A Fairy Tale of Triumph: Unleashing the Power Within


By Lena Diamanti

Once upon a time, in a world where perspectives shaped destinies, my own extraordinary journey unfolded. Some called it a fairytale, while others named it a nightmare. It all depended on the lens through which life’s challenges were viewed. Today, I stand before you as Lena Diamanti, a woman who has conquered obstacles, defied societal norms and embraced the vibrant world of tattoo artistry. From a small town in Greece to the bustling streets of New York City that I’m now fortunate enough to call my home, this is my story. 

Picture this: I found myself as one of the chosen participants in an exceptional campaign called “Wonder Woman” by FK Iron, which celebrated the relentless drive and unwavering work ethic of women. Through this experience, I had the privilege of connecting with other accomplished women in the field and listening to their unique stories. Inspired by their courage, I am compelled to share my own journey and shed light on the beginnings I encountered as a woman in this industry. 

My artistic path was an unexpected one, for I never dreamt of immersing myself in the realm of art. Coming from a financially struggling family, I undertook various jobs just to make ends meet—from waitressing to being a barista to working as a cleaner. Life was a constant balancing act, juggling multiple jobs to survive. Perhaps some of you can relate to the feeling of relentlessly striving for a better future. However, I want to emphasize that what may appear as a disadvantage can actually become a superpower in one’s life. 

It all started six years before the tattoo revolution took hold. In that period, I stumbled upon my lifelong companion who would eventually become my mentor. Why is this part of my story so significant? Because what if I told you that someone without any prior knowledge of tattooing taught me the art itself? 

One day in a casual conversation over coffee I shared with my husband a discussion that I had with a school friend after she had gotten her first tattoo years ago..  I remember her saying, “Since you draw so beautifully you should try this too!” Initially, I dismissed her suggestion with a spontaneous reply, “That’s not for me.” 

However, it was my husband who challenged my response by asking, “Why not?” 

Little did I know that this seemingly small decision would shape the course of my life forever. 

The very next day, I took my first steps. A close friend of my husband had opened his own tattoo studio and accepted me to take my first steps into this unfamiliar world of tattooing. Yet, the road ahead was far from easy. It wasn’t long before I found myself with more questions than answers. It was during these moments of frustration that my husband,  George, became my steadfast anchor. Refusing to let me give up, he went above and beyond to support my dreams, our dreams. In an era when information about tattoos was scarce, and artists were reluctant to share their knowledge, George devoted himself to tireless online research. He delved into the depths of the internet, seeking valuable insights  and tirelessly translating them into our native language. Together, we embarked on an extraordinary collaborative journey, each filling the gaps in the other’s knowledge. That’s how it all began. The man who knew nothing about tattoos became my guide, teaching me everything about this beautiful art form. 

However, the path to success was not without its share of obstacles. Eight months later, I received my first collaboration offer from a tattoo shop, which unfortunately didn’t turn out as I had envisioned. In 2015, the notion of having a dedicated team comprising a social media manager, videographer, or photographer was still foreign in the tattoo industry. Consequently, many shops across Europe dismissively rejected us because I had my manager with me. Because George will take photos after I finish, I found it disheartening to experience rejection and non-acceptance for being different, for working differently, for deviating from their standards of what an artist, a professional and a woman  should be. But I refused to let it break my spirit. Instead, the negativity fueled our determination to prove our worth.

While my personal experience may not mirror the demotion and oppression faced by many women before me and  especially 25 years ago, it echoes the struggles they endured. In an industry primarily dominated by men, their journey was arduous and filled with resistance. They fought against a different era’s mindset and a society entrenched in archaic  beliefs. Their battles paved the way for women like me, who now stand tall on their shoulders. 

My words hold significance not just for my own story, but for the collective worth of all women and the resilience of people who have the courage of being different. The first, fifth, seventh and tenth tattoo shops that rejected us had their own set of standards, preferences and biases against embracing our collaboration between my husband and me. However, fast forward to today, I am honored to collaborate with some of the most prestigious tattoo studios in America. Invitations from across the globe pour in, recognizing our unwavering dedication and love to the art. 

As I share my journey, my deepest wish for each of you is to pen your own fairy tale, one that culminates in a happy ending. Just as fortune smiled upon me and led me to my prince, I implore you to discover the person, the willpower and the strength to persevere where others surrender. In doing so, you will craft a narrative that transcends boundaries, defies  expectations and resonates with unwavering passion. 

In conclusion, my journey as an artist exemplifies the indomitable spirit that resides within every individual, waiting to be unleashed. It is a story of resilience, as I transformed disadvantages into strengths and shattered societal norms. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, as my husband became my guide and partner in this artistic endeavor. Most importantly, it is a call to action for all women, urging them to embrace their uniqueness and strive for greatness in an industry that may initially seem daunting. 

Remember, your dreams are within reach, waiting for you to seize them. So, embark on your own extraordinary journey,  face the challenges head-on, and let your unwavering determination guide you towards a future filled with boundless possibilities. Together, we can redefine norms, inspire others, and create a world where dreams know no boundaries. Let your story be a beacon of hope and motivation, proving that with resilience and unwavering passion, success is not just a fairytale ending—it is an attainable reality.

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