Hot as Her Native California – Ashley Michelle


Or as hot as her current state of Texas. Either way, one thing is for sure – Ashley Michelle has us fanning ourselves.

Born in California, currently residing in Texas, this inked bombshell has an impressive portfolio for a 23-year-old. The only thing more impressive about here – well, on paper – would be her incredible drive. Soon after moving to the Lone Star State, she already speaks about trying to establish herself in the new place and create knew contacts with models and photographers.

An Early Bloomer

When I say impressive, I mean almost overwhelming. When does one find the time to be involved in all these things? I guess that’s what happens when you start working at 15. Although, is it really working if it’s your passion? There are two schools of thought, of course, but whichever one Ashley is a part of, she’s pursuing her dreams restlessly either way.

It’s Libby Loo who’s to blame – or rather be thanked for – for Ashley’s insatiable love of modelling. After their first few sets together, the teenager makes it her mission to find as many photographers and to work as much as she possibly can, building her portfolio. All the hard work pays off and she now has many notches on her belt. Ashley Michelle has experience in lingerie, boudoir, bikini, glamour and even fetish modelling. But that’s not all. There’s pinup, alternative, promotional, conceptual, and, of course, tattoo modelling.

An Overachiever

Not only does she have professional background in sales and marketing, but she’s also a licensed cosmetologist. The latter gives her the opportunity to take part in the styling, hair and make up for other models. She’s always booked her own shoots and also created most of her concepts. She’s taking her experience of hand-making accessories and modelling pieces to the next level, a.k.a. opening her own shop on Etsy. Aaaand she’s currently studying for her AA in business. Enough said.

A Tattooed Model to Top It Off

Having tattooed parents, wanting one naturally came early for Ashley. Like most people with a friend tattooing out of their house, she also has a semi-regretful first tattoo (on her foot). But not enough to cover it up yet.

The most prominent theme in her ink are the animals. Starting with the portrait of her beloved pit Kain on her shoulder down to the gorgeous lion on her thigh and even a flamingo on the side of her leg.  She says her favourite piece, however, is the Jameson bottle on her forearm. That one she’s done for her dad. Probably why it’s not one she shows off a lot.

Ever since that first ink at 17, she’s not been experimenting with work done on her. Instead, she’s only been trusting Will from IllWillInk, who’s done all her large pieces. Take a look at his work and the stunning Ashley herself.

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