Gender-bending Tattoo Model and Singer – Jeffree Star


Jeffree Star is always turning heads with his stunning, gender-bending looks and his amazing body art. With more than 100 tattoos on his body, Star has ink from head to toes. Literally.

Star is a highly controversial American singer-songwriter and make-up artist, vlogger, fashion designer and, of course, model. He lives in Orange County, California. His birth name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger. He is born on November 15, 1985.

Jeffree Star – From MySpace to Fame

His show business career started on MySpace. Jeffree Star’s self-released music attracted millions of people with over 25 million plays. After releasing two EPs, he put out his anticipated debut album, Beauty Killer (2009), via Popsicle Records.

His career went uphill after that with the launch of his own fashion line, Beauty Forever. As of 2014, he launched his own make-up range – Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His astonishing, provocative, transgressive, gender-bending appearance and persona are still catching up in 2017.

Portraits and Tributes

Star is also famous for being extensively tattooed. He has the word “Vanity” tattooed on his face above his right eyebrow. Jeffree Star has a lot of tattoo “tributes”. Most of all these are portraits of notable people inked on his neck, chest, and arms. This includes portraits actors, artists, and musicians such as Elvis Presley, Jon Benet Ramsey, and Audrey Hepburn. He also has a tattoo of Kurt Cobain wearing a crown of thorns (much like Jesus). Kurt has a banner that says “Rape Me” as the renowned Nirvana song. Star has also a tattoo of his Grandmother. This design among many others is by the famous tattoo artist and former friend of his Kat Von D.

A Hundred Tattoos

Other portraits Jeffree has tattooed on him include Edward Scissorhands, Wednesday Addams and Princess Diana. He also has the words “cats meow” tattooed on his finger knuckles, as well as some obscenities (namely, “c**t”) inscribed on his ankle.

The Tattoo Diaries

Last year he put out a “Tattoo Diaries” series on his YouTube channel. In these series Star – a massively followed makeup and music personality – gives a comprehensive tour of his ink. Star has spoken about his extensive tattoo art before, specifically about covering up tattoos.

Jeffree has over 100 tattoos on his body and his video diaries are a very interesting in-depth journey from a first-person perspective. The first episode is about the tattoos he has from his neck all the way down to the stomach.

Being a tattooed celebrity, Star has some curious stories to tell. He mentions tattoo personality Kat von D and says that despite the fallout that both had in the past, that he has deep respect for her work.

“I will always be honored to be covered in her work.” – Star says.

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