Amazing Bird Tattoos and Their Meanings


Bird tattoos are extremely popular, why? Well, simply because birds are astonishing animals, charming everyone with their delicate beauty and vivid colors.

But what’s most interesting about birds is that they bare meaningful symbolism. Birds have always inspired people with their free and joyful nature.

Now, there are so many species of birds, so how do you choose which one to put on your skin? Some people lean towards impressive looks, others prefer a more personal approach to tattoos. What kind of person you are will define what will be the perfect bird tattoo for you.

But let’s start with the style. What’s your favorite tattoo style? Perhaps you like watercolor tattoos, with saturated colors, blending into each other? Or you like firm and raw sketchy tattoos with chaotic and vivid lines? Finally, you might be a fan of traditional tattoo masterpieces in soft earth color and bold outlines.

Bird tattoos have won their right to appear in every tattoo style. Let’s find out which birds are most popular for tattoos and what is their meaning.

Hummingbird and sparrow tattoos.

The hummingbird is known as the Lovebird and it represents love, energy, and passion. Hummingbird tattoos are more romantic, bright colored and good for extroverts. Same as the hummingbird the sparrow is a romantic symbol of care and protection.

Owl, eagle and hawk tattoos.

The birds of prey are an everlasting theme of amazing tattoos. You can guess they represent strength and power, but also intuition, wisdom, and superiority. They are strong animals, used as talismans in many ancient cultures and tribes.

Raven tattoos

The raven’s meaning is contradictory, it is usually linked with death, bad news or witchcraft. But on the other hand ravens are seen as intelligent birds with the ability to foresee the future.

Dove tattoo

Finally, the dove is a universal symbol of peace, renewal, and beauty. Doves are gentle and friendly animals, bringing positive meanings, especially the white dove. The white dove means miracle and innocence.

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