Footballer Turned Super Model – Stephen James


Football has been a huge platform for beautiful men to flourish as more than athletes. In cases like this one, you can see it’s inevitable.

When a man is as attractive as Stephen James, it’s only a matter of time before someone manages to get him out of his clothes and in front of a camera. And we are oh so grateful to the person who gave us Stephen.

From passing to posing

The ex-midfielder was playing in Spain with his last team – the Cyprian Nea Salamis Famagusta – when he sustains an injury. Stephen has to undergo bilateral hernia operations, which brings his performance time down. With that, his motivation for the game wanes as well and soon he gives it up altogether.

As it turns out, during his travels, he had not been lacking modelling offers. While in rehab for his injury, he’s approached again and finally decides to give that a chance. And what do you know – being a gorgeous young man, covered in tattoos works out!

Modelling career and future goals

26-year-old Stephen has only been in the business for five years, but he’s already taken the modelling world by storm. His portfolio includes names like Calvin Klein, Philipp Plein, Diesel, Xti, GQ (both Germany and Spain) and many more. Stephen James is working with photographers like Sergi Jasanada and models like Vanessa Lorenzo. He even admits of “a few situations” he’s had while shooting nude with the latter. That must have been an interesting shoot.

After doing a cover for Men’s Health Magazine he starts to take real interest in the fitness world. Not just as something to sustain his chiselled physique, but as a lifestyle choice. The fact that the industry is strongly influenced – and defined – by the steroid-enhanced likes of Mr. Universe does not sit well with him. He hopes to have his own fitness line one day, with which he could dispel the idea that the only way to a great body is by cheating nature. He tells Vogue: “…it would be great to challenge that perception and show that all it takes is hard work”.

Social media

His huge success on social media does not fall behind his fashion career. Stephen James is compared to Instagram stars like Gigi Hadid, and he himself recognises the power of social media. Although he – regretfully – doesn’t have the time to reply to all his followers on Instagram, he’s doing his best. What he focuses on, when possible, are his fan pages because he knows they are his biggest helpers in the wild west of today’s hectic online reality. Even if we all know their motives are purely selfish, wink-wink.

In fact, he’s so hot that not only does he have two instagram accounts, but he’s also the main inspiration behind multiple works of romance and erotic fiction on the free writing platform Wattpad (just look for #StephenJames).

You can find more of Stephen @whoiselijah and @portraitofelijah. Here’s a taste to get you going:

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