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At ALL DAY, we believe that tattoos are far from just being an art form

For many, they’re a way to express their stories, emotions and connections with their loved ones

One of the most touching and personal styles of tattoos we regularly see are the “Dad Tattoo”

These tattoos celebrate the unique bond between children and their fathers, often acting as a tribute or memorial to the man that played such a key role in their lives

In this article, we’ll have a look at the history of Dad and family tattoos, some of the most popular styles and why we think ALL DAY Tattoo is a great choice for such an important piece of art


The concept of using body art to express one’s connection to their family is now a new one

In fact, the tradition of getting family tattoos can be traced back thousands of years

Indigenous cultures, such as the Maori in New Zealand and the Native American tribes of North America would use tattoos to signify lineage, rank and affiliation to a specific group or family

Fast forward to today and family tattoos remain and powerful and very personal form of self-expression


Old School / American Traditional

This style is characterized by bold black outlines, a limited color palette and bold, striking designs

The designs often include themes such as; nautical, military or religious

One of the other themes seen often is family

For example, and Old School Dad Tattoo design might feature a classic heart with a banner where “Dad” or their name is inscribed

This style is perfect for people who appreciate a classic, timeless look that will never go out of style


Minimal Outline

This style is great for people who prefer a more subtle approach to their dad or family tattoo

Minimal outline tattoos offer a clean, modern way to pay tribute to your family

These designs often include the simple outline of a family photo, a simple name in text or representation to something that’s meaningful to your family


Portrait Tattoo

A portrait tattoo is an incredibly detailed and realistic representation of someone’s face

While they can be an amazing tribute to a loved on it’s essential to understand that, in our opinion, there are only a few artists in the world who are truly excellent in this style and even then, not every tattoo they do is a hit

At ALL DAY Tattoo we hold ourselves to the highest standards and while we have several artists that excel in “realism”, there is a huge difference between “a realistic tattoo of a man” and “a realistic tattoo of a specific man”

The ability to truly capture the essence of a specific subject in tattoo form is so incredibly rare that we suggest thinking carefully about anyone offering a “realistic portrait” to you

In our experience, you’re likely to end up, at best, with a B grade lookalike of your family member

And we’re guessing that isn’t really what you want!


When it comes to something as personal and meaningful as a Dad tattoo, it’s crucial to choose a studio that understands the significance of the piece and can deliver an exceptional experience from start to finish

ALL DAY Tattoo is dedicated to providing a professional, friendly atmosphere where our clients feel comfortable and well taken care of

We are licensed, have fluent English speaking staff on hand at all times and use only the highest quality FDA approved inks from the USA

Our location is very central, easy to get to on the BTS skytrain system or using taxis

So if you’re interested in a dad tattoo, send a message to our friendly team and we’ll be happy to discuss it further

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