Elegant minimalist tattoo


Colorful Snake Tattoo

Want a snake tattoo but don’t want a plain or black ink one? This snake design is inspired by traditional American tattoos thanks to the use of color, negative space, and thick black work.

Pansy Tattoo

A pansy flower is a symbol of love, so if you love flora or just want to show your love for its design, try getting a minimal lines tattoo. The abstract shapes used to create the design make it clear that this is a simple version of a more complicated design.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Do you like heart tattoos but are tired of the same old simple design? This ink uses the anatomical heart as the basis for this design, and the shading and details of the veins make it feel realistic. This design also mimics the phases of the moon – another added layer!

Paper Plane Tattoo

If you’re someone who can’t stop moving, whether that means you can’t stop traveling or you can’t stop exploring, a paper airplane is a whimsical tattoo idea. Its simple design makes it easy to replicate and customize how and where you want!

Bow Tattoo

You are a gift! Don’t let anyone forget it with this bow tattoo. The dark black outline contrasts sharply with the pastel pink pigment of the bow, but the slightly darker pink shading manages to add depth.

Delicate Branch Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that gives you the air of a forest nymph or forest goddess, why not go for a delicate branch on your collarbone? The fine lines and small size of the overall design make it feel delicate, but the black work still makes it stand out.

Flower Tattoos

Floral garland circles are another popular tattoo design, which means there are a million ways to personalize your ink. This one has a mostly leafy crown, and the red ink stands out against the heavy black work.

Rainbow Line Tattoo

If your love of tattoos has more to do with statement than custom design, try taking a normal or basic shape, like this line, and coloring the lines. For an extra touch, color the rainbow like the one shown here.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo

A lightning bolt is a popular design for those who want something small and minimal but bo*ld. By placing this design in an extremely concealed place, such as the upper thigh, it makes the design feel more intimate and personal.

Angel Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design from this year was a beautiful, fat little cherub. You can customize them in many ways: color or no color, flying or resting, trumpets or not. This design is all about black work and focuses on the figure to make it feel realistic.

Camping under the stars tattoo

If you love camping or have a good memory attached to outdoor hobby, a simple vignette tattoo can be your perfect match! Everything in the design is done in black and is kept relatively simple, although the shading and size of the elements give it a real sense of depth.

Ear Tattoo

Ear tattoos are another emerging trend in the tattoo industry, and it’s a great idea for those who want something minimal and intimate. Because the space is so small, ear tattoos tend to be simple, like this design with two lines.

Musical Heart Tattoo

Hearts are always a great design idea because of how customizable they are. This design looks like a sheet music turned into a heart for music lovers, but there is a world of customization opportunities.

Two Swords Tattoo

For those who are fans of tarot or just fans of medieval weaponry, this sword tattoo is a great way to show your love. This design manages to make the traditionally rough item feel very delicate due to the extra fine lines and light shading.

Cross Fingers Tattoo

If you have good (or bad!) Luck with luck itself, a crossed fingers tattoo is another popular design option. This hand is made with sketch-like lines, which makes it feel less simple and more personal.

Wave Hokusai Tattoo

Hokusai waves, based on the artwork, have been popular tattoo choices for centuries. If you want to get the beautiful work on your arm but want to customize it, try doing it in an interesting color scheme.

Picture Frame Tattoo

Photo frame tattoos have had a following for a while, but there are so many ways to personalize them that no two are truly alike. This design uses heavy black work and lines to create a simple yet beautiful frame tattoo.

Love the look of two people in love or want to celebrate you and your partner’s love? A small vignette of lovers kissing is an expressively and beautiful way to do just that. The entire piece is composed of dotwork, making it feel like a pointillism painting right on your arm!

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