A Celebration of Individuality: Al Capone Cigarillos and the Spirit of Authentic Style


Photography by Jason Goodrich | Wardrobe Styling Darius Baptist | Photo Assistants Ian Rutter , Enice Alpaydin | Location Rex Club Cigar Lounge; Barclay-Rex

This editorial takes inspiration from the storied legacy of Al Capone Cigarillos, a brand with 155 years of history, to present a collection that redefines the standards of menswear. With the renowned tattoo artist and fashion enthusiast Jon Mesa stepping into the spotlight, the feature transforms into a vibrant showcase of individualistic expression and refined daring. This narrative is not just about clothing; it’s a celebration of the “Real. Not Perfect” attitude, championing authenticity in style and personal choice.

The essence of Al Capone Cigarillos’ enduring legacy, embodies a blend of rebellion, elegance, and a work-hard-play-hard ethos. Set against the atmospheric backdrop of NYC’s Barclay Rex Club and enriched by Al Capone Cigarillos’ influence, the shoot embodies the modern interpretation of timeless glamour and sophistication. Jon Mesa, embodying the spirit of authenticity and luxury, bridges the gap between historical richness and contemporary high fashion.

The Rebel Renegade

Haleia Chrome Jacket | Dries Van Noten Lace Shirt | Philipp Plein Fingerless Gloves

The spirit of defiance brings to life the Rebel Renegade look—a homage to those who embrace their unique path. The metallic moto jacket, the ensemble’s focal point, symbolizes modern armor for the individualist, radiating with the boldness of its design. This fashion statement transcends conventions, celebrating the limitless nature of personal style.


The Romantic Utopian

In a soft juxtaposition, this look captures the essence of the Romantic Utopian with monochromatic and textured pieces that paint a dreamlike vision of masculinity. This look honors the nuanced spirit of individualism, treating fashion as a canvas for storytelling, where each garment contributes to a larger narrative of aspiration and beauty.

The Adventurer & Thrill-Seeker

For the man eternally chasing new horizons, the Adventurer & Thrill-Seeker ensemble melds animal prints with striking eyewear to depict the modern voyager. It speaks to the bold, to those who dress as a declaration of their fearless pursuit of life, mirroring the Al Capone Cigarillos philosophy of embracing life with vigor and authenticity.


The Cerebral Analyst

Catou Plaid Vest & Pant | Tom Ford Sunglasses | Jewelry is Artist’s Own

The Cerebral Analyst adds a layer of sophistication to the collection, spotlighting well-tailored vests that herald a resurgence of timeless elegance. This look appeals to the thinker, the planner, reflecting the brand’s ethos of nuanced strategy and the importance of select, impactful choices.

Wardrobe Credits: A Curated Collection

The meticulously curated wardrobe stands as a testament to the detailed attention and discerning eye that bridges the unexpected with the traditional. From the Haleia chrome jacket to the intricate designs of Dries Van Noten, each piece is selected for its visual and narrative strength. The harmony of vintage and contemporary brands underscores the seamless blend of Al Capone Cigarillos’ storied history with the dynamic realm of modern fashion.

Through the lens of Al Capone Cigarillos’ rich heritage and Jon Mesa’s compelling embodiment of each look, transcends conventional fashion boundaries. It illustrates that style, rooted in the brand’s legacy of authenticity and individual expression, continues to inspire the fashion-forward man of today.

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