Fresh and Smoking Hot – Kush Suicide


Young, provocative and confident – Kush Suicide is an amazing tattoo model that certainly deserves more exposure.

You’ve probably seen her sets on the famed Suicide Girls platform or elsewhere over the Internet, but here’s your chance to get to know more about her!

Kush Suicide was born in 1992 in Manhattan, New York. Her roots are Dominican and French with “a dash of Native American” in her own words.

She currently lives in LA, but has spent the last few years in Miami, Florida. With a choice of artistic name like this, there’s no surprise that Kush is a natural herbs connoisseur, but she also admits to love other simple pleasure such as olives and cats. And tattoos, of course.

Some random facts

Kush says she loves traveling around the world and her favourite place she has been to is Lisboa, Portugal. She also loves Mexican food. Kush Suicide has worked many odd jobs, including bartender in Miami.

You may never guess, but she’s a Music major and loves singing and music in general – from Opera to Rock to Trap and Hip Hop.

About Suicide Girls

We know Kush mainly as a Suicide Girl, even though she’s been modeling a lot lately and has several videos and sessions with various photographers around the web. About SG, she says the best experience working with the site is meeting likeminded people.

Kush says she’s built some friendships that will last a lifetime: “At the end of the day, that’s the most beautiful thing I could have ever gained from passionately being nude on the Interwebs”, she says.

Ink, ink, ink

Of course, our main focus here on InkedCartel is Kush’s lovely tattoos. With a stunning collection of body art, she’s definitely has something to show in this department. Starting with what seems to be her signature centerpiece – a set of stars on her belly and thighs – you can tell that every single design has distinctive meaning for Kush Suicide.

The big Native American themed tattoo on her right thigh connects her with her roots, while the delicate G-glef on her throat pays homage to her love for music. The beautiful elephant tattoo on her upper arm is a lovely piece of work as well.

We’ve seen models with a lot more ink under their skin, but Kush’s natural charisma surely makes us look twice…

Take a look yourself.

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