Exquisite Ear Tattoos


Tiny, meaningful tattoos are a popular choice, and what better place to get them than the inconspicuous crevices of our ears? Ear tattoos are the way to go if you’re craving some ink, but want to go a different route than the typical arm and leg placements. They’re easy to cover with a good head of hair or a beanie, and you might as well get something meaningful that’ll be worth the unique sensory experience and will only be seen by a select few.

Ear tattoos are decently painful. Our ears hold many nerve endings, so don’t go thinking they’re any more bearable than an upper arm tattoo. The lack of fat our ears possess also means less protection from that spicy needle. However, we can all agree that a sick ear tattoo is worth the extra blood pressure and jaw-clenching. Be wary though, that ear pieces tend to fade quicker than other tattoos due to the ample sun exposure our heads get, so make sure to stock up on sunscreen post-session.

The neat thing about ear tattoos is that you have myriad options for where to place them upon your sturdy sound-detectors. You’ve got your helix, the inside of your ear, the earlobe, behind the ear, or you can even get a design that covers all of these areas with an interconnecting image, turning that honestly kind of weird-looking appendage into something magnificent.

So, when thinking of the perfect place for your next tattoo, but aren’t ready to commit to a piece on your limbs or face, don’t forget the strange little shapes on either side of your head. The perfect balance of subtlety and boldness, you can’t go wrong with one of these clever ear tattoos—just prepare for the chill that’ll run down your spine when you hear that needle up close and personal.


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