Cover Up Tattoo Ideas | 31 Desings for Wrist, Chest and Neck


Here we collect the cover up tattoo ideas and designs for you. But, before we talk about it all, let’s follow what the background behind this paper.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas On Chest

Tattoos are a form of body art that is very popular even since ancient people. It gives both positive and negative impression, depending on the design inked on the body. However, this body art innovates as the world becomes highly modernized in such a way that body tattoo becomes a fashion trend. That is why many people both young and old, men and women are getting a tattoo in any part of their body.

The cover up tattoo ideas is to hide the current body art by having a new design inked on top of it. It is done by covering the entire old tattoo with a new one or incorporating the current tattoo in coming up a new design. Likewise, this method is applicable in revitalizing existing tattoo that has faded by giving a fresh outline and new coloring. There are three possible reasons:

  1. Tattoos selected at a young age no longer have matched with design or placement now.
  2. Your work now limits the appearance or other body signs in public.
  3. The stage of life and design has now entered the mode or the making of newer tattoos.

Might be a little difficult to find the cover up tattoo ideas that is why it is necessary to find the best artist to do the job.

Finding Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Cover Up Tattoos Before And After

Thinking of cover up tattoo can cause you the headache. Definitely, you will need some advice from a tattoo artist who is an expert in doing such body art. It is necessary to come up with a bright idea to cover up an existing tattoo design.

Female Cover Up Tattoos

Obviously, the appearance of the tattoo will change as time passed. It will not be anymore as appealing and charming as before. Likewise, in some cases, the tattoo design does not turn out as expected. Those reasons make sense of employing cover up tattoo ideas to hide the unwanted design.


Regardless of the reason why a person wants to conceal the existing tattoo; the important thing to note is to choose a new design that you will not regret in the long run. In this sense, considering some designs about the cover up tattoo ideas can help in making the right decision and choice of design.

Wedding Day Tattoo

The process of creating a cover up tattoo ideas is an intricate, time consuming and tedious procedure and only some tattoo artists are offering it. That is why if you are thinking of having the new design, make sure to prepare enough budgets. Likewise, the success of doing this body art depends on different factors. As much as possible, you should find an experienced and skilled tattoo artist who has already done this kind of artwork.

Tattoo Cover Up Sleeves For Work

A tattoo artist must have a cover up tattoo ideas that already exist are artful. By the same token; the tattoo artist should offer a variety of design options to clients and inform how to use. There are several techniques used in covering up tattoos and typically, using a heavy ink so that the color will penetrate thoroughly into the skin.

Choosing the Incredible Cover Up Tattoo Artist

Mens Cover Up Tattoos

Before deciding to cover up tattoo ideas it is necessary to know the process or how it is done. The important thing to note when getting another tattoo is the design as you will have to live with it. As much as possible you should tell your ideas with the artist and also ask his ideas of design. In this way, you can expect coming up with a design that you will treasure forever.

Eagle Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

As much as possible, choose a tattoo artist who is an expert to cover up tattoo ideas. Before hiring the service of a tattoo artist, you should ask for any portfolio shot of this kind of body art. In the same manner, you can also seek suggestions and recommendations from someone who has undergone such procedure of body art.

Tattoo Cover Up Sleeve Wrist

Finding cover up tattoo ideas involves some limitations. The design of the new tattoo should be bigger as compared to the existing design. Likewise, in order to hide completely the old design, the new design should be inked using dark colors. Another factor to consider in getting a new cover up tattoo ideas is the cost of inking the design.

Cover Up Tattoo Ideas Wrist
Cover Up Tattoos On Forearm
Ramble On Tattoo

Flower cover up tattoo ideas

Flower Cover Up Tattoo

As far as a new tattoo color, a good artist will use a lot of contrast to attract the eye around the piece. Due to this distracting from where they actually covered tattoo is. The best cover ups are the ones that are not obvious.

Cover Up Tattoo Flower

The important thing to remember is that when you tattoo over existing pigments you’re not actually cover up tattoo ideas. What is actually happening is that you are actually mixing the pigment of the new tattoo with the old one.

