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Rome is a magical place. You can gain months of artistic inspiration by simply walking down the street. Andrea Fiorenza, a black-and-grey specialist who calls the Eternal City home, finds inspiration every time he leaves his home. We had a chance to speak with Fiorenza about how he became a tattoo artist, his love of portraiture and much more.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about who you are? 

Hello, I’m Andrea Fiorenza, a tattoo artist with over 10 years of experience hailing from Rome, the Eternal City. My passions revolve around the world of tattoos and painting. Additionally, I love traveling, riding motorcycles and bicycles, immersing myself in nature and challenging myself through sports. I am an active and determined individual, always seeking new challenges and striving to improve my artistic skills.

When did you first become interested in art? 

From a young age, I’ve nurtured a deep interest in art. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the power of creative expression and started cultivating my passion through drawing and painting.

What made you want to become a tattooer?

The decision to become a tattoo artist arose from a combination of factors. I felt compelled to put myself to the test, surpass my limits, and harness my passion to create lasting works of art on people’s skin. Tattooing offered a unique way to merge my creativity with the opportunity to leave a significant impact on the lives of others.

How did you start tattooing? Did you have an apprenticeship? 

I began my journey into tattooing thanks to the support and encouragement of friends who recognized my talent and urged me to follow this path. I undertook an apprenticeship at a small studio on the outskirts of Rome, dedicating endless hours to studying, drawing and practicing. Through self-discipline and determination, I developed my skills and honed my style.

How did you come to find your current style? What drew you to black-and-grey realism? 

My current style is the result of continuous research and experimentation. Over the years, I’ve found my passion in realism, focusing on shadows and lights that bring depth and realism to my tattoos. The choice of black-and-grey has been influenced by my admiration for the timeless elegance this technique offers.

What is the most difficult aspect of working in black-and-grey?

The most challenging aspect of working in black-and-grey is managing shades and contrasts to create a three-dimensional image on the skin. It requires patience, precision and a keen eye to achieve the desired result.

You used to do color realism, why have you moved away from it? Do you think you’ll ever go back to doing color?

While I have worked in color realism in the past, I have gradually shifted my focus to black-and-grey. However, I do not rule out returning to experimenting with color if a particular project inspires me.

What are some tattoo motifs you’ll never get sick of doing? 

I will never tire of creating portraits because they offer me the opportunity to capture the essence and individuality of a person. I also adore classic subjects, such as Greco-Roman statues, because they carry a history and profound meaning.

What are some motifs you wish you never had to tattoo again? 

There isn’t a specific thing I would avoid tattooing, but I prefer working on subjects that inspire me and allow me to express my creativity authentically. To find references, all it takes is a walk through the center of Rome, with its museums and churches, where I can admire everything left to us by the great masters of art.

Where do you see your art going in the future? Do you work in any mediums other than tattooing?

Regarding the future, I see my art continuing to grow and evolve. I would love to explore new techniques, experiment with different artistic mediums, and continue to improve my skills in painting and drawing. Currently, my main focus is on tattooing, but I am open to new artistic opportunities that may arise along my journey.

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a tattoo artist? 

If I were not a tattoo artist, I could imagine myself involved in another form of artistic expression, such as canvas painting or sculpture. I am fascinated by the possibility of shaping materials to create artworks that can convey deep emotions and connect with the audience.

Who are some of your biggest artistic inspirations? 

My artistic inspirations are diverse. I admire both experienced tattoo artists who have elevated the art of tattooing to extraordinary levels, like Thomas Carli, and classical art masters like Caravaggio. I am also inspired by the beauty of nature and contemporary artists who challenge the boundaries of art and bring innovation to the artistic world.

You’re part of the Pro Team of Hustle Butter and FYT? What is it like to achieve such industry recognition?

It’s an honor and a great satisfaction to be recognized in the tattoo industry. Working with these prestigious companies has allowed me to grow as an artist and collaborate with talented professionals. It’s a gratifying experience to know that my work is appreciated, and I have the opportunity to contribute to significant projects and initiatives in the tattoo world.

You’ve won some pretty important industry awards. What were some highlights of your career? 

Being recognized with important awards in the tattoo industry has been one of the highest points of my career. Hailing from the outskirts of Rome, I’ve achieved numerous milestones since starting in the world of tattoos. I’ve opened three tattoo shops in Europe, including one in Copenhagen, a city with a rich tattooing tradition and one of the oldest tattoo shops in Europe. This has allowed me to extend my work to different locations and connect with a vast community of tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

One of the most exciting and fulfilling moments was the opening of an incredible multipurpose venue in the heart of Rome. Together with my former partners, we created a unique space inspired by the 1920s, combining a tattoo studio with a speakeasy-style cocktail bar. It was an extraordinary experience to merge two of my passions, tattoo artistry, and creating captivating atmospheres for our clients.

However, I must admit that the most significant moment from an artistic perspective was when I became part of the great family of Eternal City Tattoo, where I am still located. After a period of career changes, being warmly welcomed and valued in this studio was an extraordinary step forward. Here, I’ve had the opportunity to grow as an artist, collaborate with high-level professionals, and continue to improve my artistic skills. Despite all these successes, I am still seeking new inspirations and constantly growing. I believe the journey in the art of tattoos is boundless, and I am determined to continue challenging myself and constantly refining my skills, so I can offer my clients the best of myself and leave an indelible mark in the world of tattoos.

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