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As a professional water sports athlete, I have traveled to my fair share of destinations. Here’s a handful of my favorites you should definitely check out!

Cabarete, Dominican Republic 

Cabarete is a small beach town with kiteboarding and surfing lessons on every block. When you look out to the water, all you see is kites and athletes chasing the wind. You can grab a moto (motorcycle taxi) to get anywhere your heart desires as well as eat fresh fish and coconuts on the beach.

Tulum, Mexico

Everyone knows about Tulum nowadays as every single influencer has been there. But what most don’t know is that it’s also a huge kiteboarding spot. You can go to Papaya Playa and get lessons or rent gear before riding along the famous beach bars filled with lanterns. There is also a group that meets to ride electric hydrofoil surfboards. I love Tulum because of its beautiful location and the wooden lanterns that drape the trees and light the night, but you can also enjoy sports while there. Who doesn’t love Mexico?

Hood River, Oregon 

Hood River is an amazing destination for kiteboarding. The river is full of kites every summer, you can snowboard and downhill mountain bike there as well. The scenery is out of a movie with rolling green mountains surrounding you.

San Pancho, Mexico

San Pancho is a hidden surf town near Puerto Vallarta. You have to drive about two hours to get there. The beach is lined with mountains, there are surf rental shacks along the beach, everyone drives golf carts and you can also ride horses on the beach at full speed! Not to mention every dog in that town has a collar on, is well-fed and happy. The vibes are immaculate in San Pancho.

La Ventana, Mexico

La Ventana means “the window.” The wind is constantly blowing in this coastal fishing town. There are no real grocery stores or banks. Everyone drives ATVs to get around. The cattle are free range so you have to have your own cattle gate to keep them out of your yard since they roam the entire town. There are fun locals and little casitas and bars all along the coast. When you get to La Ventana you drive through cactus-filled mountains down to the coast, and at the shore all you see is a giant island across from you that is also a mountain. Everyone does water sports, drinks tequila and eats tacos.

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