Five pieces of advice on getting your first tattoo


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Whether you’ve seen your favorite celebrity with a wonderful design or you’re keen to supplement your interest in wildlife with an animal-themed piece, getting a tattoo is a great thing to do for millions of people, although it’s worth remembering that you will have it forever. As such, it’s therefore important to do your research and give it a proper think before getting permanently inked.

There is certainly plenty to mull over before booking your session with a tattoo artist. Make no mistake about it, adding a piece of art to their skin is something many people love doing. It deserves some serious thought, though, particularly around design. For example, some people have tattoos of family members or even movie quotes, while others opt for a particular design after a memorable holiday in Thailand and some people go for a design based around their favorite video games, be it a pirate-themed game like Pirate Golden Age, or an iconic puzzle release like Tetris. The design of your tattoo isn’t the only thing you need to think about either. In fact, there is plenty to consider before going under the needle for the first time.

With people sharing various pieces of wisdom over the years, below is five pieces of advice to help you determine whether or not getting a tattoo is for you, but also to enable you to have the best experience should you decide to go for it.

Always do your homework

First and foremost, once you’ve decided to embark on your tattoo journey, make sure you do some extensive research on the very best shops and artists. Additionally, don’t opt for cheap and cheerful offers and make sure you’re using a reputable artist that isn’t going to do a shoddy job. After all, it’s a permanent decision, so it’s vitally important that you put some solid time into finding the perfect artist for you and the design you have in mind.

Don’t neglect the after care

Once you’ve had your tattoo, don’t neglect the aftercare. A common mistake many people make, keeping your fresh tattoo clean is vital in order to avoid infection. In the same way you’d look after an impact wound and keep it from getting infected, your killer new piece of ink also needs to be cared for. Keep it clean, keep it out of the sun, and make sure you don’t ignore it.

Bring a buddy

Given that it’s your first tattoo experience, bringing a friend is a great thing to do. Not only can they hold your hand, but if they’ve been inked themselves, then they can help you feel calm during the process and take your mind off things while it’s happening. Additionally, if you aren’t too sure about a specific design recommendation or you’re feeling a bit stressed about it all, then they can be there to alleviate any distress and share a much-needed second opinion.

Don’t start big

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Another common mistake many people make is to go all-in on their first tattoo with an extravagant design that takes up a huge space on their body. While going big and bold can look fantastic if done right, it’s probably not recommended if it’s your first-ever experience in a tattoo studio. After all, this piece of art will be on your body forever, so getting something small to start with before working your way up to some bigger pieces is a surefire way of easing yourself in properly.

Eat properly

In order to avoid passing out or even throwing up, make sure you eat properly before you get tattooed.

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