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National camping month is upon us, so now’s the time to finally plan that camping trip you’ve been daydreaming about. What could be better than disconnecting from technology and fending for yourself in the great outdoors? I mean, maybe staying at home in a nice cozy bed… but let’s not think about that right now!

It’s a little ironic that I’m writing this, because I’ve actually never been camping in my life. Several people in my life are big campers, though, and love taking the opportunity to go off the grid and let their survival instincts take over. I’m sure there is a thrill to it, as someone who often fantasizes about living life outside of the shackles of society. But I’ve also heard too many camping horror stories that hold me back from venturing out. I’ll never forget one time in particular where my friend went camping with his buddies, and one of them forgot to bring a sleeping bag, so two people had to sleep together in one. Not to mention, they didn’t prepare for how insanely cold it was going to be at night, so none of them even got any sleep.

I’m sure most seasoned campers have more foresight than the clowns I just described, though. And I’m also sure that the memories made from camping usually outweigh the inconveniences. Nothing quite compares to bonding over pitching a tent or the meaningful conversations that emerge around a cozy fire. I guess the main thing that really holds me back are the bugs. I just can’t do it, I’d be up all night thinking something was crawling on me or that I was about to swallow an eight-legged creature. When it comes to camping, the most you could catch me doing is replicating the SpongeBob episode where he and Patrick camp outside of their house, soaking in the embrace of nature while also being within a 30-foot radius of amenities whenever needed. That sounds more up my alley.

For all the outdoors-y types who’d like to show the world they’re much more daring than I, look no further than this fine assortment of tattoos all about the joys of camping. If you’re truly as adventurous as you say, then getting some ink to prove it should be nothing. Just don’t go camping right after getting the tattoo—dealing with an infection in the middle of the woods would be a real nightmare.




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