Billie Eilish Finally Shows Off Her Never-Before-Seen Tattoo


Singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has just given us the closest look yet of her tattoo she once swore she’d never reveal—a fierce, winding dragon crawling up her upper thigh to her lower hip. Back in 2020, Eilish wasn’t keen on showing off this bad boy, at the time declaring that she did get a tattoo, “but you won’t ever see it.” Now, she brazenly shows it off in a new Instagram post sporting a cherubic baby tee and low-rise jeans.

To be fair, Eilish has given us sly glimpses of this tattoo before. We saw it partially concealed when she posted her Met Gala after party look in 2021, and bits of it can also be seen behind her transparent skirt on her British Vogue cover. Both of these images, however, fail to reveal the most captivating part of the tattoo—the dragon’s head, in all its spiky glory, which the singer’s newest video shows off up close and personal for the first time.

One has to wonder what has come over Eilish to go back on her words so flagrantly, but if you’ve been keeping up with her as of late, she happens to be in a revitalized era of uninhibited self-expression and fuck-you’s to the haters. Recently, she took to her Instagram story to call out critics who’ve deemed her a “sellout” for choosing to express her femininity on her own terms. “You guys are true idiots,” she says, along with “LET WOMEN EXIST!”

This isn’t the star’s only ink, she also has three fairies on her wrist which she refers to as her “little guardian angel fairies,” as well as an “Eilish” tattoo near her sternum. As Eilish continues to grow into the most confident version of herself, it can only be assumed that her dragon tattoo encapsulates everything from power to wisdom and extravagance.

Eilish has yet to falter in her unrestrained “I-do-what-I-want” attitude, and she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. As many times as the industry and fans have tried to box her in, she continually surprises us with new additions to her image and vision, constantly evolving in the ways she feels most inclined to. Who knows what else she has, tattoos or otherwise, coming out of the chamber?

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