Billie Eilish Debuts New Back Tattoo


Grammy decorated pop artist and cultural icon, Billie Eilish, debuted her new back tattoo via Instagram on October 18th, 2023. The “Happier Than Ever” singer had teased fans with a sneak peak at the tattoo on September 20th, 2023 via her personal instagram @billieeilish, but in an recent photo dump on the popular social media platform, followers were treated to a full look at the finished product.

The multi-faceted artist offered fans a good look at her back piece in it’s final stage, ink smudges included. The tattoo itself is solid black line-work that seems to span the length of her spinal column. There are circular flourishes emitting from the body of the tattoo. Eilish has not yet indicated if the tattoo holds any sort of personal meaning.

The tattoo was created and inked by Matias Milan, known as @beer.spill on Instagram. Milan is known for his Rorschach style tattoos. The artist often incorporates skeletal imagery in to his work, creating child-like drawings while maintaining superb professional quality. Milan’s unique style often features his work as blast over pieces as well as tattoos that flow with the body. The work of the independent tattoo artist often skews rather grunge-looking, so it’s no surprise that Eilish was drawn to his work given her iconic personal style.

Eilish is a highly respected musician, entrepreneur, and actress, and while she was relatively young when she broke in to the music industry, she has kept the more intimate aspects of herself close to the vest. The artist presents herself rather modestly to audiences and skews more towards the high-fashion grunge aesthetic. So, it’s been exciting for the tattoo world to get a look at what the celebrated musician has been getting inked, especially with what has been a very clear uptick in her tattoo journey just this year alone.

In a fashion forward spread, the Academy Award winning musician was just recently featured as Allure’s “Best of Beauty” cover model. On top of that, Eilish also recently announced Eilish No. 3, a special holiday edition of her fragrance brand which is set to hit stands in November.

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