wearer’s courage to face life’s challenges head-on, embodying the spirit of a warrior ready to fight their battles with valor.

4. Loyalty and Fidelity: Loyalty to the crown and fidelity to the cause were hallmark traits of knights. These tattoos often signify unwavering loyalty and faithfulness to a partner, cause, or personal belief system.

5. Quest for Glory: A knight’s life was full of adventure and striving to accomplish great things. Just as knights pursued glory through brave deeds, the tattoo embodies your pursuit of personal excellence. Every time you see it, the knight reminds you to have courage and persevere as you work towards accomplishing meaningful milestones in your life.

6. Sacrifice and Service: Knights were known for putting others before themselves and dedicating their lives to important causes bigger than just their own interests. A tattoo of a knight can represent the wearer’s own desire to be selfless and helpful to others.

7. Nobility of Spirit: Beyond their martial prowess, knights were symbols of a noble spirit. A knight tattoo can signify the wearer’s aspiration to live a life of virtue, integrity, and honor, striving to embody the noble qualities of the knightly archetype.

8. Guardianship and Vigilance: The knight is a vigilant guardian. Knight tattoos can symbolize a protective stance, representing the wearer’s role as a guardian over those they love or ideals they wish to protect.

9. Medieval Romance and Mythology: Knights are central figures in medieval romance and mythology. Tattoos of knights can evoke the romantic and mystical aspects of the medieval era, celebrating the legends and stories that have captivated the imagination for centuries.

10. Personal Transformation and Growth: The journey of a knight, from a page to a squire to knighthood, symbolizes personal growth and transformation. This tattoo can represent the wearer’s own path of personal development and evolution, marking milestones and achievements along their life’s journey.

Reflect on what aspects of knighthood resonate with you. Consider your personal battles, values, or historical periods of interest. Consult with a tattoo artist to create a design that uniquely represents your vision. You can take inspiration from our photo gallery below:

Medieval Knight Tattoo

Knight Tattoo 225Knight Tattoo 225
Knight Tattoo 226Knight Tattoo 226
Knight Tattoo 227Knight Tattoo 227
Knight Tattoo 228Knight Tattoo 228
Knight Tattoo 229Knight Tattoo 229
Knight Tattoo 230Knight Tattoo 230
Knight Tattoo 231Knight Tattoo 231
Knight Tattoo 232Knight Tattoo 232
Knight Tattoo 233Knight Tattoo 233
Knight Tattoo 234Knight Tattoo 234
Knight Tattoo 235Knight Tattoo 235
Knight Tattoo 236Knight Tattoo 236
Knight Tattoo 237Knight Tattoo 237
Knight Tattoo 238Knight Tattoo 238
Knight Tattoo 239Knight Tattoo 239
Knight Tattoo 240Knight Tattoo 240
Knight Tattoo 241Knight Tattoo 241
Knight Tattoo 242Knight Tattoo 242
Knight Tattoo 245Knight Tattoo 245
Knight Tattoo 246Knight Tattoo 246
Knight Tattoo 248Knight Tattoo 248
Knight Tattoo 249Knight Tattoo 249
Knight Tattoo 250Knight Tattoo 250
Knight Tattoo 251Knight Tattoo 251
Knight Tattoo 252Knight Tattoo 252

