Al Capone Cigarillos: Embodying Authenticity and Craftsmanship


From its inception in Miramar, Florida, Al Capone, a subsidiary of Dannemann a 155-year-old tobacco company, has carved a niche in the global tobacco industry.

“Al Capone brand is part of our rich heritage in tobacco. As the second-largest manufacturer of cigarillos globally, we operate in over 40 countries. What sets us apart is our fully vertically integrated process, from growing our own wrapper tobaccos to making and distributing our cigarillos.” This complete control over the production process allows for consistency and quality that’s unparalleled in the industry.


Emphasizing sustainability, Al Capone Cigarillos adopts practices that are gentle on the environment. “In Brazil, where we grow our tobacco, about 20 to 30% of our land is harvested at a time.” In addition to the greatness behind Al Capone’s sustainability, they have an adopt a tree program, which allows their customers to plant a tree. This keeps the land around them right in nutrients and keeps the balance for perfect growth. All this aligns with the mixture of love, care, and everything that the world needs.

With a philosophy of “Real, not perfect,” Al Capone brand essence resonates with the individualistic spirit of Inked Magazine’s audience. “Just like every natural leaf is different from the next, we encourage our adult consumers to be themselves, outgoing, and distinct from the norm. Our brand stands for adults who are their own selves, who are not trying to fit in.”

The journey from seed to smoke is a labor of love, involving over 235 quality checks. “Every cigarillo is hand-rolled with a natural leaf wrapper, ensuring the most premium quality in the cigarillo category. We produce our cigarillos with care, from selecting the best seedlings to the meticulous hand-rolling process by our 220 rolleros.”


Al Capone Cigarillos offers a range of flavors, including cognac and rum, catering to a mature palate. “Our cigarillos are the most premium quality cigarillos in the category. We have an premium blend on the inside, a binder to keep the blend together, and an all-natural leaf wrapper that is hand-rolled.”

The brand’s commitment to authenticity extends to its environmental stewardship and its relationship with consumers. “We see our brand as part of an everyday lifestyle for our adult smokers, elevating their real timeless moments and experiences.”

Al Capone Cigarillos and Inked Magazine together weave a narrative that celebrates realness, individuality, and the beauty of embracing one’s true self. “We want people to be genuine to who they are and what they stand for. That’s the essence of our brand, and it aligns perfectly with Inked Magazine’s celebration of individualism.”

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