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Doja Cat’s The Scarlet Tour in VR is transforming the concert experience into a thrilling blend of reality and imagination, accessible from the comfort of your home. This unique event, presented in stunning virtual reality, is set to captivate everyone with its innovative approach to music and performance.

The Virtual Reality Spectacle

The energy of a live concert paired with the limitless size and scale only possible through virtual reality. This is precisely what Doja Cat’s The Scarlet Tour in VR offers. It’s an awe-filled experience that springs up to life in imposing vividness, from an enormous spider attacking the stage to rousing pyrotechnics firing up space for virtually an astonishing impact. Shot at Doja Cat’s sold-out Detroit stop of her debut arena tour, this VR concert offers a new look beyond what a live show could represent.

Central to the concert are hits of Doja Cat’s best loved from The Scarlet Tour being chart-toppers like “Paint The Town Red,” “Agora Hills,” and “Woman.” It’s the same not just heard but felt as it surrounds the audience merging them into a musical visual world.

The Scarlet Tour in VR is a masterpiece of production, meticulously crafted for virtual reality. Produced and directed by The Diamond Bros in collaboration with Meta, the show aims at giving an audience first-person experience of what it would have felt like being there at the sold-out Detroit show. More than just watching a performance; you are invited into Doja Cat’s world. Feeling every beat and visual spectacle as if there in real life.

How to Experience this Show

Be sure to place a mark on your calendars for the free world premiere happening on Saturday, January 20th at 5:00 pm PT in Meta Horizon Worlds’ Music Valley. To do so would be to miss a shot of glimpsing what will certainly become Doja Cat’s unstoppable, imaginative tour that will finally have a life of its own like it always deserves. Replays for those people that would not join live will be available Meta Horizon Worlds for several weeks after the concert.

Next Generation Music Festival

The Music Valley from Meta Horizon Worlds represents a preeminent experience of virtual music festival. It is an arena where music lovers could have access to front row seats for performances by not just Doja Cat but an array of other renowned artists all at the comfort of their homes. This is accompanied by the Meta Quest 3, which is the world’s first mainstream headset built for mixed reality featuring a blend of virtual elements with physical surroundings and giving more than 500 experiences including music, game plays, and gym exercises.



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