Feed Your Need – 20 Unmistakable Female Tattoo Models


We aim to make your day the best we can, so we decided to present 20 of the hottest and craziest female tattoo models on the scene.

These girls blow minds with their heavy tattoos and great photographs, that will make your heart explode. We tried to include one of the most famous girls with tattoos, although there are many more, which deserve your attention. We’ve already wrote about some of them so keep following us, to find out more about these gorgeous ladies.

Little Linda

Little Linda is a successful female tattoo model, she is also a very successful tattoo artist. She got into modeling just for fun and never took it too seriously. She’s mainly concentrated on tattooing. Linda can be found in her studio at Elm Street Tattoo.

Jemmy Showler

Jemmy Showler is not only a model, but professional tattooist, which owns a studio. Jemmy is living in England, inking realistic tattoos and portraits in her shop Ar tLaVey Tattoo, so hurry up to make an appointment. Jemmy has almost her full body tattooed.

Kayla Baines

Kayla’s raw almost punk look is in contrast with her calm and positive character. She has mainly floral tattoos and Buddha, with Lotus flower tattooed, representing wisdom, peace and positivity.

Mary Leigh Maxwell

Mary Leigh Maxwell, a Jersey girl, suddenly popped out, as one the sexiest tattooed models. She has stunning old school and neo-traditional tattoos covering almost her whole body. She’s also a vegetarian and artist.

Lauren Fernandez

Lauren has the cute look of little innocent girl, but she’s anything but innocent. She proudly bears the fame of a Suicide girl, modeling at the early age of 24. She has other collaborations with modeling agencies and photographers.

Angelica Anderson

Angelica Anderson is fitness maniac and model. She’s driving crazy her followers on Youtube posting sexy, and yet useful, video of her training. She often releases slow motion videos, showing her gorgeous body and tattoos.

Dannika Daisy

Dannika met the public, when she appeared in the TV show Take me Out, and since then she’s starring as tattoo model. Dannika is well known for her brightly color hair, and fine feminine tattoos. She studied Fashion Design in London, which is her modeling scene now.

Ashley Michelle

Ashley Michelle is a Californian model, currently living in Texas, still building her career. She has quite interesting tattoos, a Jameson bottle tattooed and a piece made by her father- tattoo of her pitbull. Except being a model, Ashley is selling prints and has an Etsy store offering handmade jewels.

Jade Allison

Jade has stunning look, the British model was a dancer for many years. She was at the stage with famous musicians like Kylie Minogue. Jade has some of the craziest tattoos, two almost full sleeves, chest and stomach tattoos and also tattoos on her legs. All of them are completed with beautiful colorful ink.

Karlee Jane

Karlee Jane has Lebanese and Spanish origins and she’s one of the sexiest tattooed girls right now. She started her career in high school, shooting session for skate shop. Karlee has super exotic look and is also super tattooed. She is a yoga fan, practicing it with pleasure.

Maud Suicide

Maud Suicide is one of our favorite Suicide models, not only because of her ginger hair and pale skin, but because of her constantly growing traditional tattoos. She has already covered her arms, hips, ribs and back with some amazing colorful tats.

Pandora Blue

Pandora known as vape promoting model rocks the scene with rainbow hair and even colorful tattoos. She got into modeling couple of years ago and since now has nearly millions fans in Instagram.

Sabina Kelley

Sabina Kelley is pin up model, best known for her participation as judge at Best Ink series. She started modeling, when people weren’t that crazy for tattoos. Back then, Sabina already had tattoos, one of the first ladies started the trend.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose, truly on of our favorite models has this violent look of a boy-girl and still she’s gentle and beautiful. Ruby is multitalented person, she’s a DJ, VJ and model, ooh and let’s not forget she’s an actress too!

Alysha Nett

Alysha, originally from Kansan is now living in LA, pursuing successful modeling career. She’s been featured by all kinds of media, she’s been on the cover of FRONT and Nordic Tattoo Magazine.

Arabella Drummond

Arabella Drummond, freaky, sexy girl, fire performer and sexy model. What else can be said about the British model, who has shaken the tattoo world recently. Arabella is still one of the best dancers and fire performers, who can be seen at tattoo conventions.

Lusy Logan

Lucy Logan is originally from Scotland, but she lived her early years in UK. Lucy always wanted tattoos and she has her first one at 15. Since then she continuously inks het body with some amazing tattoo pieces. Her favorite one is her back piece.

Leah Jung

Leah Jung except being successful tattoo model, being inked by some of best tattooist in the world, is also a big fan on body paint. She became quite famous with her video, walking around with painted denim jeans on her bare body.

Cleo Wattenstrom

Cleo Wattenstrom is one of those girls, who are not only beautiful but quite skilled. She is a tattooist, traveling around the world while having her amazing body inked from the bottom to the top.

Kelly Palcy

Kelly will just stop your breath. She is tall, enigmatic, exotic girl with amazing tattoos and piercings. She made her breakthrough with the session for Flaunt Magazine.

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