An Interview with Jean Suarez – Tattoo Artist from Spain


Jean Suarez Tattoo ArtistJean Suarez Tattoo Artist

We have been doing a lot of tattoo artists’ interview posts. Recently we got the chance to talk with Jean Suarez, who is a popular tattoo artist from Spain.

Who is Jean Suarez?

Jean Suarez is widely acknowledged as an exceptionally skilled and versatile tattoo artist, renowned for his innovative work in Black & Grey Realism, particularly in depicting animal figures and portraits. He is considered one of the foremost creatives in the global tattooing community.

Jean’s reputation extends internationally, with prestigious tattoo shops around the world eagerly hosting him as a guest artist. These establishments, such as Studio 13 Tattoo and Mito Tattoo in Medellin, Colombia, La Barberia in Panama, Three Tigers and Walk the Line in Spain, and Inklabs in Germany, are highly selective in their invitations, recognizing the value that exceptional artists like Jean bring to their establishments. His presence not only elevates their standing within the industry but also attracts new clientele, thereby bolstering their revenue and popularity.

Additionally, Jean has garnered acclaim at esteemed tattoo conventions, such as securing the second position in the “Shadows” category at the 8th Expotatuaje de Medellin in 2017. Such recognition at renowned events underscores his talent and skills, in his career.

Jean is sponsored by leading tattoo brands including FK Irons, Emalla, and Allegory Tattoo Ink, a testament to his standing in the industry. FK Irons, in particular, is the leading brand for tattoo machines, recognized on an international level. Jean Suarez has leveraged his visibility and reputation in the tattoo community to become FK Irons lead ambassador at tattoo conventions and other initiatives. Securing sponsorship from these popular brands is a noteworthy milestone for Jean, as it enhances his influence within the field and further solidifies his international position as a top-tier artist in the industry.

As ultimate recognition of his outstanding career, Jean will be soon joining the team at Noble Art New York, led by Matias Noble, one of the most influential tattoo artists worldwide.

Let’s start with the interview questions and see the responses from Jean.

1. What inspired you to become a tattoo artist and when did you start your career?

My career as a tattoo artist began approximately in 2012 after having studied and graduated as an illustrator, in addition to dedicating myself to making murals and graffiti, always surrounded by art. I started empirically by practicing on different surfaces, then tattooing friends, acquaintances, etc. Until I dedicated myself to this professionally, working in different studios to this day.

2. What is your favorite client’s tattoo, what was the story behind it and how long did it take?

It is difficult to decide since there are several favorite tattoos and compositions, there are also many stories, although some that I can highlight would be portraits of pets and people’s loved ones, which is satisfying.

3. What do you do in your free time when you’re not tattooing people?

Today, I dedicate my time and my days to my work as a tattoo artist, since for me, in addition to being my job, it is what I am passionate about. But when I have a free day, I like, in addition to sharing with my family, to take some time to create designs that inspire me and motivate me to continue evolving in this world.

4. Why do you think people get a tattoo, even though it is a painful process?

I think that a tattoo, for many people, is something that could represent something in their lives, that behind each tattoo there may be a meaning or a story. That’s why, despite being a little painful, it is worth it for many, and they can enjoy it for a lifetime.

5. Who is your favorite tattoo artist?

I could say that focusing on the style that I do, I have many references from tattoo artists that inspire me. But if I have to say a name it could be: Eric Marcinizyn.

6. What are the different styles of tattoos you do?

Currently, for a long time, I have specialized only in black and gray realism.

Jean TattoosJean Tattoos

7. Where do you see the future of tattoos?

The tattoo has gone from generation to generation, year after year. It is an art that has always been present and evolving every day. And that’s how I see it, in constant innovation, every day with more artists with different styles and also more people who wear them on their bodies.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I could say that I see myself teaching other people to grow in this world and share my learning. Always growing and learning myself and sharing with different colleagues and studios around the world.

9. Share your social handles and how to communicate about getting a tattoo.

I currently have my Instagram: @onesuarez. You can reach out and message me to get a tattoo.


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