Knight Templar Tattoo

Also Read As Above so Below Tattoo

Knight Tattoo 253Knight Tattoo 253
Knight Tattoo 254Knight Tattoo 254
Knight Tattoo 255Knight Tattoo 255
Knight Tattoo 256Knight Tattoo 256
Knight Tattoo 257Knight Tattoo 257
Knight Tattoo 259Knight Tattoo 259
Knight Tattoo 261Knight Tattoo 261
Knight Tattoo 262Knight Tattoo 262
Knight Tattoo 263Knight Tattoo 263
Knight Tattoo 264Knight Tattoo 264
Knight Tattoo 266Knight Tattoo 266
Knight Tattoo 267Knight Tattoo 267
Knight Tattoo 268Knight Tattoo 268
Knight Tattoo 269Knight Tattoo 269
Knight Tattoo 272Knight Tattoo 272
Knight Tattoo 273Knight Tattoo 273
Knight Tattoo 274Knight Tattoo 274
Knight Tattoo 275Knight Tattoo 275
Knight Tattoo 276Knight Tattoo 276
Knight Tattoo 277Knight Tattoo 277
Knight Tattoo 278Knight Tattoo 278
Knight Tattoo 279Knight Tattoo 279
Knight Tattoo 280Knight Tattoo 280
Knight Tattoo 282Knight Tattoo 282
Knight Tattoo 284Knight Tattoo 284
Knight Tattoo 286Knight Tattoo 286
Knight Tattoo 287Knight Tattoo 287
Knight Tattoo 290Knight Tattoo 290
Knight Tattoo 291Knight Tattoo 291
Knight Tattoo 292Knight Tattoo 292
Knight Tattoo 293Knight Tattoo 293
Knight Tattoo 294Knight Tattoo 294
Knight Tattoo 295Knight Tattoo 295
Knight Tattoo 296Knight Tattoo 296
Knight Tattoo 297Knight Tattoo 297
Knight Tattoo 298Knight Tattoo 298
Knight Tattoo 299Knight Tattoo 299
Knight Tattoo 300Knight Tattoo 300
Knight Tattoo 301Knight Tattoo 301
Knight Tattoo 302Knight Tattoo 302
Knight Tattoo 303Knight Tattoo 303
Knight Tattoo 304Knight Tattoo 304
Knight Tattoo 306Knight Tattoo 306
Knight Tattoo 307Knight Tattoo 307
Knight Tattoo 308Knight Tattoo 308
Knight Tattoo 309Knight Tattoo 309
Knight Tattoo 310Knight Tattoo 310
Knight Tattoo 311Knight Tattoo 311
Knight Tattoo 312Knight Tattoo 312
Set Of Medieval Swords, Shields And Design Elements.Set Of Medieval Swords, Shields And Design Elements.
Set of medieval swords, shields and design elements.
Knight Tattoo 314Knight Tattoo 314
Knight Tattoo 315Knight Tattoo 315
Knight Tattoo 316Knight Tattoo 316
Knight Tattoo 317Knight Tattoo 317
Knight Tattoo 319Knight Tattoo 319
Knight Tattoo 320Knight Tattoo 320
Knight Tattoo 321Knight Tattoo 321
Knight Tattoo 322Knight Tattoo 322
Knight Tattoo 323Knight Tattoo 323
Knight Tattoo 324Knight Tattoo 324
Knight Tattoo 326Knight Tattoo 326
Knight Tattoo 327Knight Tattoo 327
Knight Tattoo 328Knight Tattoo 328
Knight Tattoo 329Knight Tattoo 329
Knight Tattoo 330Knight Tattoo 330
Knight Tattoo 331Knight Tattoo 331
Knight Tattoo 332Knight Tattoo 332
Knight Tattoo 333Knight Tattoo 333
Knight Tattoo 334Knight Tattoo 334
Knight Tattoo 335Knight Tattoo 335
Knight Tattoo 336Knight Tattoo 336
Knight Tattoo 337Knight Tattoo 337
Knight Tattoo 338Knight Tattoo 338
Knight Tattoo 339Knight Tattoo 339
Knight Tattoo 340Knight Tattoo 340
Knight Tattoo 341Knight Tattoo 341
Knight Tattoo 342Knight Tattoo 342
Knight Tattoo 343Knight Tattoo 343
Knight Tattoo 344Knight Tattoo 344
Knight Tattoo 345Knight Tattoo 345
Knight Tattoo 346Knight Tattoo 346
Knight Tattoo 347Knight Tattoo 347
Knight Tattoo 348Knight Tattoo 348
Knight Tattoo 349Knight Tattoo 349
Knight Tattoo 350Knight Tattoo 350
Knight Tattoo 353Knight Tattoo 353

