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Eva Longoria Neck Tattoo Which She Removed Forever

The American star Eva Longoria is in the process of getting a tattoo removed. The tattoo was the number “NINE”. The actress got the tattoo as a symbol of her ex-partner and it is the number on her ex-husband shirt when he plays with NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker.

Eva Longoria met Spurs point guard Tony Parker in November 2004, and on November 30, 2006, the couple became engaged. But Now Eva Longoria wants to remove her tattoo because she wants to remove her ex-husband Tony Parker memories not only from her life but now from her body as well and Eva Longoria is doing her best to erase reminders of her ex-husband Tony Parker from her life. Eva Longoria is now trying second time to remove a tattoo which represents her ex-husband memories.

Eva Longoria visited Hollywood’s most famous tattoo removal guys, Dr. Tattoff, recently and is undergoing the painful procedure of eliminating her ex-partner memory.

She had previously tried laser tattoo removal technique off the body art, but that didn’t seem to do the trick. Dr. Tattoff is considered to be one of the best ink removal guy’s, so we’re thinking this visit will wipe out Tony once and for all.

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