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It was 2018 near mid-city west Los Angeles, California, inside the Seventh Letter Gallery on Fairfax avenue, and a rare scene sparked motorsport nostalgia. Defined by harsh lines and subtle familiarity, an iconic 1995 Acura NSX metaphorically revved its engine as it practically popped off the page with graphic lines that reimagined the cult-classic car into a piece of art. The exhibit showcased a 3D sketch over the speedstar’s metal frame, much like a humorous 90’s cartoon, and it was inexplicably iconic.


The artist behind the daredevil display is Southern California-based Joshua Vides, a graphic designer and renowned visual artist who is known for his unique interpretations of urban landscapes. A short scroll down his Instagram page reveals an entertaining parody of fire hydrants, fast food, fashion, and freshly-painted Ferraris. Vides’ bread and butter is his approach, which involves using a modern perspective to convey art through a black and white medium to blur the line between what’s real and what’s not. The Acura scene was part of a series that has evolved over the last five years to encapsulate various ideas at the inception of a concept, an exhibit he calls “Reality to Idea.”

Fast forward to 2023, and Vides has used his years of fashion and street art expertise to forge a partnership with momentous luxury spirit brand, Cincoro Tequila. And he’s been able to use a masterful version of his “Reality to Idea” concept to create a culturally-relevant tequila bottle design. Not only was this an incredible opportunity for Vides, it’s Cincoro’s first time collaborating with an artist on a limited edition bottle. So it’s safe to say both parties recognized each other’s ingenious level of talent prior to the collaboration. We imagine most of you will want to snag the sleek añejo (limited to 150 bottles) before it sells out.

Cincoro Tequila was launched in 2019 by five NBA legends including Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers, Wes Edens of the Milwaukee Bucks, Wyc Grousbeck of the Boston Celtics, Wyc’s wife Emilia Fazzalari, and most notably, Michael Jordan. The Cincoro brand boasts a robust portfolio of award-winning luxury tequilas including a smooth blanco, an oaky gold, a deep coppery-hued extra añejo, and a complex reposado with a touch of toasted creme brûlée. This hand-picked añejo for the collaboration is no exception to the brand’s quality and approach. In fact, Jordan and Fazzalari personally chose this exquisite variety, so we imagine that no detail was left unnoticed. Timed perfectly for Miami Art Week, this exclusive collaboration was featured during a private, invitation-only affair at the Edition Hotel where guests could mingle with well-to-do patrons and try sips of the luxe spirit.


Much like its fine quality, the tequila itself is meticulously crafted to tantalize your senses. A delicate swirl in your glass and you’ll breathe in the infectious aroma of maple and orange rind. After one small sip of the añejo, you’ll immediately taste a richness that can be attributed to the heart-warming, sweet and bitter essence of oak, agave, butterscotch, and dark chocolate. Made of 100% agave and at 40% alcohol per volume, this tequila has an elegant finish of dried fruit and baking spices. While Cincoro Tequilas are made to enjoy neat, specialty cocktails are also a recommendation. Choose to mix yours into a delightfully dapper old fashioned cocktail using light agave nectar, bitters, orange peel, and a maraschino cherry.

The bottle design itself pays tribute to Vides’ love for monochrome and pop art. Adorning Cincoro’s slender bottle, the black and white polka dot motif is reminiscent of Vide’s 2018 Acura installation – reiterating his signature cartoon-like feel. Defined by immersive illustrations and bold outlines, pop art has been the premise for street aesthetics since the early 1950’s drawing inspiration from popular culture and current events. A blend of humor, irony, and color takes this tequila bottle to a playfully clever level. To enunciate the level of luxury, every bottle arrives in a gift box with a signed and numbered sketch for authenticity. 

“I was able to design it with a 360-degree approach, allowing me to accentuate the authentic beauty of the bottle in a new way,” Vides said. “ This creation is one I’m proud to share with my community and Cincoro’s devoted fan base.”

However you interpret the bottle and perceive the intricacies of Vide’s “Reality to Idea” concept, this collaboration results in a fine collector’s piece for any home. It acts as a symbol of the realities of downtown Los Angeles –  the beauty and hardship of inner-city life  – and merges it with influence from street style and close-knit neighborhoods to educate all ages with the truest form of cultural appreciation. Front and center in your collection, the añejo artist yearns to have a subtle presence within your most treasured safe haven. Priced at $649.99 (750ml), the Cincoro Añejo x Josh Vides collaboration was made available online for exclusive pre-release through luxury e-commerce platform, ReserveBar and has sold at an exceptional rate. Aged 20 months, it’s ideal for placing on your favorite wooden storage case for years to come…. if nothing else, as a subtle reminder of the art and our past.

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