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The Dok Bua Thong is a Sak Yant, or Thai Traditional, design

For those new to Sak Yant, check out our detailed guide here

In Thai it is written as ดอกบัวทอง

It’s an important design in the world of Sak Yant, so let’s look at it deeper


Spiritual Enlightenment

The lotus in Buddhist culture is a symbol of purity and enlightenment

Although usually tattooed only in black ink, the golden hue of Dok Bua Thong further elevates this symbolism, offering a path to spiritual transcendence


Material Prosperity

Gold is often linked to wealth in Thai culture, making Dok Bua Thong a popular choice among those seeking prosperity and material success


History and Cultural Significance

Long revered in Thai tradition, Dok Bua Thong and other lotuses are often found in temples and other sacred sites

Getting a Dok Bua Thong tattoo often serves as a rite of passage, underscoring their deep cultural significance


The Unalome

In the Dok Bua Thong designs, you’ll find the inclusion of the Unalome symbol

The Unalome is a spiritual icon that represents the journey to enlightenment

Originating from the spiral, which depicts the trials and tribulations of life, the line straightens as one reaches the state of enlightenment, culminating in the lotus flower—often represented by the Dok Bua Thong itself

The integration of the Unalome in the Dok Bua Thong design adds a layer of spiritual complexity, making it a powerful emblem for both personal growth and spiritual ascent



The combination of the path to spiritual transcendence, the reminder from the unalome that success is not a straight line and the material significance of the golden color, the Dok Bua Thong provides the wearer with a complete spiritual guide

The power of the combined elements is often believed to assist the wearer in love, life and business while at the same time remembering their importance as a spiritual being on an important journey through this life


The Dok Bua Thong features Khom script, an ancient script that’s an integral part of Sak Yant tattoos

This script includes specific Pali phrases or mantras that are believed to empower the tattoo with mystical attributes

Because of the way Khom is written, it is usually not “readable” in a way we are used to

The Ajarn (Sak Yant Master) who creates the design puts the letters into the design for a specific spiritual purpose, the meaning of which is passed down to their apprentices

All of our Sak Yant designs are sourced from well regarded Ajarns and independently checked for authenticity

It’s for this reason that we can tell you what the designs “mean” but not exactly what they “say”


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