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Cartoon Network has given us some incontestable gems over the years, with “Teen Titans” being one of them. Created by Glen Murakami and developed by David Slack and Sam Register, the electrifying program is based on the DC Comic. Quickly after its debut in July 2003, it became one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows, distinguishing itself from contemporaries with its eye-catching animation style, heartfelt storytelling and the undeniable charm of its characters.  

In “Teen Titans,” a group of five teenage superheroes band together to save the world from powerful villains who terrorize their city while also navigating the trials of teenage life. Each member of the group brings something different to the table, such as captain Robin’s fearless determination and special moments of vulnerability. His right-hand, Starfire, is an alien princess who might not understand what a toaster is, but can take you out in a second with her glowing laser beams. We also can’t forget Cyborg—half-cybernetic, half-man who’s both a tech wizard and everyone’s dream older brother. Perhaps the most cryptic is Raven, who is often cautious not to reveal the full scope of her telepathic powers, while her partner-in-crime Beast Boy can win over anyone with his shape-shifting capabilities and empathetic nature.

Since its debut, the Teen Titans franchise has expanded into various spin-offs as well as merchandise, music albums, video games and much more. Most notably, 2013 got a spin-off of the series called “Teen Titans Go!” which featured the original characters after 13 years, but this time turned them into cuter versions of themselves and took a more lighthearted approach to matters. DC Comics is publishing a new series, “World’s Finest: Teen Titans,” with the first edition set to come out this week, not long after Warner Bros. announced that a spin-off show centered around Beast Boy is in the works.

If you’re familiar with superhero tattoos, you know they are amongst the most flashy and eye-catching of the tattoo world. It’s hard to decide what aspect of the show to get tattooed, but that’s why we’ve compiled a collection of all the best Teen Titans tattoos out there for your perusal and inspiration. With one of these bad boys on your sleeve, you can let the world know that when there’s trouble, you know who to call.

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