Cage Fighter to Model – Chris Perceval


Chris Perceval first became famous with his hipster beard a couple of years ago. Today, now the bearded trend has lost some of its previous influence, Chris is even more attractive, without the fluffy facial hair.

Chris is a former cage fighter, who couldn’t afford to fight anymore, because he’s one of the most loved male models of the age. Chris was discovered by an agent, while he was working in a London bar . He was signed for modeling the same day. Originally from Manly, Australia, Chris came back to his homeland after he was signed his modelling contract. Yet, for some time he was still working in a bar. Now Chris is living in London, pursuing his modeling career.

Beard or no beard!

In his interviews, Chris says his father is one of his biggest fans. Although he didn’t like his bearded period very much. Today you can see Chris without his big beard, but keeping this outrageous looks. Chris Perceval is covered with tattoos, from his arms and hands, to chest, stomach and ribs. He also has large tattoos on his legs and right knee cap, as well on his knuckles. He has also started a large scale back piece. Chris continues to ink his fine body and make us all happy with his fresh, spicy style.

Chris Perceval has worked for many high-end fashion brands as a model, including Ted Baker, Tony&Guy, Lee Cooper, and many more. He’s been featured by tattoo magazines many times because of his body art. Chris is one the more heavily tattooed models out there and he’s right on top of today’s tattoo trends.

Chris’s tattoos came before the beard and before the fame. He was not that attached to the beard, he thought beards were just a fashion style. Yet he doesn’t think the same for tattoos, even though he advises young models without tattoos, to keep it that way.

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