Doja Cat Unveils Addition to Back Piece and a New Hand Tattoo


Well, folks, we’re just over halfway through the year, and this is my fourth time writing about Doja Cat getting a new tattoo. It’s safe to say she has not only bitten the forbidden fruit, but is slurping out the juices and even going in for seconds. This week, she debuted a new addition to her already cryptic backpiece: a sleek spider dangling from its silk, crawling all the way down to her lower back. But that’s not all—she also unveiled a new hand tattoo, featuring an eyeball pierced by a sword, surrounded by vaguely cyber sigilism motifs and dainty dotwork.

The new pieces were done by Mr. K, the celebrity tattooer who also inked her now infamous bat skeleton. After the initial backpiece was revealed, fans flooded in with mixed reactions ranging from undying support to genuine confusion, as well as steadfast beliefs that the rapper is turning into a Satan worshiper.

This past February, Doja Cat showcased her arm tattoo, a fantastical horned creature based off of Fortunio Liceti’s works. This kickstarted the onslaught of accusations that Doja Cat has supposedly sold her soul, with remarks like “I miss the old Doja, she’s just odd now” and “God help us, you’re doing too much Doja it’s getting worse every day” littering the comments section. Others, though, are fully in support of her direction. One user wrote, “continue the satan allegations so the tour tickets are cheap please.” 

It seems that the more elements of Doja Cat’s fanbase denounce her, the harder she goes with her controversial shenanigans. Six months ago, the pop star didn’t have any tattoos on her body, and now she possesses several that have people scratching their heads and clutching their pearls. If that wasn’t enough, the rapper has also made questionable statements regarding her music, including tweets proclaiming her wildly successful albums as “cash-grabs” that fans fell for.

Doja Cat has effectively led her fanbase to believe she’s off her rocker, and no one truly knows where her head’s at. With a new album coming out this year, there’s no telling what we can expect. So far, she has released a single “Attention,” which definitely embodies a darker sound and more brooding visuals. As for what’s next from the fearless artist, it seems like anything’s game.

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