Amazing Alternative Tattooed Model – Airica Michelle


Meet beautiful Airica Michelle – a tattooed, alternative model from California.

In fact, Airica is a successful professional model, but she’s also so much more. She is also majoring in Psychology, and her plans for the future include attending grad school for Human Factors Psychology. Probably that’s why Airica describes herself as a “model in disguise”.

Airica Michelle is a Model in Disguise

Born and raised in Orange County, California, her modeling career had a push start as she was promoting herself through various online outlets. At the same time, she was also bartending and of course attending school. Seems like she views her modeling as an outlet for creative expression, and we can agree that she has a rather natural knack for it.

Her start in modeling was through model mayhem dot com website. Most of all, she was fortunate enough to have a talented photographer help her out with their first pro photo shoot. In fact, her photographer was surprised that it is her first shoot. She already knew what a model should to do, how to pose, etc.

Push Start

Did we also say that things escalated pretty quick for Airica? As a result, she landed a deal and modeled for Hot Topic and Pinky Taylor of Lost in the first month as a model. She considers being on the cover of OC Weekly and Tattoo Society as her modeling career highlights by far.

Bright Hair Colours and Tattoos

As you can see yourself, part of Airica’s charm is her alternative style and, of course, her amazing tattoos. She got her first tattoo at 18. As with her career as a model, things happened pretty fast after that. She never went for the heavily tattooed vision in the beginning, but the more ink she got, the more she wanted. Airica says she loved her tattooed skin so much, that she had to continue collecting.

Favourite Tattoo Styles and Artists

Airica’s preferred tattoo styles are traditional and neo-traditional and her favorite artists are Mando Rascon and Jim Sylvia. Most of all, one of the most striking things about Airica Michelle is her lovely long hair in bright colours. Seems like she changes it every 2-4 months.

Besides being a stunner, Airica is aiming a career as a social worker and therapist. She has graduated with BA in psychology and is also currently in grad school for her Masters.

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