Grimes Adds Another Otherworldly Tattoo


Grimes has always been a little out there. Whether it’s trying (and failing, stupendously) to navigate a dilapidated houseboat down the entirety of the Mississippi River or choosing baby names, she’s always marched to the beat of her own drum machine. Claire Boucher may have been born in Canada, but Grimes has always felt as if she came from an alien world or possibly the future. Nowhere is her eccentricity more evident than in her tattoo collection, a trend that continues with her latest piece. 

On Thursday, Grimes revealed a massive leg piece on her Instagram Story. The tattoo—inked by an artist named Daniela in Los Angeles—runs most of the length of Grimes’ right leg, from her ankle to her thigh. Completely done in red ink, the design is mostly abstract and reminiscent of the white ink tattoo covering her back. 

The new tattoo fits perfectly into Grimes’ eclectic collection. Among her many tattoos are some pieces of Elvish script, some broad abstract brushstrokes, some hand poked bangers and a Tri-Force from “The Legend of Zelda” she got along with her brothers. 

Regardless of what you may think of her music or her taste in men, it’s undeniable that Grimes lives her life with art in the forefront. Her every action is designed to get our brains running overdrive as we try to decipher them, which of course we do because we cover pop culture and it’s a super nice day here in New York, which means it’ll be slow news day and we can just let our brains wander for a bit… 

Apologies, my brain overheated. The point is that Grimes’ new tattoo is pretty sick. More than that it’s a discussion piece, another brain worm Grimes has implanted into the public, as if her life is just one long spectacle of performance art. And to that, we tip our hats.  

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