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The Hah Taew Diamond Moon, known in Thai as “ห้าแถวเพชรดวงจันทร์”, is a popular design in the category of Sak Yant (also known as Thai Traditional) tattoos

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The design contains potent blessings, grinding the wearer a range of spiritual power and protections

In this article we’ll take a look at the different elements in the design and their significance

Let’s get into it!


The word “Hah” means “Five”

Fun fact! This is why you will often see Thai writing that says “555”

This would be said out loud as “hah hah hah” and as such, is the Thai version of “LOL” that is commonly used in English

The word “Taew” means “Row”

Each of the five rows in this design offers a unique blessing and significance to provide the wearer with spiritual protections and blessings and to allow them to attract good fortune and success in their life

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The Hah Taew Diamond Moon design includes a crescent moon in the center of the design

Around the moon are a set of interlinked symbols connected by lines, which together create the appearance of a diamond

The diamond has long been recognized as a symbol of clarity, purity, and resilience

It offers both a type of spiritual armor, and clarity and beauty in your life

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The inclusion of the moon adds depth and mystery to the design

In Thai culture, the moon is revered for its strong influence on life and emotions

Together, the diamond moon shines a light on the path to enlightenment and personal growth


Like many Sak Yant tattoos, the Hah Taew Diamond Moon is often represented using the ancient Khom script

This script, with its origins in ancient Brahmi, offers a unique character and authenticity to the design

In both Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies within these regions, the Khom script holds a special place

Sak Yant, Thai sacred tattoos, prominently feature the Khom script due to its spiritual significance

This script is used to etch symbols, prayers, and mantras, each with its own sacred meaning

Generations of Sak Yant masters have passed down this version of Khom, preserving its spiritual authenticity

While modern Thai script and Khom both trace back to Brahmi origins, they’ve diverged over time

Today’s Thai script, used daily in Thailand, looks and sounds distinct from Khom

Yet, Khom remains vital in religious and traditional contexts, especially in Sak Yant

More than just ink, Khom in tattoos creates a spiritual connection to Thailand’s deep cultural roots and ancient traditions

Due to the complex nature of Khom script, it can’t be “read” in a traditional sense when included in Sak Yant designs

Sak Yant Masters (known as Ajarns) include the symbols to represent a specific purpose, and pass these on to their apprentices

Our Sak Yant designs are sourced from renowned Ajarns and checked for authenticity

For this reason, we can’t tell you what it “says” but we can let you know the meaning behind it!


It’s not just a tattoo; it’s a spiritual journey, a beacon of hope, and a personal manifesto

For those seeking protection, clarity, and a connection to ancient Thai traditions, this design is perfect


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