Knight Emblem Tattoo

Knight Tattoo 354Knight Tattoo 354
Knight Tattoo 355Knight Tattoo 355
Knight Tattoo 356Knight Tattoo 356
Knight Tattoo 357Knight Tattoo 357
Knight Tattoo 358Knight Tattoo 358
Knight Tattoo 359Knight Tattoo 359
Knight Tattoo 360Knight Tattoo 360
Knight Tattoo 361Knight Tattoo 361
Knight Tattoo 362Knight Tattoo 362
Knight Tattoo 363Knight Tattoo 363
Guardian Angel Tattoos Leg 1Guardian Angel Tattoos Leg 1
Source: @Pinterest
Knight Tattoo 365Knight Tattoo 365
Knight Tattoo 366Knight Tattoo 366
Knight Tattoo 367Knight Tattoo 367
Knight Tattoo 368Knight Tattoo 368
Knight Tattoo 369Knight Tattoo 369
Knight Tattoo 370Knight Tattoo 370
Knight Tattoo 372Knight Tattoo 372
Knight Tattoo 373Knight Tattoo 373
Knight Tattoo 374Knight Tattoo 374
Knight Tattoo 375Knight Tattoo 375
Knight Tattoo 376Knight Tattoo 376
Knight Tattoo 380Knight Tattoo 380
Knight Tattoo 381Knight Tattoo 381
Knight Tattoo 382Knight Tattoo 382
Knight Tattoo 383Knight Tattoo 383
Knight Tattoo 385Knight Tattoo 385
Knight Tattoo 386Knight Tattoo 386
Knight Tattoo 387Knight Tattoo 387
Knight Tattoo 388Knight Tattoo 388
Knight Tattoo 389Knight Tattoo 389
Knight Tattoo 390Knight Tattoo 390
Angel Of Death Tattoo 2Angel Of Death Tattoo 2
Source: @Pinterest
Knight Tattoo 392Knight Tattoo 392
Knight Tattoo 394Knight Tattoo 394
Knight Tattoo 395Knight Tattoo 395
Knight Tattoo 396Knight Tattoo 396
Knight Tattoo 397Knight Tattoo 397
Knight Tattoo 398Knight Tattoo 398
Knight Tattoo 399Knight Tattoo 399
Knight Tattoo 400Knight Tattoo 400
Knight Tattoo 401Knight Tattoo 401
Knight Tattoo 402Knight Tattoo 402
Knight Tattoo 403Knight Tattoo 403
Knight Tattoo 404Knight Tattoo 404
Knight Tattoo 405Knight Tattoo 405
Knight Tattoo 406Knight Tattoo 406
Knight Tattoo 407Knight Tattoo 407
Knight Tattoo 408Knight Tattoo 408
Knight Tattoo 409Knight Tattoo 409
Knight Tattoo 410Knight Tattoo 410
Knight Tattoo 411Knight Tattoo 411
Knight Tattoo 412Knight Tattoo 412
Knight Tattoo 413Knight Tattoo 413
Knight Tattoo 414Knight Tattoo 414
Knight Tattoo 415Knight Tattoo 415
Knight Tattoo 416Knight Tattoo 416
Knight Tattoo 417Knight Tattoo 417
Knight Tattoo 419Knight Tattoo 419
Knight Tattoo 420Knight Tattoo 420
Knight Tattoo 421Knight Tattoo 421
Knight Tattoo 422Knight Tattoo 422
Knight Tattoo 423Knight Tattoo 423
Knight Tattoo 424Knight Tattoo 424
Knight Tattoo 425Knight Tattoo 425
Knight Tattoo 427Knight Tattoo 427
Knight Tattoo 429Knight Tattoo 429
Knight Tattoo 430Knight Tattoo 430
Knight Tattoo 431Knight Tattoo 431
Knight Tattoo 432Knight Tattoo 432
Knight Tattoo 433Knight Tattoo 433
Knight Tattoo 434Knight Tattoo 434
Knight Tattoo 435Knight Tattoo 435
Knight Tattoo 436Knight Tattoo 436
Knight Tattoo 437Knight Tattoo 437
Knight Tattoo 438Knight Tattoo 438
Knight Tattoo 439Knight Tattoo 439
Knight Tattoo 440Knight Tattoo 440
Knight Tattoo 441Knight Tattoo 441
Knight Tattoo 442Knight Tattoo 442
Knight Tattoo 443Knight Tattoo 443

Skull Knight Tattoo Ideas

Knight Tattoo 444Knight Tattoo 444
Knight Tattoo 445Knight Tattoo 445
Knight Tattoo 446Knight Tattoo 446
Knight Tattoo 447Knight Tattoo 447
Knight Tattoo 448Knight Tattoo 448
Knight Tattoo 449Knight Tattoo 449
Knight Tattoo 450Knight Tattoo 450
Knight Tattoo 451Knight Tattoo 451
Knight Tattoo 452Knight Tattoo 452
Knight Tattoo 453Knight Tattoo 453
Knight Tattoo 454Knight Tattoo 454
Knight Tattoo 455Knight Tattoo 455
Knight Tattoo 456Knight Tattoo 456
Knight Tattoo 457Knight Tattoo 457
Knight Tattoo 458Knight Tattoo 458
Knight Tattoo 459Knight Tattoo 459
Knight Tattoo 460Knight Tattoo 460
Knight Tattoo 461Knight Tattoo 461
Knight Tattoo 462Knight Tattoo 462
Knight Tattoo 464Knight Tattoo 464
Knight Tattoo 465Knight Tattoo 465
Knight Tattoo 466Knight Tattoo 466
Knight Tattoo 467Knight Tattoo 467
Knight Tattoo 468Knight Tattoo 468
Knight Tattoo 469Knight Tattoo 469
Knight Tattoo 470Knight Tattoo 470
Knight Tattoo 471Knight Tattoo 471
Knight Tattoo 472Knight Tattoo 472
Knight Tattoo 473Knight Tattoo 473
Knight Tattoo 474Knight Tattoo 474
Knight Tattoo 475Knight Tattoo 475
Knight Tattoo 476Knight Tattoo 476
Knight Tattoo 477Knight Tattoo 477
Knight Tattoo 478Knight Tattoo 478
Knight Tattoo 479Knight Tattoo 479
Knight Tattoo 480Knight Tattoo 480
Knight Tattoo 481Knight Tattoo 481
Knight Tattoo 482Knight Tattoo 482
Knight Tattoo 483Knight Tattoo 483
Knight Tattoo 484Knight Tattoo 484
Knight Tattoo 485Knight Tattoo 485
Knight Tattoo 486Knight Tattoo 486


Knight tattoos are full of meaningful symbols, history, and personal stories. Some people choose them for the noble values knights represented, others for the epic battles they fought, and others for the myths and legends surrounding knights. Each knight tattoo is unique and tells its own special tale. When choosing a knight tattoo design, pick one that feels truly meaningful to you

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