Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work? What’s The Risk?


There must be many reasons to ask; Do tattoo removal creams work? Maybe one reason, because this way we can do it alone at home.

Tattoo Removal Creams

So you want to remove a tattoo and now you’re trying to find out how to remove a tattoo in the least painful way. Both physically and monetary, this method is almost without risk.

There are several options to consider but which is the best one? One of them is tattoo removal creams. Having one or more tattoos will usually make you think that removing them will be so difficult. You may regret getting a tattoo, but do not just stop on regretting since there are many ways of removing your unwanted tattoo. You need to think that removing tattoos will be so easy and free from pain.

How Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work

This will require a lot of applications that persist for more than 6 months, depending on the design and depth of ink. In order for this creams really can penetrate the epidermis; the formulas must contain a lot of chemicals.

Actually, this cream has been around for at least 10 years, but they are not very popular among the tattoo artists. Tattoo removal creams use is the alternative way without pain, because it is much cheaper than using a laser method. This cream you can get at the Pharmacy and you can buy it easily at the local drugstore or specialty stores. If you’re still trouble you can find it on the internet.

But, do tattoo removal creams work? According to experience, a friend so far his tattoo is still visible, though somewhat blurred. “Of course, this method will take a lot of time.” His said. Just as a method of laser tattoo removal, remove the tattoo with tattoo removal lotion uses is not a onetime deal. Since tattoo ink, you are in a layer below the surface of the skin. Then the surface of the skin layer it, certainly it is difficult to eliminate it.


Although tattoo removal creams are safe to use. If you are not careful then it is potentially dangerous. But just to make sure; look for brands that do not have the active ingredient, like Hydroquinone.

The Risk of Tattoo Removal Creams

The Risk of Tattoo Removal

Hydroquinone is the ingredients to treat freckles and wrinkles on the skin. According to the issue of this material can cause cancer and certain skin conditions; we have to be careful to use it. According to Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist in New York City:

“Actually, using the tattoo removal creams at home is risky. Some side effects are burns, itching, irritation, and even change the color of the skin. You may also experience an allergic reaction to the cream. And, FDA not approves this method.”

Its magical creams also contain trichloroacetic acid. This substance is also often used to care for the condition of the other skin. So, once again is careful to use it. It can be dangerous if you use it at home without supervision.


Instead, you use substances that still contain mysteries, for all of us. There are Homeboy Industries maybe can be the solution for you. They are one of the organizations that provide free tattoo removal by voluntary doctors.

So, do tattoo removal creams work? It’s a pity and a short answer. No.

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