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There’s a very good chance that the Barbie movie drop will be *the* cultural moment of 2023—the thing that brings everyone together in a state of glee despite our differences. The collective anticipation for this movie far exceeds that of most movies in recent memory, and for good reason. Whether you were an avid Barbie fan growing up or not, you weren’t able to escape its universal presence. From dolls to t-shirts and Polaroid cameras, Barbie was everywhere, and in 2023, she still is.

Barbie was introduced to the world in 1959. The doll’s conception was spearheaded by Ruth Handler and her husband, Elliot, both co-founders of the southern California toy company, Mattel Inc. The doll was originally modeled after a German Bild Lilli doll and quickly criticized for having “too much of a figure.” In an attempt to disperse these complaints, Mattel began marketing the product towards a children’s audience. As demand rose, new iterations of Barbie were released, including a myriad of career roles—doctor, astronaut, airline pilot and many more. There also came the additions of Barbie’s best friend, Midge, her little sister, Skipper, and of course her boyfriend, Ken.

Many still took issue with Barbie’s unrealistic proportions, which led to Mattel creating dolls in various body types including petite, tall and curvy. Despite complaints, many of those who played with Barbie credited her for subverting 1950s gender roles by not portraying her as a nurturing figure. Barbie never had any parents or children—the furthest extent of motherhood she assumed was in Mattel’s 1960s “Barbie Baby-Sits” playset. These days, Mattel still manufactures new Barbie dolls, covering a diverse range of different body types, skin tones and varying disabilities. One could say that Barbie has come a long way, but others may argue they still have far to go in terms of remedying the unachievable beauty standards the doll has set.

It doesn’t seem like the classic toy is going anywhere any time soon, though. And with the new movie, Barbie is going to continue living rent free in our heads for a long time. With one of these glamorous Barbie tattoos, you can let everyone know you’re just as free-spirited as the icon herself. Pay no mind to crippling financial burdens or familial responsibility, just have fun and cruise through Malibu in your top down convertible. After all, life in plastic is fantastic.

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