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Hah Taew Sarika Koo is a revered Sak Yant (also known as “Thai Traditional”) tattoo design

It combines the power of the Hah Taew, which you can read about in detail here 

With the symbolism represented by the Sarika bird


With deep roots in Thai spiritual beliefs, this design combines the powerful energy of the Hah Taew (5 lines) and the Sarika bird

The Hah Taew represents five magical blessings with each line representing a different protective charm and positive affirmation

Meanwhile, the Sarika bird in Thai mythology is a symbol of communication and love, often associated with harmonious relationships and captivating charm

Let’s look into the Sarika bird a little deeper!


In the rich tapestry of Thai mythology, the Sarika bird is a symbol that represented enchanting communication and deep-seated love

It is often depicted as a songbird and is believed to possess the ability to mimic sounds, making its voice both captivating and persuasive

Historically the Sarika bird is believed to bridge the gap between the realm of humans and the divine

Their melodious sounds are believed to convey messages to the heavens

The Sarika bird doesn’t only appear in the world of Sak Yant

If you come across a Thai Amulet sellers, you are likely to see ones featuring the Sarika bird

Wearing these amulets is believed to give the wearer and advantage in disputes and negotiations

As it has an association with harmonious relationships it’s often found in love charms and spells

Within the Sak Yant tradition, the Sarika bird carries its traditional significance

The inclusion of it in the Hah Taew design is believed the provide the wearer with money, the ability to charm, kindness and popularity

In relationships it is believed to increase attractiveness, especially in romantic encounters

As a revered subject in Thai folklore, the inclusion of a Sarika bird amplifies both the spiritual and cultural weight of any design that includes it


A defining feature of many Sak Yant designs, the Khom script, links us to ancient Brahmi traditions

This sacred script adds depth to the tattoo, infusing it with spiritual potency

Beyond mere aesthetics, the Khom inscriptions serve as mantras and prayers, amplifying the spiritual resonance of the tattoo

You can read more about Khom Script and its usage in Sak Yant designs here 


Central to Sak Yant tattoos, the Unalome symbolizes our journey towards enlightenment

It often starts with twists and turns and then gradually straightens out, leading to success and clarity

This is to remind us that nothing is a straight line, and sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you can move forwards

In the context of Hah Taew Sarika Koo, it underlines the journey of love, passion, and mutual understanding


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