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Baphomet is an ancient monument shrouded in dark undertones having become synonymous with the devil and satanism but has a much more complex meaning

If you are looking for a tattoo design that is mysterious and attention grabbing, then read on to learn more about the dark history of this symbolic idol

There are always two sides to every story, and this mystical creature has dual meanings behind its appearance beginning in the times of the crusades

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The first recorded appearance of Baphomet dates back to 1098 during the first crusade

Stemming from eye-witness accounts written about the Siege of Antioch

The Count of Ostrevant and Valenciennes, Anselm Ribemont, wrote that “The Turks called loudly upon the name of Baphomet in the heat of battle.”

Some claim that Baphomet was mistranscribed, and it was actually supposed to be “Mohomet” an archaic version of the French word for Muhammad, the founder of Islam

It was then that this deity of a winged man with the head of a goat made his debut into the history books as a pagan idol


The Knights Templar were a medieval Catholic military order and the most skilled fighting units of the crusades

It is said that the Templars amassed great wealth and power, quite possibly triggering their persecution and downfall

Support for the Order faded when the Holy Land was lost, and distrust was sowed amongst the Church regarding their secret rituals and rumored worship of idols.

King Philip IV of France, who was deeply indebted to the Order, used this distrust to destroy the Templars and eliminate his debt.

He accused the Knights of idolatry, heresy, and a host of other transgressions.

The Templars were arrested, ruthlessly tortured into giving false confessions, and subsequently burned at the stake.


What did Baphomet mean to the Knights Templar?

One thing is for sure, the Templars did not associate Baphomet with Satan or the worship of the devil

Baphomet did not take on the Satanic connotations until sometime in the mid 20th century

Well after the usage of this figure head in Eliphas Levi’s infamous drawing of the idol from his publication of “Dogma and Rituals of High Magic”

In this publication, Levi goes into great depth of the symbolism behind the imagery of the “Sabbatic Goat,” or Baphomet

The goat head has an image of a pentagram on its forehead with the point at the top

This is a symbol of light

The two hands form the sign of occultism

With one hand pointing up to the white moon called the “Chesed.”

While the other hand is pointing down to the black moon called “Geburah.”

This is representative of the perfect harmony between mercy and justice

In addition, both arms represent balance as one is male and the other is female

The “Flame of Intelligence,” sits between the horns and is the magic light that is symbolic of universal balance

The flame representing the soul elevated above matter, while still being tied to it but yet shining above it

The head also stands for the horror of the sinner with its material actions causing the soul to be exclusively responsible for bearing the punishment

As the soul can only suffer when it materializes

The rod standing erect in place of the genitals is symbolic of eternal life

The body covered with scales represents water

The semi-circle above represents the atmosphere and the feathers are a symbol of volatility

Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyne arms of the Sphinx of the occult sciences

Baphomet’s history and meaning spans back to a time in history before it was a symbol synonymous with the devil

Prior to this time, it was a symbol that held significance in many religions such as Islam, Gnosticism, and Sectarianism

It is now up to you to decide what meaning Baphomet holds for you and your tattoo journey!


Baphomet tattoos are versatile and can run the full gamut of tattoo styles depending on your particular fancy

If you are looking for a large back piece, this design can look amazing in color or black and grey and can pack a punch with details on this larger area

If you prefer something more simplistic, then a small tarot card design with minimal lines may be the option for you

If you are interested in starting a sleeve or medium size piece, Baphomet can be a great focal point for your new design

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