Covering Up Wrist Tattoos

As the area heals, the ink from your cover up tattoo will have settled into the dermis layer and merged with the ink from the old tattoo. Because of this it’s very important to plan carefully what the design and the colors of the camouflaging tattoo will be. Also consider that tattoo ink can be transparent at times. Consider colors that will match your previous piece well in the event it shines on through.

Tattoo Cover Up With Another Tattoo

There can also be a problem with the cover up tattoo ideas to old school tattoo with flesh tones because the old ink underneath can eventually show through.

Cover Up Tattoo Artist

The best approach is to look at the old tattoo and draw your new one using shapes from the old design. If you can incorporate elements of the old tattoo the results will be far better than trying to merely cover it.

Tribal Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Neck Tattoo Cover Up
Best Tribal Tattoo Cover Ups

Generally, a tattoo design with variation in color and design with light and shadow will better as cover up tattoo ideas. Due they are better at camouflaging the tattoo or scar underneath. Designs with negative space (skin showing) like tribal are not recommended as they do not work as well as images with more fill.

Tribal Quarter Sleeve

Many tattoo artists are now using the ‘white out technique’ to cover up tattoo ideas. The process includes going over darker colored tattoos with white ink in order to try and lighten up the coloring. The technique can take several sessions to be done effectively

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

One common of the cover up tattoo ideas that most tattoo artists and clients choose is tribal designs. It is because this kind of design uses deep and well-blended colors. Generally, tribal designs tend to use blocking techniques; so they can easily cover a number of other tattoo designs.

Cover Up Tattoos On Arm

Similarly, the use of modern design to cover up tattoo ideas is also ideal. The Internet offers many modern tattoo designs that can pull in hiding the old tattoo. Just like a tribal tattoo; modern design using rich colors and more complex design makes the process easier to accomplish.

Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up

So for example let’s say you wish to cover some unwanted script, the name of past lover etched across your chest; instead of trying to merely cover up tattoo ideas for the name. A talented artist will incorporate the lines of the script in perhaps another design like the waves of an angry ocean.

Koi Cover Up Tattoo

If you are dealing with particularly vibrant colors with the old tattoo consider the use of laser tattoo removal. One to three sessions may be enough to considerably fade the tattoo making it easier for the artist to do a proper cover up tattoo ideas. It also gives you more options as to the style and size of the cover-up tattoo. This gives you a much better chance of not seeing the old line work under your new tattoo.

Tattoo Cover Up Ideas For Names On Chest

Choose your artist carefully. Look at their portfolio and or ask to see photos of cover up tattoo ideas. If it is a good cover up it won’t look like a cover up.

Wolf Tattoo Cover Up

You could also consider cover up tattoo ideas using mythological and animal designs. We have a few design options that you can use here. You can be cover old tattoos by using a design of birds such as Eagles and Ravens.

Cover Up Tattoos On Wrist

Likewise, the image of the beast is also perfect in the water to hide tattoos. On the other hand, if all tattoo idea mentioned above does not comply with your preferences. The best thing to do is to look for other options to cover up tattoo ideas.

Keep in mind the following:
  • Should you really like a design, you should be willing to have some of the tattoo or scar show a bit though if it cannot be avoided.
  • Scarring can occur more easily when covering up a tattoo than when getting a brand new one.

Other Options

Tattoo Sleeve Cover Up Forearm

Indeed, having a tattoo is a lifetime decision to make. It is because once it is etched in your body it will take another process in getting rid of it. Therefore, before deciding to have this kind of body art, make sure that you will not undergo another process of getting cover up tattoo ideas.

Tattoo Cover Up Sleeve Upper Arm

Another way to cover up tattoo ideas; you can choose the method that uses technology in tattoos removal. However, it is necessary to find some suggestions and recommendations of the experts of the tattoo to ensure that every process of removing unwanted tattoos is safe.

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoos

On the other hand, there are instances in which having a tattoo is a disadvantage, particularly when applying for a job. Fortunately, nowadays there are many ways on how to conceal the tattoo. This can either be through tattoo removal or by inking cover up tattoo ideas.

Cover Up Tattoos Pictures

Tattoo removal is an expensive and inconvenient procedure in getting rid of the tattoo in the body. On the other hand, for those people who do not have money to pay for the procedure. The best thing to do is to use other designs to replace or cover up tattoo ideas.

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